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About This Tribe

—RECRUITING— Looking for active players who want to play in a tribe. Must be 18+ and willing to play often. Looking for grinders, breeders and people who love to play! Must be respectful towards other people, we are a fun tribe and continue to grow daily. Xbox players only! Must have discord


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Experienced player with many hours in the game, can be put in any role needed and willing to help wherever needed. I have every dlc and am laid back and easy going.
  3. LVL 133 virtually all engrams unlocked and a returning day 1 player along with high level second account H3ADHUNT3R70#3516 and H3ADHUNT3R70 on xbox
  4. 119 days played, lvl 122 Eastern standard time, 24 years old, Grinder/breeder. Just got back into ark a week before event breed a bunch, got off lined lost everything and here I am.
  5. Xbox name?: ReplacedHawk what timezone are you in?: MST What is your Discord #ID?: ReplacedHawk#8414 how old are you?: 26 do you have experience?: yes how active can you be per day?: work days2-3 hours off days 2-10
  6. As a fellow Army vet. Thank you for your service.
  7. I’m in the army and my wife plays for me while I’m away by doing grinding tasks
  8. Gamer tag franzmann666 looking to join a decent tribe on Xbox so we don’t get raided and lose everything every couple of weeks or so currently level 79 can build tame gather resources let me know if I can join thanks
  9. My gamertag is theregoese with the trippy duck. I'm looking to go alpha again.
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