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(PC) Looking for active grinders, PVPers and breeders (You only need 1 of them). Starting from scratch on ragnarok. Gonna take over the island when a mega tribe helps us wipe the alphas on an the island server. You should atleast have: 500 hours. Atleast be on 3 hours+ per day.


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  2. Kaiba


    i sent you a friend request on discord
  3. Hello My best to things are gathering and taming . I can also build but need to improve on it as well as bettering my pvp skills am eager to learn them. my discord is darthsidious#0918
  4. Sipie


    Add me on discord: Toy bonnie#0573
  5. Sipie

    Im sorry

    Hello everyone, im sorry for not answering and inviting. I lost my account details to here then forgot about it. We can now try again when i will look everyday. Im really sorry.
  6. Hello Thomas. Your discord doesn't seem to be working, can you send me the updated one?
  7. Hello. Your discord name does not seem to work. Please reply to me and tell me the new one!
  8. I am so sorry! i forgot my login details to this account and could not invite anyone! Add me on discord: Toy bonnie#0573
  9. Hello Jeremy. Sorry i forgot all my login details to this account and couldn't invite or answer anyone, please add me on discord and we can discuss this. Toy bonnie#0573
  10. Trikky


    I have 6k hours and used to be in an Alpha Tribe part of a Mega Alliance but took a break about 3 years ago. Am good at everything (farming, breeding, pvp) Had to restart character cause I forgot the server my old one is parked on. Am currently lvl 90 on a Rag server just starting out with some tames and gear. Discord : Kris P#2763
  11. My discord name is Roma#4951
  12. Hello, I Have been playing small tribes for 800+ hours, been in few alpha tribes, can breed, scout, dedicated to pvp. had 6month break after wipe on smalltribes, from meshers and teamers but now decided to get back to ark and get new experience, my daily play time will around 4-6 hours a day.
  13. 2300hours Xbox new to pc platform 200hours.
  14. Good evening, My girlfriend and I were playing on Scorched Earth, and we ran into an individual of whom I presume is a member of Nexore. He was on a scout character and gave us 3 cryoed dinoes that practically one-shot everything on the map at lvl 499. One was a Velonasaur, the others were Bloodstalker and Therizinosaurus. They were awesome dinoes to say the least, but we were raided less than 24 hours later, with our entire base wiped out and tames killed. We've since moved onto another server, however. Anyway, I want to thank whoever gave us those dinosaurs and would like to know who they are, get into contact and potentially merge our tribe. If there's a Discord server, I'd like to know how to join. Thanks, Jeremy
  15. hi r u still looking for tribe members my discord slnmola#3049
  16. my names Thomas I got 2k hours on ark on pc I'm a level 100 char on official pvp I'm a big grinder breeder and tamer back when I use to play on Xbox I was in a mega tribe my job was bullet farming so that's all I did I can make around 20l bullets a day if given the right dinos for the job or i can breed 100 plus dinos all in one time when I was playing pve on pc I do breeds of 50 gigas 40 rexes and a whole other bunch of dinos. I also every good at grinding out a whole base in one night I can get metal up and turrets in one night my discord is (TTV) Jellinator1#7056 feel free to message me

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