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pve 🦕 Primal Instinct | TI, TC, Ragnarok, Crystal Isles | Cluster | 2X/2H/5T

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Primal Instinct is a PvE Ark community focused on breeding, building and boss fights. The community was formed in 2017 and has since thrived into something special. We pride ourselves on having a relaxed atmosphere. Our servers have a healthy pace where you'll have plenty to do without the grind feeling fatiguing.


  • The Island, The Center, Ragnarok, Crystal Isles (Cluster)
  • Friendly and helpful atmosphere
  • Biweekly events, bimonthly base competitions and monthly raffles
  • Improved cave crates and beacons on all servers
  • Bosses have improved loot tables
  • Ascensions are available
  • Titans, OSDs and Element Nodes are available
  • You can transfer items, dinos, artifacts, tributes and element between maps
  • Wild dino levels on The Island are similar to Ragnarok
  • The Center has Extinction creatures, engrams and cave crates
  • Ragnarok has Aberration creatures, engrams and surface beacons

Note: Connection info can be found on our discord in the #connect channel. Discord is a requirement so you can stay up to date and it allows us to do regular cleanups instead of frequent map wipes.


Cluster Settings

  • Max Player Level: 105 (135 with ascensions)
  • Max Dino Level: 150
  • Experience: 2x
  • Harvesting: 2x
  • Taming: 5x Vanilla - 2x Immersive
  • Maturation - 6.5x
  • Egg Laying - 2x
  • Hatching/Gestation - 10x
  • Breeding Cooldown - 0.5x (Lower values mean less time waiting)
  • Baby Consumption - 0.5x
  • Resource Respawn - 0.5x
  • Damage Text - Enabled
  • Gamma - Enabled
  • Flyer Carry - Enabled
  • Third Person - Enabled

Mods - Subscribe Here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1666259698

  • Animals of Atlas
  • Awesome SpyGlass!
  • Additional Emotes
  • Baby Premium Care
  • Better Reusables
  • Boss Packages Station
  • Castles, Keeps & Forts
  • Cross Aberration
  • Cross Extinction
  • Death Helper
  • Dino Storage v2
  • Dino Tracker
  • eco's Garden Decor
  • eco's RP Decor
  • eco's Tek Decor
  • ecoTrees
  • Immersive Taming (Optional)
  • Naj's Speedy Flyers
  • Resource Stacks 2.0
  • Platforms Plus
  • Structures Plus
  • Swim Clear Scuba Mask
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