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RANKINGS: These rankings help recognize the effort the members who have done exceptional things as well as the ones who need help. After a member graduates from the sheep they get to choose one of these 3 animal groups. In times of peace EVERY member EXCEPT the lone wolf and the chimps must gather resources. Their main goal is to scout unless told by their overseer.

Sheep- A sheep's responsibility is to follow the directions of the higher ups. Sheep never stray far from base unless they go as a group of at least 2. Primarily resource gatherers and dodo breeders. Sheep cannot attack anything aggressive  unless in defense


Wolves: Wolves are the scouts and group leaders of the tribe. The wolves tame the herbivores.


wolves- A wolves job is to lead and assist the group of sheep as they gather more resources.

Lone wolf: the lone wolf acts as a scout and usually works alone.

Alpha wolf: All wolves take orders from the alpha. Nothing important actions can be taken without an okay from the alpha.


Lions: trained fighters of the Tribe.

Cubs- Warriors in training. Cubs will learn from the lions about attacking and raiding as well as weaponry and proper tools.

Lions- full fledged lions are the backbone of the tribe. The lions attack and raid. The spend most of their time killing for food and making weapons. The lions tames carnivores.

King- all lions must contact the King for orders. The king specializes in diplomacy as well as battle tactics.


Apes- The support group

Chimps- Assists the Wolves in their activities. Right hand to Alpha.

Orangutans- Create weapons and assist with battle strategies with the lions. Right hand to King. The orangutans can Tame birds

Gorillas- first in line battles. The gorillas cause as much chaos as possible in battle.  The gorillas have the power to expand territory.

Caesar- Oversees all apes. Gives the final okay for the apes to help the other groups.  Right hand to Kerchak.

Kerchak- Leader of the food chain tribe. Has the power to veto any decision made. He has the power to kick out any member. He also Assists every group. Lastly Kerchak calls all of the overseers to a meeting to discuss future plans.


Except for Kerchak The Alpha, King, Caesar positions are appointed by way of vote. The candidates must have the most votes in ordered to be appointed.

I believe these even rules will create an equal and fun group. hopefully You will find your place here.









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