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About This Tribe

Recruitment Tribe accepting mid level and experienced players for preference but open to new playeres as we can show them the ropes as well as higher experienced ones as well. Join and we will prep you to join the main tribe and you will have the opportunity to join an alpha tribe. No one immature and good with teamwork preferred as well. PLAYSTATION PVPTRIBE


Play Station
  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. PSN phoenix_screech 2- Are you older than 15? Yes 3- How long have you been playing the game? 4 years 800+ 4- What is your character leve? On pve it is level 108 but I can level up fast 5- What do you enjoy to do in game? Tame, breed, grind, build...? I can do everything but grind unless I rlly have to but good with building and breeding and raising 6- EU or NA? Eu 7- How often do you play a lot 8- Do you have access to DLC maps? No only gen 9-How often do you play a lot
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