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We are a tribe that is starting out on rag and we could use more members to establish ourselves. We have good trade partners and don't require much experience, all you have to do is to be willing to grind. We already have some decent items so you won't be starting with nothing. Please just post some info about yourself and please include your discord.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. 7,436 hours level 140 character on official havent played in about a year Ketus#4768
  3. hey just coming back to ark after a few months off and want to get back in official servers, have nothing to do in the day so am able to play practically 24/7 lol, discord name is [Lisle (CHARVA)#1546]
  4. Hey im coming back to the game after a break off a year. I have 5463 hours on STEAM. not alot off experience at gen 2 or lost ark but im willing to learn. my discord is Titan#4135.
  5. Got 3k hours on PS4 officials, just switched over to pc,, discord is water#1948
  6. Hi I would also like to join I have 4k hours from Xbox just switched over to pc used to main rag and Abb so I know both maps like the back of my hand my discord is CallMeRaxs#9821
  7. Hello! I'm TDO_Snake, I have 4000+ hours on record, witch all of it spent very lonely on online pvp as a solo player. I have a lvl 123 character with tek + all of the dlc. I'm looking to join a tribe to have some fun with other players-.
  8. Hello! I'm Snares. I have 600+ hours on record, all of it spent very lonely on singleplayer. I'm looking to finally join a tribe and have some good fun! I'm a great grinder and mostly alright at PvP. My Discord is Snares#1098
  9. I played it a long time ago but stopped and now am just looking for some fun and cool people to play with ReallySnowman#3375
  10. a friend and i would like to join your tribe. we both have 5k+ hours most of it in pve. we are looking for new challenges and are not completely inexperienced in pvp. we both have character on official server over lvl 100 and also both have done the alpha dragon already. please contact me via discord --> TonySunshine#1392 and discord from my friend is --> Len#3604
  11. Hey. i use to play the game a while back was in a top level tribe, tttrying tto get back into it just looking for some friends to play with. Rollin#6433 on discorde
  12. Looking for a big tribe of ark official pvp PC I have good leadership skills plenty of hours to breed, farm and grind all day and my two brothers are looking to join me in this journey we have 2k+ hours all of us and 2 lvl 100 characters on official pvp we are good pvper's and farmers... The best option 3 grinders that will make any big tribe even more powerfull. We have almost all tech engrams and have done almost all boss fights. My discord is Castveg#1654
  13. 500+ hours NA 14yo can play around 4 hours on monday, wednesday, friday, around 3 hours on T/TH and 6+ (usually) on weekends. mostly interested in the large-scale tribe warfare. Mangost#3476
  14. Yo, I'm 15 i got 2000 hours on ark, i just want a tribe that i can play with so its not boring like single player. I play on the windows 10 version. My discord is Crue#9310
  15. Yooo: 21 --- can play a decent enough ammount Moved from PS4 recently >>> 2.5-3K hours , 500 in SC on offi rest on smalls Enjoy the game from start right through to endgame , grinder , farmer , like building poop None of my mates r on pc ark so im solo and cba to play offi alone so yeah looking for a tribe USERNAME: Hughsie#9232 thx
  16. I'm looking for a tribe i can play and grind with. JSimon#6895 That's my discord, I want to get back into ark, mainly been playing on modded for the pvp.
  17. hi r u still looking for tribe members i played rag for 350 hours my discord slnmola#3049
  18. Y'all still recruiting? I have 360 hours on pc rag. Discord is underroos#2978. Have not played in about a year or so but got the itch to play again. I have the summer free so I have alot of downtime. lmk.
  19. Hello, I am a big ARK player who has played this game longer then I would like to admit. I have over 3k hours on this game and play PVP all the time on it. I am mostly a farmer but I have built a few things in the past. I have 2 Office characters over level 100 with some bosses done. I have all the DLCs except Gen which I will probably get with Gen2. PVP wise I am a really good wyvern flyer bc I was raised on SE. I also tank. If you could hook me up here is the discord CreepyKiller1001#2395
  20. I first played ark on mobile a few months after its release. I played it for 2 years with my friend doing duo and trio pvp until we eventually quit it because of hackers not allowing us to make a lot of progress. I just got myself to pc and decided to play ark again. I do not have the story expansions like scorched earth or extinction but I have ragnarok and the other expansions not part of the storyline. I want to get more experience in the game to improve my skills and thats why I want to join this tribe. My discord is Rifledrone#8216.
  21. Hey there, I would love to join up with this tribe. I played ark a couple years ago and got an okay amount of experience (680 hours). I also recently started a new job with lots of free time so i am interested in playing again and joining this tribe. I would love to get to know yall a little better and create some new friendships. The best way to reach me is my discord which is: Woodscruff#4459 thanks, hope to hear back from you soon.
  22. Been playing ark on ps4 for years and recently moved to pc! Love to do anything that would help out the tribe, Currently Active Duty army so my hours can be kinda hit or miss but i play as much as i can! Cant wait to hear from ya! My discord is SelfQuarantine.#6424
  23. 3 years in ps4 now at PC, have extinction and abb, level 98. gmt-4 english and spanish. can play 6-15h a day. i am looking for a tribe with gentle people and good friends. looking to have a place in pc and a tribe to care for. my discord ID is eric corniel#3955. My steam id is: Sin-pleasure.

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