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S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.


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  2. Wolf30090 Intro Hey I'm Wolf30090, and I've got about 200 hours on pvp, and like 450 on pve. I have watched more Ark content than any man ever should, so I know all the tricks for breeding/taming, but I like more Breeding more so. I can build ok bases, but not good bases. (Discord: wolf#8919)
  3. Steel Introduction Hey yall, I'm Steel. Ive got about 300 hour, mainly on the Island and Ragnarok. Never really done Official PvP servers but Ive watched plenty of videos on it. I know most of the tricks to taming, so I'm available to be a tamer, breeder, builder, pretty much anything. Thanks!
  4. Meliodas Hey i am Meliodas ingame name... i have been playing ark now for a month and its almost getting an addiction.. i am from the EU netherlands and 31 years old i have a headset en discord... also i do have all the expansions... and i am looking for a tribe too work together with and grow... building taming gathering ... everything... my discord name is Meliodas2020#3668 hope too hear from some one soon
  5. Looking for tribe Looking for a tribe to play in, I have around 1700 hours on xbox one, and 200 hours on pc, played in a megatribe on xbox one (French Touch, Hayabusa, SLIC ALiiance). Was the leader and started the SLIC Alliance which consisted of about 7 tribes, then i quit when they were shutting down the legacy servers. Didn't really have anytime on AB at that time. Anyway, I'm tired of playing alone on pc, and tried starting my own tribe, but it didn't work out. I'm 25, from NA. My Discord: BMG Head Honcho#2116
  6. Jstno


    Intro I'm 19 from uk, I mostly do a bit of everything but prefer taming, building and pvp/raiding. I have 1300+ hours, all maps and can play up to 8 hours a day. Discord: Jstn٠#0623
  7. Introduction Hey My name is Xixual and I’m 17 from Scotland I play 7-8 hours a day and I enjoy making friends on ark and enjoy farming and pvp, I’m looking for people that share the same passion for ark as I do, hopefully you guys contact me and we can get in touch. My discord is Xixual#0807
  8. Introduction Done going solo and would love to work together in a community. I love exploring and taming. I get very familiar with maps in single player and would not mind doing cave runs and scouting. I prefer the island's creatures, But I would be okay trying out the new Crystal isle's out with everyone.
  9. Looking to join a pvp tribe Over 500 hours online Experience on all maps Very good pvp base designer Age 25 Online 2-5 hours /day Looking for active friendly tribe on any NA server, thanks!
  10. Would like to join! I've played various survival games over the years, and Ark has been pretty fun so far! I've pretty much been playing solo on various servers and I'm keen to get involved with a tribe to help make some awesome things happen!
  11. Asking to join Im looking to join as a breeder and a tamer 15 On all day experienced that is it
  12. VIROOP Hi the one who read this, My ID is VIROOP ! I come from PvP Offi, i'm 22. I started Ark while it was in BETA test. I participated to the tournament: Ark Survival of the fittest 1st edition, i finished 76th in the final round. I've like 2200+ hours, i came back on the game a few days ago but i'm done of playing alone. I'm ready for the 4th June and i'm looking for a tribe to join. My skills: Base defense build, breed, PvP without dino (like with bow, sniper, shotgun etc...). I learn fast. I'm kinda serious not too much but when it's time to PvP i'm here, i play like 10h a day, sometimes less, sometimes more it depends. My new char is only lvl 72 but i will exp fast. If you are interested for a discord conversation with me add me: VIROOP#6165. PS: Sorry for the mistakes in my english, i'm not english ^^ I have some stuff on Extinction 470 that i can transfer if needed. (What i farmed in 2/3 days alone).
  13. Wanna start fresh and build a tribe Hi I'm fairly new ark player but was taught everything really fast, I have around 200 hours played, I play on NA servers, and ill play any map with you guys except genesis, I have a tribe now but half my tribe is un active and we keep getting raided, I wanna start fresh and have fun, my discord is Drizzy#3086, looking to play smalltribes or rly whatever, add me and we can go from there, want at least a couple people to get started and we can grow our tribe as we grow, thanks !
  14. 15 y.o Tamer Hi Guys -I am 16 y.o - I have 1.5k playing hour - My english is a bit bad -I can play a few hours every day - I want to join this mega tribe because we was always get raided by other mega tribes - I am from Turkey
  15. Introduction Looking for a tribe Hey guys, im looking for a tribe to join, i have 3500 hours in ARK most of which is PVE tho, i figure you need a serious tribe at your back to have fun in PVP Discord is CaptFlat#7030, I play in EU TZ
  16. Introduction I’m ice. I’m 15 and I’ve played ark for around 4 years now. Played ps4 for most of it and only recently started playing the game in pc, so my character isn’t a very high level yet. My discord is PapaStalin#6969
  17. Looking to join tribe Hey, i'm 15 w/ near 5yrs experience. I'm usually playing either official or 3x Unofficial w/ my friends I introduced to the game, I have no experience in PvE and instead all in PvP but i've lost most of my characters due to transfer glitch. I have a lvl 60 or 70 character at the time being without grabbing any notes and I also own all the DLC's, I can do anything regarding raiding, defending, breeding and grinding ect. My username is XxGaMiNGxSNiPERx (made it when I was 9). I'm EU time also and play at least 10hrs a day, I play PS4 & PC editions. My DC is: lightningmcqueen#5090
  18. Introduction 18 yr old looking for a tribe for small tribes or official. Orginally from xbox moved to PC. Have all DLCs except genesis. Going to buy soon. Have some tek grams and willing to grind
  19. Introduction Hi, Looking to join a tribe on official PVP for PC, coming back to ARK after 2 year break. ~1100 hours played, mostly on Aberration and SE. Was part of an alpha tribe on a cross ark server when Aberration was new. Durz#8862 on discord, send me DM if interested. Mostly interested in farming and breeding but i am competent at PVP. Durz
  20. Introduction I'm 15 and have around 600 hours combined from xbox and ps4. I recently got a pc and want to start playing ark again. I am a farmer and a tamer.
  21. Introduction Whats up, Im Lynk, I am 17, and Ive been with Ark since the start. I have a little over 2k hours on Xbox, but I just got a pc so not many hours on here. I took a break from Ark for the last few months so I dont know these new maps and dinos so well, but ill catch up quick. I like to farm/tame but am also interested in learning to pvp/breed better.
  22. INTRODUCTION Hi, I am 18 and a veteran ARK player with over 1200 hours of playing on PC and 2k+ on XBOX. I have been with various mega tribes such as Mafia , Northern Lights , etc. and am looking for new game and new people to play this game with. Hope you will think about me as an asset and recruit me for the betterment of the tribe.
  23. Introduction Hello, my name is Arman. I am 21 and I have around 300 hours playtime and I've played mostly on Scorched Earth and Ragnarok. Would love to join the tribe and help out any way I can.
  24. Introduction heya Not played Ark in a couple of years and it was on XBOX, but played official PVP. Switched to PC and looking to start up again. Experienced grinder and breeder.

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