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About This Tribe

We are a fresh tribe that just started a few days ago. I got 1500 hours Me and my friends are a 6 man so far. our server is NA offical pvp the island (swamp pillar). We alow any kind of members. We are allies with server alpha.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. whats your discord?\
  3. I am also looking to join a tribe I have around 1200 hours in game. Used to play a lot then stopped around the time abbo came out and I’m looking to pick it back up again
  4. can u invite me? 500 hours on xbox 80 hours on pc
  5. Kaerez

    Can i join?

    Bro im 16 im good at the game but im from eu i dont have a character on na but i can level up fast and can i join plz btw im most of the time online and i can come to the party.
  6. You still recruiting? Hit me up gt: xCaliKid420x

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