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Do you like playing ark seriously and enjoy high-level coordination among tribe members? You might just be a good fit for a like-minded tribe, the Rex Riders Republic!


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  2. Hi, i would like to join. I have been playing solo for thousands of hours. Im 38 and willing to help out and have some fun. Add me, my gt is NaughtyGanja
  3. whats up i would like to join im in the army but the times im not on my wife will grind for me
  4. Hi, friends, i would like to join your tribe, because i tried a lot and got raided as single and as small tribe either; Discord: Wulfus #9063; i speak german and english; i think im good at taming, breeding and gathering. My Steam-name is bakterien and i play mostly on 822.
  5. Xboxx/win10 *Starting Fresh* Old OG Alpha Tribe Looking to Start Back up again We Have 3 Highly Experienced players Looking to recruit a lot more We on The Road To alpha best Active Tribe On Ark. We are looking For Everything Farmers,Breeders,Tamers,Pvpers We Wanna build up Fast Back to our Formal Glory Check Recruitment Topic For More info On How to join us in our journey. Come join us at Vendetta Search us up and Start your journey!!!
  6. Hello I'm looking to joint your tribe I'm 20 yo from the middle east I have about 3000 hours of game I used to play on PS4 but now I'm on PC I'm familiar with MNK and can play good I just need a big tribe to thrive with my discord is Lawo0M#5482 msg me if u want more info
  7. Hi I would like to join if possible I have experience can farm materials build things craft things tame creatures etc if you can help let me know thanks franzmann666
  8. hello, i am David - 26 years and i would like to join your tribe i am from Austria good at breeding/farming/pvp - decent at building discord - Toxa#9894
  9. Come join the great @rk @ngels who proudly hold down 18 servers and who proudly defeated the tribe "Panic Game" we will help you become more productive in ark and help you practice youre pvp skills and also invite you to join us in the many wars large and small we fight weekly
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