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Ghosts,x3xp.x5allelse,AA,SG,S+,advancedartitecture is our server Do you like to have a laugh with like mined gamers ? I know that sounds like a joke but we have fun and a laugh while were on team speak and discord, But we know when to be serious That moment on Ark when you here foot steps and say quite plz someones here and the teamspeak room goes silent ...... this is respect. And that brings me to my next point we ALL respect each other and will help other members out when needed We have many many years of gaming between us and some of us even remember when Steam first started so weve been around for awhile. Ghosts has been around for over 15 years as a small clan of like minded players. But recently we decided it was time to expand beyond a few players. This was when Ghosts clan changes to Ghosts Community a like minded community of players playing games we like on servers we own and on servers we dont own. So now you need to decide are you intrested in this sort of community ? thanks for reading this please check us out at www.ghostscommunity.co.uk or join our teamspeak @ and discord https://discord.gg/awB9XjJ We look foreward to Speaking and Gaming with you


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