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------------RECRUITING----------- Hi everyone. I am PVP focused player with about 6k hours of game time, and looking for active members to join the small tribe (Size is small, not official-SmallTribe) on PC/PVP Official. As a meritocracy, our community is built around the collective individual efforts of our members. Currently, we have many active players. Half of people are from South Korea, and another half are from Mexico and Spain. Looking for players who are mature and keeping toxicity to aminimum. Also, everyone must be respectful towards other people. We are accepting all types of players (New and Experienced). If you are interested to join, please add my discord and send me an introduction (Introduce yourself! Tell us about yourself, your Ark experience, and what maps you have played on. Also, make sure to include a discord tag), then our tribe admin will contact you ASAP. Discord: EbaZ#4579


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