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About This Tribe

We are a tribe that is starting out on rag and we could use more members to establish ourselves. We have good trade partners and don't require much experience, all you have to do is to be willing to grind. We already have some decent items so you won't be starting with nothing. Please just post some info about yourself and please include your discord.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. LF PVP Hello, I'm 30 and i do speak french and english. i have 700h+ on PVE and Hard modded PVE server. Looking to join a small tribe to play frequently with person that doesnt leave me alone after 3 day in the game ... dont have any character yet so wanna start fresh if you mind. Discord : Malladda#3762
  3. Old player Im an old player , i play since game realise in july 2015 , i stopped to play and starting again lot of times , ive been in small tribes and mega tribe aswell , im active player (2.7 k hours) all in pvp official servers; and kinda experienced in all ways , maybe my worst skill is breeding but good pvp player, so if u want me join your tribe let me know , my dicords is : Pink Bunny#8245 .
  4. Need members for Rag can i join the Tribe[ i am a expierence ark player i love to Farm team and work on the defense on the base
  5. Hey Just came from xbox, looking for a tribe to join, been playing for like 2 years, great at Pvp, and just about everything else in this game, Discord: Humonox#3320
  6. Hi Started on PC recently(over 1000hr ps4) Discord: Lokichar #3398 Interested in grinding or taming
  7. YO I have 2.6k hrs and have expertise in any catagory of this game, except for building. I dont mind grinding or taming. Add: Greg#1729 if your interested in me joining
  8. whatup have like 175hrs discord is 10GramDab #8709, really dont want to start over, have a 100something character will do whatever yall need just hate playing solo. lemme know
  9. Intro I'm fresh from ps4. I am in the alpha tribe of a valguero small tribes and am level 122. We also have an abberation base and extinction base (all of this on ps4 of course). Now i am looking to expand into pc Ark, so I have a low level character, but I have a lot of experience in the game and am a very dedicated grinder. Discord is WOLFisPRO#4384
  10. sorry just replying cus i didnt include my hours: i have 850 hours plit across xbox (480 and can prove) and pc (370) anyway please lmk, thanks
  11. yo Hi my discord is Viision HYPER#6038, i have over 200 hours on xbox and just switched to pc, but have no one to play with.
  12. hi Hey, my discord is Thouqht#2498 i live in the uk, im 16 i can play 8+ hours on weekdays and 12+ on weekends i have experience with ark and mainly play a base bitching roll (building, farming, breeding etc.) but i can hold my own in pvp and defending. please dm me on discord, thanks.
  13. yo yo, was wondering if i could join your tribe. Im pretty decent at the game, got good knowledge and love the grind of this game, my discord is keylkills#6864 hit me up if you need another member
  14. Hi im new guy Hi i would like to join in your tribe i have 200 h on ark but on my old acc i had 700h i am good builder and defense planner i can pvp too if u are interested this is my discord DarkFollover#6013
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