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About This Tribe

Do you like playing ark seriously and enjoy high-level coordination among tribe members? You might just be a good fit for a like-minded tribe, the Rex Riders Republic!


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Come join the great @rk @ngels who proudly hold down 18 servers and who proudly defeated the tribe "Panic Game" we will help you become more productive in ark and help you practice youre pvp skills and also invite you to join us in the many wars large and small we fight weekly
  3. I’m good at pvp grind whenever I can have 1300 hours I’m 16 lost my official 95 character though if you are interested HMU at gt: Longtimell discord: longtimell#8727
  4. I recently became a "PC gamer". Ive played a ton of ARK on PS4. Ive been in alpha tribes throughout many years and love to support my team with my skills. I over work myself in real life and tend to over work myself on ark as well. Just looking for a tribe to join on PC. My Discord: StoneProjects#9800
  5. I would like to join the tribe I can do most things in ark I've got 1200 hours I can play 6 -10 hours a day sometimes more
  6. Are you Dutch and i like rex riders can i join but i have no rex
  7. I would like to join the tribe I have had the game for 2 year i and a good at pvp farming breading my gamertag is RoyalPotato3
  8. Old Ark player looking to get back into the game. I can farm, tame, and raid. Happy to do what ever is needed to help out
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