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Hey guys, im looking to start a clan on a official PVP server. Everything is done together, and no one is to be micromanaged. Certain rules do apply. It's a reasonable server, with PVP in it, but ive made friends with a few of the larger tribes in it, so NO GRIEFING. Do not take stuff off peoples bodies while there asleep, and flyers are personal dinos, unless other said other wise. so if you tame a argy, or raise a wyvern, its yours, no one else touches it. there will be a rank structure later on. All resources gained are for the tribe, no personal stuff. everyone will have there kit chest, vault, or what have you, and as we build up. once we have kit chests or vaults, thats when you have personal stuff. as for early start, if you kill an alpha, and get trophy or tool or weapon, its yours to do with it, its yours. ive played ark on console, and have played over 2600hrs on xbox, and ive been tribe leader or admin in the worlds i played in. i quit playing ark on console due to all the duping, and ddosing that was allowed over a year ago. i heard it was patched, and can no longer happen, so here i am, after i bought a pc :)


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  2. Been playing with one person keep getting raided. Looking to join more active tribe. On 3 to 4 hrs m-t and more on weekends.
  3. hello im tired of playing solo and im looking for a tribe, im a hard grinder and im friendly
  4. hi i would like to join this tribe i've had a little experience in pvp with someone else but we got blown away by the alpha tribe. i played mostly on pve and can do side missions like taming breeding, and grinding i only have The Island and the free dlc maps
  5. I played for about a week on single player but I still don't really have a lot of Pvp experience. But I have played with others on a single player server before. I mostly play on NA servers though, I am a level 87.
  6. im basicly a new player with 500+ hours (people have 3k+ hours) i played on official 3 man tribe pvp servers. i earn my spot in a tribe i farm alot, tame, craft and i can be online up to 12 hours if i feel like it. hit me up on discord if u still recruit. Crazy_Heads #0046
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