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—RECRUITING— Looking for active players who want to play in a tribe. Must be 18+ and willing to play often. Looking for grinders, breeders and people who love to play! Must be respectful towards other people, we are a fun tribe and continue to grow daily. Xbox players only! Must have discord


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Looking for a tribe to join on official EU. I’m 135, have all the dlc’s, on Xbox and have most the tek engrams. Know the basics and a bit extra and looking to hopefully beat all the bosses. Game tag and discord are the same.
  3. 400+ hours of pvp rag experience. Haven't played for a few months but got the itch again. Add me on discord underroos#2978. I have the summer free so will have a lot of free time in the next couple months. Can grind like crazy.
  4. Hi, i am looking to join your tribe. I am an experienced player and have been playing for a long time. I specialise in grinding and pvp, especially in building strategic defence systems and bases. I can also help anywhere else thats needed. My xbox GT is MozzyWatto21 My discord username is Monty#2392 Thanks
  5. Hi! I'm a lvl 97 with 2/3 of the tek engrams. I would like to work on a PVE server on XBOX. I am a builder and base management specialist (I can crank out narco, ammo, armor, etc. in just a few minutes). Some of my builds include a Roman Aristocrat house on Crystal Isles, an Egyptian Temple on Scorched Earth, an English Castle on The Island, the Parthenon on Valguero, and a treehouse community on the Center. I have played every map and would like to find a new tribe on Gen 2. I am generally available 2-3 days a week 6-10 pm central US and usually spend an entire day on the weekends. My
  6. Discord: UsualRhombus725#3166
  7. I played on ps4 a while back on small tribes for a couple hundred hours in all. I've recently came back and been playing on the windows and xbox servers on my PC for a while solo. Things are just too difficult and time consuming going solo however. I'm a big grinder and work from home allowing me to play a lot. I can help with whatever needed and love to farm for fun. If there is any room hit me up on my discord, I'd love to be a part of the team! I am 24 years old as well, mature, and get along with everyone. Discord is Wooglesworth#8175
  8. would you like to join me im recruiting
  9. i would like to join but im only 15 so idk im good and experienced though im on 4+ hours a day
  10. Recruitment Hi, I have two lvl 100+ characters, 200+ days played and enjoy grinding and breeding. Gamertag: Cluelesssnow440
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