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About This Tribe

We are a tribe that is starting out on rag and we could use more members to establish ourselves. We have good trade partners and don't require much experience, all you have to do is to be willing to grind. We already have some decent items so you won't be starting with nothing. Please just post some info about yourself and please include your discord.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. About me Im 15 mostly muture can be goofy Good conversations a chill person can take jokes I can grind on most of the time Dc:patt(snake)
  3. Looking to join the tribe I have had ark since the game preview came out, I use to play on Xbox but have switched to PC. I have played official before on Xbox in multiple alliances. I am a very experienced player with around 2000 hours. I'm looking to grind and become a good tribe. My discord is Sage#1218
  4. Tribe I am a 16 year old from the UK have a lot of spare time for the foreseeable future due to the lock down i have 3500 hours and am an overall experienced player my discord is Linda#1009
  5. tribe Name is julio been playing ark for a couple of years been in certain guilds know all the maps except the new one and im just looking for people to play with. flexabilities#4060
  6. demande d adhesion bonjour ca vas j'ai vu que vous recrutiez sur ark j ai que 850h de jeux depuis debut decembre mais je me débrouille trés bien en pvp sinon je me présente vodkalucifer 37 ans deux enfants je joue enormément a ark principalement sur ragnarok et the island mais j ai aussi genesis que je maitrise pas encore. J aurai aimé savoir si vous etes intéressé par mon profil speudo steam vodkalucifer_ et sur quel type de serveur vous joué et comment fonctionne t il si ce n est pas un serveur officiel pvp. Je te remercie d'avance pour les renseignements que tu vas me donner mon speudo discord vodkalucifer_#8530
  7. I would like to join Hey, 1k Ingame hours, I played a lot of Smalltribes and OfflineRaidProtection. I have 2 Month break from ark and want to start playing now again, I play everyday 6-12h. Discord: Nibba#0915
  8. looking for tribe Have 3k hours most on abb have all DLC bighag#3545
  9. Application Hi, im looking to join. willing to farm and etc. Discord; micaelzudo#9368
  10. Application Hey guys, im 15 years old, i i have around 700 hours on ark. Most of the hours is on unofficial tho but i would like to start a new chapter. discord: Corona demokratiet#0827
  11. Application For the tribe Hi my name is pete and im 15yo and looking to join a tribe. I can play for around 10 hrs a day i am a very experienced player i gave got around 2k hrs. My discord is: PeTe#2155
  12. Application Hey im Leon 16yo, i got 90h on pc but i played since 2018 on ps4 and got smth around 1k hours. Discord: vemnox#4322
  13. Application I got 2800h most time spent on smalltribes. I am 19years old and from Germany. I like farming, breeding and raiding. Add me on Discord: Kira#4301
  14. Application Hey im Tom. Im 18 yrs old I have 3600 hrs on PC and play since 2016. I like farming and love breeding. Discord: Tomm#9913
  15. Application 17 years old 1k on pc and 2.5k on ps4 experienced love to raid grind and breed discord: Georgehilton#5766
  16. APPLICATION I have 800+ hours and I can help the tribe with anything it needs. I like taming and I'm in NA. My Discord is ScanixZ#1926
  17. Application for accession I can do any job, game time 1300 hours Discord Akira#1203
  18. Application I'm looking to join your tribe I have 600 hours and I am willing to grind. I am in NA and am very active. I can listen to leaders. My discord is Apex Predator#9641
  19. Application Hey I have 2.4k hours a big chunk of it i have been solo, So i know how to do alot of different things Breeding, Building, Taming, Pvp, Raiding, Grinding you name it. I'm 20 years of age I know Ragnarok very well, I have all DLCs I have a mic my Discord is Ramidine#4747 Look forward to hearing back from you
  20. Application Hello, i am 23 years old. I can play 10+hours daily. I am a very experienced farmer/breeder/pvper. I have 1500+hours on official small tribes. I will grind hard to prove myself to the tribe. Discord- Green eyes#6812
  21. Looking to join Hello, been playing Ark with a couple friends for awhile. I have another with me that we have bred rexes for tribes that have destroyed other tribes before. If you are looking for breeders then let me know. Discord name: DarkCommander#5872
  22. Application to Join Hi i am from Amsterdam, 37 years old, i played a lot on ps4 and now for a year on pc, lots of hours, i love grinding, taming, building and pvp i am not great but oke, got a lot of spare time nowadays, i would love to join a Tribe, i dont have experience with the tribe life, but wil grind hard to proof myself. Discord: Skeletonwolf#8238 Have a good one.
  23. info hey im a 32 yr old in northwest usa. i have 1000+ hrs on private servers mostly solo. i would love to play the game in a group. i work days and play most nights discord is Nimbol#3532
  24. REC DC Apex#5941 i used to be on ps4 hand over 600h been in salty Mafia mega tribe on there i stopped playing because of work got a better job now got more time to play just want to play on PC getter graphics and no lag that much i can do pretty much anything farm tame raid all but dont have much time to breed dinos as got like 5 to 6 h to play after work live in UK
  25. add me Hey i have a different question. Would be cool if you could add me on discord: Hi im 4Box#1995
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