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—RECRUITING— Looking for active players who want to play in a tribe. Must be 18+ and willing to play often. Looking for grinders, breeders and people who love to play! Must be respectful towards other people, we are a fun tribe and continue to grow daily. Xbox players only! Must have discord


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Xbox name?: ReplacedHawk what timezone are you in?: MST What is your Discord #ID?: ReplacedHawk#8414 how old are you?: 26 do you have experience?: yes how active can you be per day?: work days2-3 hours off days 2-10
  3. As a fellow Army vet. Thank you for your service.
  4. I’m in the army and my wife plays for me while I’m away by doing grinding tasks
  5. Gamer tag franzmann666 looking to join a decent tribe on Xbox so we don’t get raided and lose everything every couple of weeks or so currently level 79 can build tame gather resources let me know if I can join thanks
  6. My gamertag is theregoese with the trippy duck. I'm looking to go alpha again.
  7. Looking for a tribe to join on small tribes, on gen2. Lets see, im on quite alot. I have fairly good knowledge of the game, but not so much PvP, i have been trying for weeks to get something up and going myself to learn the ropes, but its all gone tits up. Im active. Ive got like 900+ hours on ark last year. Im from UK. Im 29. Im on playstation.
  8. Hello, I am forming a tribe and would like to invite you to what will soon be a immersive roleplay/ PVP group. If you are interested, please request the link for the tribe page. This is also a way to make sure you are not a robot. Here is my discord as well, Veteran Robotace001#6345. Regards, Duke of Heliodor (Chris),
  9. Hello, I saw your message and thought it would be a good idea to invite you to my tribe I am beginning to form. It will fit the niche of someone who likes to roleplay but also participate in a fair amount of PVP. However, I don't want to mislead you, we are currently focusing on building a kingdom and getting a society going in ark as a roleplay tribe. Please ask for the tribe link to confirm you are not a robot and here is my discord, Veteran Robotace001#6345. Regards, Duke Chris,
  10. Hello, I would like to invite you to a new tribe I am forming called the "The Helidorians". I like to roleplay but also grind mostly on single player and occasionally PVP/PVE. Would you like to join? My discord is Veteran Robotace001#6345. Please ask for the tribe link to verify you are not a robot. Regards, Duke Chris
  11. What server do you all play on so I can join the tribe and play and what’s the discord server as well
  12. I've been playing ark since it came out. Haven't messed with official in a long time but really miss the adrenaline of it. I'm a good tamer, grinder, builder, farmer, mid tier breeder (still learning the ropes), but I lack pvp skills. Not looking to play everyday but a few times a week with some gaps in between. Either way I love putting in hours grinding and helping out however I can.
  13. Looking for a tribe to join on official EU. I’m 135, have all the dlc’s, on Xbox and have most the tek engrams. Know the basics and a bit extra and looking to hopefully beat all the bosses. Game tag and discord are the same.
  14. 400+ hours of pvp rag experience. Haven't played for a few months but got the itch again. Add me on discord underroos#2978. I have the summer free so will have a lot of free time in the next couple months. Can grind like crazy.
  15. Hi, i am looking to join your tribe. I am an experienced player and have been playing for a long time. I specialise in grinding and pvp, especially in building strategic defence systems and bases. I can also help anywhere else thats needed. My xbox GT is MozzyWatto21 My discord username is Monty#2392 Thanks
  16. Hi! I'm a lvl 97 with 2/3 of the tek engrams. I would like to work on a PVE server on XBOX. I am a builder and base management specialist (I can crank out narco, ammo, armor, etc. in just a few minutes). Some of my builds include a Roman Aristocrat house on Crystal Isles, an Egyptian Temple on Scorched Earth, an English Castle on The Island, the Parthenon on Valguero, and a treehouse community on the Center. I have played every map and would like to find a new tribe on Gen 2. I am generally available 2-3 days a week 6-10 pm central US and usually spend an entire day on the weekends. My discord tag is momm4kidos#5250. I'd rather not mention my age, though I will say that my eldest child is in their last year of high school. Let me know if I sound like a good fit for your tribe.
  17. would you like to join me im recruiting
  18. Recruitment Hi, I have two lvl 100+ characters, 200+ days played and enjoy grinding and breeding. Gamertag: Cluelesssnow440
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