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Recruitment Tribe accepting mid level and experienced players for preference but open to new playeres as we can show them the ropes as well as higher experienced ones as well. Join and we will prep you to join the main tribe and you will have the opportunity to join an alpha tribe. No one immature and good with teamwork preferred as well. PLAYSTATION PVPTRIBE


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. 1-Gadea-cjcfurtuna 2-yes, i'm 17 years old 3-+2k hours 4-lvl100 5-breed,farm,PvP,runing caves,tame 6-EU 7-aprox every day from 3pm to 11pm Spain time 8-every one excepto scorched 9-
  3. My psn is Shortwbum123 I’m 19 nearly 20 I’ve played for over to 2 years now with breaks in between I used to have a maxed character but lost it to Abb I would say I know a fair amount of the game but I’m still learning I mainly enjoy breeding and farming but interested in tame new dinos
  4. 1- PSN LSMrafMasked 2- Are you older than 15? Yes (26) 3- How long have you been playing the game? 5 years+ took a little break 4- What is your character leve? Was level 30 but may need to start again 5- What do you enjoy to do in game? Tame, breed, grind, build...? I enjoy doing everything 6- EU or NA? EU 7- How often do you play?: everyday from 18:00 GMT due to working 8- Do you have access to DLC maps? I have all DLC 9- discord username?: QueenAlexa#6660
  5. PS user name: Sprigz83. 39 years old. NA servers preferred located in the US. Level 80+Have played this game since it came out on Xbox. Discord name Sprigz 5150. Recently jumped to PS because I got a PS5. I don’t mind doing what ever needs to be done to help the tribe. Tired of being wiped. Taming, Farming and breeding are my strong points. Can play Mon-Fri 9am-3pm some evening time as well after 9pm and sometimes on the weekends if needed. Have all DLC. Currently stuck on Valguero1087. Tribe weshxtbackwards came on and wiped me. Left Rex’s at all obs on aggressive having issues getting out. Lol
  6. Hey I am looking for a tribe were I can help out and have fun on the way. My psn in Nezbit1284, I am 16 and have been playing the game since day 1. I am pretty experienced but have not played online for over a year. I will be active every day. Would love to join
  7. Looking for tribe, im 41 been playing for a few months Lvl 80 and a team player ill have your back. Oceania servers as preference as im in Australia. Psn DayneBe69
  8. 1- PSN- Norfire101 2- Are you older than 15? Yes 3- How long have you been playing the game? Off and on for about 5/6 years, just came back from not playing for about 7/8 months. 4- What is your character leve? 109 5- What do you enjoy to do in game? Tame, breed, grind, build...? Breed, Tame, Would like to get more into PVP but have limited experience. 6- EU or NA? NA 7- How often do you play Daily for couple hours but also work two full time jobs. 8- Do you have access to DLC maps? Yes 9-How often do you play See number 7
  9. 1.-AlwaysRKNG 2.-yes 3.- since it came out on ps4 4.- 45 5.-breeding and raiding 6.- NA 7.- about 2-3 hours a day at least 8.-yes
  10. My psn: Chrisscotland I have played the game since launch , I have a lot of experience with all aspects of the game I’m level 130 been away from the game for about a year but recently started again got a couple vaults of stuff but no tames , just looking for people to grind raid and have fun with got tek grams I’m a mature player 30yo
  11. Just so everyone knows, i lied lol im 13 now (turned 13 on aug 17 22) I wanted to fit in bc I assumed everyone else was just kids anyway, sorry!
  12. PSN:ItsDigby im 23 I’ve played for about 5 years with a couple breaks im lvl 133 I like to grind tame and breed NA I play on weekends a lot and weekdays for an hour or 2 I have access to extinction and scorched earth and aberration (willing to buy genesis)
  13. Mad_scientist959- I am 26- I’ve been playing off and on since pre release on Xbox and switched to ps4- Lvl 103- i enjoy breeding and grinding. The whole game overall but I’m more for breeding and grinding and PvP- NA- i play pretty often. Every other day if not everyday. I have a child so as often as I can get on really
  14. 1- PSN DaNK_MaNiKoRn 2- Are you older than 15? 29 3- How long have you been playing the game? On and off for a few years 4- What is your character level? 79, multiple characters 5- What do you enjoy to do in game? Tame, breed, grind, build...? Tame, Grind, Build 6- EU or NA? NA, Eastern time 7- How often do you play? a few days a week 8- Do you have access to DLC maps? All maps except genesis Looking for a group that can help with tames & bosses
  15. 1. retrowarrior747 2. Yes 3. 5 years 4. 75 5. I enjoy breeding and grinding 6. NA 7. I often play 2 to 3 hours on weekdays and 4 to 5 hours on weekends 8. I have access to all dlc maps execpt gen 1 and gen 2 I'm going to get those maps in a few weeks.
  16. PSN : TarkerTheArker Im 24 y old and play since ark came Out, but i did some breaks. I am from Germany but speak english fluently. I have all dlcs and know the game quite good. I play mostly every day around 3 to 6 hours. Sadly i dont have an official character annymore since i played low boosted unofficial . But i know some good XP runs so just Tell me your lvl requirement and i will get to it
  17. grinding for narcs, gp, and sparkpowder, taming is also a yes, the main problem with me Is my PS4 is like 6 years old and is having problems with chatting so i will only be able to use notes, Ill also be gone almost (Note that "Almost") every other Saturday, and sometimes I have to go places for at most 12 hrs at a time, I LOVE feeling the rush of knocking flyers in particular, I will be transferring at lvl 61 to your server, I am named "Nomania" I have all DLCs aswell. I would love to have some help getting an argy then Ill be off on my own getting stuff and raiding for the tribe, I can set up small FOB's with tools, bullets, and guns + armor with some help if you cant tell Im stupid lol, thank you, also if the answer is yes just tell me the server name and you'll see OhNoman1259 has joined this ark, that is me, thx
  18. 1- PSN - Rise_HeAdShOtS 2- Are you older than 15? Yes, 19 3- How long have you been playing the game? Since it's come out on Ps4, I think I have around 2500 hours but I've also taken a lot of breaks 4- What is your character leve? 131 5- What do you enjoy to do in game? Tame, breed, grind, build...? Raiding, Grinding, Breeding 6- EU or NA? NA 7- How often do you play I'll play pretty much everyday just need to get back into it 8- Do you have access to DLC maps? Yes
  19. X_Ferreira_X26 ,Hey im a ps4 player, 18 years of age pretty much always active, i have a character lvl 131, im from EU and would like some good pvp. I also have all dlcs besides genesis.
  20. PSN: YS_Cali-Blaze Are you older than 15? Yes(27 years old) How long have you been playing the game? When the game came out for console(Xbox). Which I believe came out first for Xbox, then PS4. What is your character level? I’m currently playing in an unofficial PvE dedicated server, not a super boosted server(perhaps 1.5x on everything). What do you enjoy to do in the game? I enjoy grinding/farming for resources. Especially if I can obtain the appropriate dinos to be efficient in getting the resources really fast. I’m slowly getting into building. Whether if it’s PvP or PvE builds. I really want to learn taming/breeding with dinos. EU or NA? NA(PST-West Coast) How often do you play? I’ve decided to take a break from Ark for about 2-3 years, but now I’m deciding to grind again. I’m deciding to play realistically, between 3-5 days a week. Do you have access to DLC maps? Yes
  21. 1- KingPeachi 2',- 24 3"- through second season, 800ish hours 4 - previously 100+ , chilling @65 rn 5= Dragons, Dominion, The Hunt 6 - Texas 7 - Dailyyy 8- Scorched Earth. More if Dragons. 9 """ - Bro invit alrady
  22. -amomo128 -Younger than 15 -3 years -lvl 105 -grinding pvp raiding taiming -EU -6 to 7 days a week 5h
  23. 1. suicida-anonimo- 2. Yes 3. 1 year 4. Lvl 87 5. Taming, building & grinding 6. EU 7. 6 days a week for about 4 hours daily whit my mate 8. All dlc
  24. 1- PSN Hiyahthere 2- Turning 15 soon 3- Only this weekend 4- 35 on singleplayer 5- Building and flying:) 6- NA 7- How often do you play Every day 1:30 min-3 hours 8- Yes 9- Every day 1:30 min-3 hours (It repeated?)
  25. (1) Necrian24 (2) yes (3) 3 years (4) 83 (5) Tame/build and grind (6) NA (7) 5/6 days a week (8) yes (9) 5/6 days a week
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