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(PC) Looking for active grinders, PVPers and breeders (You only need 1 of them). Starting from scratch on ragnarok. Gonna take over the island when a mega tribe helps us wipe the alphas on an the island server. You should atleast have: 500 hours. Atleast be on 3 hours+ per day.


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  2. im looking for a good tribe to join on pc i can grind multiple hours at a time central time zone usa plz let me know
  3. Hi Sir/Madam ,been playing the game for quite a while now, i have all the dlc, i could really use a tribe pls invite me.
  4. my dc name is LordKing#0645 if u could give me some more information it would be grate
  5. hey, my discord - benny#3064 give me a hola if I can join you guys, i'm utc +02:00 btw
  6. here is my discord if you have questions id love to join IntingAndy#4591
  7. Sipie


    To join: Message Toy bonnie#0573 on discord to be able to ask me questions and stuff like that.

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