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Recruitment Tribe accepting mid level and experienced players for preference but open to new playeres as we can show them the ropes as well as higher experienced ones as well. Join and we will prep you to join the main tribe and you will have the opportunity to join an alpha tribe. No one immature and good with teamwork preferred as well. PLAYSTATION PVPTRIBE


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Hannes142, playing the game for 2 years but get killed everytime by a big tribe. I’m lvl 70 at the moment, i enjoy playing the game like it is without all the big tribe killing You. im 23 and from EU and i can play pretty much and I got all the DLC, only not the last one gen2
  3. Hey I am 34 years old 4000+ hours. Psn is Crazysmartass09. Level 100 official ps4. I like to do all things but mainly mass farm. I know most servers well and want teammates wanting to maintain large bases together. My brother might join if i do hes 38 experienced also.
  4. 1. austinwill98 is my PlayStation name 2. 21 years old 3.I have played the game roughly 5 years on and off swapped to ps4 from Xbox about a year ago 4. my character lvl is 47 5. My favorite thing to do I’m game would probably be grinding mats, or building 6. I’m from NA 7. I usually play usually 3 days a week 8. I have access to all dlcs 9. usually 3 days.
  5. Play mostly on weekends experienced player got tek as a solo and yes it was tough good at pvp high level know the ins and outs of the game and raid fairly well psn is Roose_Stroose smalltribes
  6. psn - Jordys-OgKusshhh Hey I’m a ps4 player on ark, I’m lvl 99, I’m 19 years old age, always active and ready to grind whatever, I play on Na but can play on whatever servers, I’ve been playing ark for about a year now I was previously in a tribe called shadow clan that has now gone inactive and looking for a tribe to join, taming, raiding, farming I’m down to do whatever I’m a fan of it all, I have access to DLC, I’m active every single day please message me as I’m looking for a new tribe to join and grind out thanks!
  7. omn_the_killer I am 18 4 years 75 in one day (its new charcter) breed and pvp EU 5 hours all except scorched earth
  8. Yotty One. (28) 108 Grinder(slotcaps) Breeder, Pvper 3+ hours a night All DLC Was with some mega tribes before hand.
  9. 1. Nyerkes 2. Yes, 23 3. 4 years on an off. Probably about 2000 hours total. Mostly on Solo, some unofficial. 4. 1, I have never played official. Haven’t had the time until recently 5. I enjoy breeding, learning new ways to be efficient, and helping people out where I can. 6. NA 7. Right now about 3 hours a day minimum. Up to 10. 8. Yes, I have access to all maps 9.
  10. Beausey7 yes yes something hate the game NA long yes
  11. Psn:kordeskel i am 25 been playing since it came out but took sometime off 90 lvl i enjoy everything NA usually everyday after work no access to gen or gen 2 everyday after work 3pm est unless I have something to do
  12. 1-Lord_Frieza101 2-Yes 3-3 years 4-69 5-tame, breed 6-NA 7-daily 8-Abb & exciton
  13. 1- saban051 2- Are you older than 15? Yes 3- How long have you been playing the game? 3years 4- What is your character leve? Starting fresh but will be 60 in 3 days or so 5- What do you enjoy to do in game? Tame, breed, grind, build...? All the above and whatever everyone is doing You will be added on PSN if selected.
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