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(PC) Looking for active grinders, PVPers and breeders (You only need 1 of them). Starting from scratch on ragnarok. Gonna take over the island when a mega tribe helps us wipe the alphas on an the island server. You should atleast have: 500 hours. Atleast be on 3 hours+ per day.


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  2. I am a player with ~1000 hours, i am 16, and go to college 3 hours a day (weekdays only) do i have a lot for free time. if you want me in the tribe you can find me @noboi4 on discord
  3. Zaro


    My discord name is Zaro#8743
  4. Hey 21 yo, I work from home so I can play about 8+ a day. I love to grind and breeding is probably my favorite, anything grindy really. Also have tons of experience in raiding. I have over 2000+ hours if combing all my accounts on Ps4, Xbox, and PC. My current platform is PC. Lemme know if i can help out.
  5. Playboy


    Hey! 26 years old, ready to play the poop out of this game. 2k + hours and got all the DLCs. Hit me up, Cowboy#5576
  6. My discord is luke5730#5886, I am experienced in a lot of aspects in ark I haveb been in a big tribe before so I am expericed in taming breeding and farming and also PVP, i have 600 hourrs on ps4 and pc and looking to join the tribe to help you guys out I am 21 years old and my time zone is central US
  7. My names Josh(19 years old). Been playing Ark for 1348 hours PC. I decided that i would like to get back into ark, i do miss it. My Discord is 'poopty Titties#9432' it's best to reach me there. If my discord name auto corrects to poopty. the correct name is "S h i t t y" but without the spaces
  8. im curious as to what discord server i should join to play with the team

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