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(PC) Looking for active grinders, PVPers and breeders (You only need 1 of them). Starting from scratch on ragnarok. Gonna take over the island when a mega tribe helps us wipe the alphas on an the island server. You should atleast have: 500 hours. Atleast be on 3 hours+ per day.


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  2. I am a fking grinder I farmed 20-25 turrets in one day from scratch for my tribe mates for oil cave only for them to fk up the death walls and SHZ and then get wiped so YH I can farm and PvP dont be like my old retarted tribe I’m so fking done with those BRAIN DEAD MF
  3. Hello! My name is Wesley and I am a 21 year old guy from holland. I have roughly 2700 hours in ark. I stopped playing ark last october because I went to University, but I stopped because of covid. I have alot of spare time and I am always happy to contribute in a Tribe! My discord is Mighty#1235
  4. dkillertv


    Still looking for members?
  5. Hi, I have 750+ hours on ARK in total and about 500+ hours in Official PVP.I'm getting tired of SOLO playing and get wiped out after one week of hard farming and building time.I don't have DLC for other maps but i do love Ragnarok.Is this tribe still being active on classic Official PVP? my Discord: w1n#9989
  6. hello , i have 1600 hours,like to breed , pvp fobs fight, i'm not the type that doesn't farm anything, nobody likes to farm, but it's necessary,looking for a oficial tribe discord:ginseg#0151
  7. I'm looking for a megatribe on Official PC PvP , I got over 3000 hours on steam and all the DLC and my friend like a couple of hundred , we are more into farming and breeding then anything else . I don't care about nationalities or age but I would like to have a personal room in a safe base along active people all the time. you can reply here if we fit your profile by any chance. Thank you and have a lovely day!
  8. yes it is wrong pls give us the right name
  9. hey im looking for a tribe on offical with not too many members and i want to grind from pretty much nothing to something to call a good base with nice tribemates and a fun time
  10. looking for a group to play with. got around 2500 hours. i can be on 6-10 hours daily. Like farming and taming. discord is Mrbaddy100#4158 hmu if you are still looking for members.
  11. Hey, I wanna start again on official pvp after a short brake im a good builder , an experienced breeder and an really good mana and guerilia pvpler would like to talk about joining and that you can background check me Add Discord: Soul.GM#0038
  12. Hi there my discord is The End#2240 i'm looking for a tribe, i've been part of some alpha tribes but now i'm looking for something fresh, i've 1008 h on the game i play alot, i like to breed, but also to pvp and raid, for me farming is not a big deal and i do it everyday enjoying it, i'd like to join your tribe cuze you seems like active.
  13. To join: Message Toy bonnie#0573 On discord and you can ask questions and stuff.
  14. dzuri


    are u still looking for tribe members?
  15. Hi, I'd like to join your tribe of Mam 2000h and all Discord DLCs: Majev # 0751 i play game daily
  16. Hi, I'd like to join your tribe of Mam 2000h and all Discord DLCs: Majev # 0751 i play game daily
  17. hi im 19 years off age and i am looking to join ur tribe i have around 5k hours on ps4 and i am just shy off 1k hours on pc i have ben looking to join a tribe on official for a while i have been playing small tribes or low rate unofficial but my friends are getting bored off low rates and want to go on high rates but i want to stay in low i play between 10 to 12 hours a day i am in eu times i like to grind and breed and my goal would like to be in a big/mega tribe
  18. Hey i am 16 years old looking for a tribe with 1k hours all dlcs except for scorched i am respectful and a good tribemate i play 7 to 10 hours per day heres my discord for more info: shazminM1︻デ═一#5164
  19. i have 200+ hrs in pvp i play a lot i will help you with breeding taming building a base whatever you want if i can join add my discord dandaman #3502
  20. 1000+ hours on PVE New to the PVP. Got some good stat dinos from friends and tried to play solo. too hard to raid alone on pvp official. Lvl 96 character on pvp official servers Dm me on discord if still recruiting TheAwesome#1581
  21. Hi, my friend and i want to join a tribe on PVP official servers. We're 24 and 20, we have 750h and 1100h played in PVP modes. We got all the maps and we can play 4hrs a day during the week / a lot more during the w-e. My discord: SkowDardy#5516 and him: 210 All Styles#7897. Thanks
  22. alpha val engrams and 3.6k hrs. i can breed, farm and pvp. im use to everything, if you need one message on disc MaTt#3776
  23. Hi, me and my friend are interested to join a tribe, he has 800 hours on ark, he knows about breeding, and I'm experienced grinder in Rag, I hve 600 hours on ark. If u are interested on us, feel free to add me Doraemon#9917.
  24. im looking for a good tribe to join on pc i can grind multiple hours at a time central time zone usa plz let me know
  25. Hi Sir/Madam ,been playing the game for quite a while now, i have all the dlc, i could really use a tribe pls invite me.

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