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We are a fresh tribe that just started a few days ago. I got 1500 hours Me and my friends are a 6 man so far. our server is NA offical pvp the island (swamp pillar). We alow any kind of members. We are allies with server alpha.


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  2. Gamer tag franzmann666 looking to join a decent tribe on Xbox so we don’t get raided and lose everything every couple of weeks or so currently level 79 can build tame gather resources let me know if I can join thanks
  3. ayoo, I got nearly 2k hours on Ark; from launch till after 2 hacker wars. Ark is the PS+ gotm so I copped and downloading now. Im pretty laid back and into farm/breeding, but love me a good engagement. None of my old boys play anymore would love to run it with yall if youd have me. my psn is polar-quantum-9; idk yet if theres a special ark gamertag for crossplat, if you know lmk peace for now 21yo senior btw
  4. My gamertag is theregoese with the trippy duck.
  5. Hi I'm looking to join a official tribe i have over 1500 hours in the game. DM me on discord if I can join
  6. Elipayton

    @rk @ngels

    how many of you nibbers want to join the great tribe of @rk @ngels who own 12 servers and will act as a sugar daddy to
  7. Hi, I'm ~400h experienced solo player looking to join a tribe. Playing on Xbox live (PC), European timezone. Are you still recruiting ? Comy
  8. Greetings, I am looking for a tribe to help me get back into Ark. Its been a few years and I needed a refresher. I have a buddy who is experienced enough to help out. We were recently pushed out by a sub tribe of a mega tribe in a Ragnarok server and I'm trying to help him out. If you want yo reach me I'll answer to both Discord and Xbox. My GT is KillerCreeper96 and Discord is KillerC96#1513. Thank you for your time.
  9. I havent played in about a year but im looking to get back into it. i used to grind a lot and had a couple of wyverns that i would breed. My disc is Xcalibur#6656
  10. 135 character with most tek unlocked… wanna be a in a moderate size tribe … I grind, I raise it I really just wanna raid I can build pretty well… I have been in a few big tribes in my past like 99 .. outlanders, but have played on a small scale too … I’m really bored just looking for some new friends to do hood rat things
  11. If you are still looking for a tribe let me know psn id is El_cid0913
  12. Can I join I have 134 days played I’m active constantly used to play official can grind and pvp
  13. If you are still looking for a tribe let me know psn id is El_cid0913
  14. Not sure if you have been contacted yet. Legocut is recruiting. plz contact me at Methos#8297.
  15. iv come back to ark after 3 years. love to join if yall down to have me
  16. Are you still recruiting? I got a lvl 102 character for official on xbox.
  17. RenzoNesk#9532 and pamdorum#5624 we are lvl 94 and 96 in official, we have 16 and 18 years old.
  18. I have played sense the center update but I stoped playing around aberration and I came back about 4 months ago and I just hope u will let me join your tribe and what map
  19. whats your discord?\
  20. I am also looking to join a tribe I have around 1200 hours in game. Used to play a lot then stopped around the time abbo came out and I’m looking to pick it back up again
  21. can u invite me? 500 hours on xbox 80 hours on pc

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