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About This Tribe

Group of guys from console, new to PC, but experience dating all the way to early alpha. After not being able to compete with large Chinese tribes, we decided to change things up a bit. We now play on the Unofficial Arkade servers. The differences between official and what we play on now are as follows: Gather rate x5, Taming x7, Breeding x10, Exp x3, Structures +, Item available to increase structure durability and dino health while offline, large admin team that actively plays on the servers and moderates the game -making sure rules are followed and nobody is undermeshing or things of that nature. The quality of life on our server is great. There are regular events hosted in the cluster, as well, such as pvp battle royales and other games with prizes to be won and that offer a good opportunity to meet other members of the community. We require experienced members who will contribute to grinding and taming, and who will be on regularly to participate in w/e we are working on at the time. We are no Bobs. Again, we are experienced and skilled players and are looking for the same. We are always on discord both in and out of game and have a very socially synergistic group. We have a lot of fun. If you would be interested in giving it a try and joining us, add me on discord and message me once we are friends. Cheers! Dr. Schultz (Dan)#8641


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