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S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. im 18 i have all my hours on ps4 some on hear i have been like 4 megas on there ii havet played the game in about 8 months but with covid i cant do poop so i wanna start playing i stay up late i know every map very good but gen and ab. add my dc ACERZZ #0326
  3. İ'm 16 and looking for a tribe i have good pvp got 1k hrs , i've played in mega tribes before, can do all roles farm,tame,breed, but i rather pvp :d. İ have all dlc's and ll be active. Discord:armaaagan#0427
  4. hey, im 16,and i im from spain but i speak english i have 1k hours in ps4,i im new in pc, i play in duo whit sardinadepato,my discord is Riku#5273,and i like to breed farm and do pvp,i im looking for join to a tribe because its to boring to play in duo,we played in a big tribe before,i im from EU(CEST),i can play 4 hours min daily,for last i ever do the daily task .
  5. im 17 ive played in a big tribe before i have around 2k+ hrs discord: VeaFoN#6981
  6. and im from Belguim but dont mind playing late
  7. im 15 ive played in a big tribe before i have around 1k + hrs discord: AwakeClizzy#2728
  8. hey my name is Thomas I'm 22 from the USA, I play ark in my free time normally after work and I play for like 6-7 hours a day looking for members to join us were a 10 man strong tribe. or we are looking to join in on a tribe. I have 2k hours on pc and on xbox as well im a big grinder tamer and breeder if anyone would like to join us or if someone has a tribe that would like to take us in we would be more then happy to come my discord is (TTV) Jellinator1#7056 feel free to message me
  9. Hey whats up, My name is Mike and im 25 from canada im a chill guy who loves playing ark and I've played for along time on ps4 and just switched over to pc, i have 200hrs and own all the maps, my favorite thing to do is breed dinos and build stuff, it would be great to meet some people and play some Ark. My discord is xReckless#6191
  10. Introduction Introduce yourself! Tell us about yourself, your Ark experience, and what maps you have played on. Hey I'm Kath, I used to play ark a lot but unfortunately I had to quit because I had to focus on school. I'm 19 and a pretty laid back guy that likes to have fun. I'm looking for a tribe so I don't get lonely because none of my friends PCs are good enough to run ark. My experience is pretty average with 430 hours. I know Ragnarok like the back of my, but I've also spent a lot of time on Genesis and Ab, I own all maps, but I don't mess with scorched earth.
  11. im 18 eu and want to join, i switched from ps4 to pc, i had 300 hrs on ps4. im willing to do everything and want to help the tribe grow and can prvide my own stuff. willing to do anything that the tribe is in need of. if u want me to farm i will farm if u want me to build i build, i just want to have a tribe that i can grow with my discord : lilbabyofdapercsss#1802
  12. Yo. I'm looking for a tribe with active members. I don't feel like going through another build up phase so i want a tribe that is already built up. I'm 40 with 3k hours in ark. I tame, farm, pvp, grind mats, run caves. Basically if its done in the game then I have done it. I'm kind of burnt out on pvp so at the moment i prefer farming and doing boss fights. I have all the DLCs. IF you have any questions DM me on discord. My discord is RedTheNoob#2769
  13. Got 1K hours on ARK got all the maps but scorched earth and play on EU servers. I have a character already on small tribes so prefer a tribe on a small tribes server but can make a new one for official if I have to Pc Player Discord is: McSquizzy#5768
  14. hi im 37yo dutch and i would like to join this tribe I know GOON from a lot of other games as well My discord username is -> John84#9267
  15. Hi I'm 17 and I play like 7 hours a day but this will be my first pvp server but I like taming breeding farming and pvp dicord-Turtle#3956
  16. We played official and no official servers we have a lot of experince in Ark, we're good farmers, breeders and pvpers. We have all dlc's less genesis, dm me in discord if u need more inf Medusitaa24#5625.
  17. im reborn adamxd is my bae that we wiped 2 alpha plats on extinction just came back from a year break looking to join you guys
  18. hey im 25 year old male from scotland i have no character as it stands but i have been playing ark since its early release on xbox made the switch to pc im a experienced farmer i play about 5 hours a day but can sometimes play more than that this is my discord redkingred#3969
  19. Hello, I would like to join your tribe. I am 15 years old and come from Germany. I have 800 hours of play. You can contact me via discord: BoxReady#9847 Have a nice day.
  20. I applied for this tribe like 2-3 weeks ago so YH discord is LegacyXD#0118
  21. Hey, Im 22 year old ark player currently I have 1.5k hours in official pvp servers. I am looking forward to join a tribe, I played in mega tribes before, I know how the drill. I have 106 level character with all essential tekgrams. if you accept me I would so glad, I can do daily tasks. and I want to ask, do you allow people to have its own stuff dinos, gear etc. ? I use wechat and discord as well. / Discord id : Execore#7284 -thank you.
  22. Im active daily, i like farming, im dedicated, im decent at pvp (and btw want to join)
  23. 1300hours on official pvp servers Can breed/run caves Disc - pumpkin'g#4944

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