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Hey everyone - ***Read Requirements to play*** ***We respect the work of every player that is put into the base and will resolve any issues accordingly*** Currently we have a tribe on Extinction where we are Alpha. I am looking to branch out on to a Ragnarok server to extend the current tribe that we have. If you are interested in a fresh start on a rag server with people that know what they are doing, then this is the tribe for you. We are recruiting for the Ragnarok server. * Fresh start on Rag server with some help from our current server. * 18+ and mature only, we like to have fun and laugh but we also are not childish. * We are all grinders and get things done, do not join if your interested in standing around a base and doing nothing all day. * Be prepared to PVP and raid. That's why most of us play, to build up then go raid. REQUIREMENTS - 1. Have a microphone. 2. Send a message to PSN "MackyAye" with the following: -Why are you looking for a tribe? -Who was your previous tribe? -Experience in the game? -What you hope you can get out of us. After that we can hop in a party chat.


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