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Do you like playing ark seriously and enjoy high-level coordination among tribe members? You might just be a good fit for a like-minded tribe, the Rex Riders Republic!


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  2. I recently became a "PC gamer". Ive played a ton of ARK on PS4. Ive been in alpha tribes throughout many years and love to support my team with my skills. I over work myself in real life and tend to over work myself on ark as well. Just looking for a tribe to join on PC. My Discord: StoneProjects#9800
  3. I would like to join the tribe I can do most things in ark I've got 1200 hours I can play 6 -10 hours a day sometimes more
  4. Are you Dutch and i like rex riders can i join but i have no rex
  5. I would like to join the tribe I have had the game for 2 year i and a good at pvp farming breading my gamertag is RoyalPotato3
  6. Hello, Iv played since the beta and spent countless of hours on ark. I have taken some time off, about a year, but have returned once again. Normally I only tribe up with my roommates but sadly they do not okay the game anymore. I have experience with farming, breeding, and raiding. I have always played PvP. Normally I play on my Xbox on small tribe servers, but I do own a computer as well. Just would have to make a new character. My discord is Sir kurtt#7070. Would love to hear from y’all, soloing the past month has been brutal lol. Also I’m 26, US male.
  7. Old Ark player looking to get back into the game. I can farm, tame, and raid. Happy to do what ever is needed to help out
  8. My name is Recon... . Hello... I haven't played ark for 2 years, so basically up until extinction. I have around 2000 hours or more on this game, have had multiple characters, all PvP Official and Smalltribes. I play on Xbox. My current goals are leveling bc my characters all disappeared, completing boss fights and unlocking tek engrams. I'm currently just shy of level 81 on one character, and 78 on a second (I always level 2) Smalltribes Official PvP, which I leveled in 1 day lol. **Looking for a PvP God to take me on as a apprentice for the current meta** I can play 8 hour
  9. Gamertag: DarkestShadows9 Hi, I’m an experienced player with 1700 hours on ark. I’m good at both pvp and grinding/breeding. Looking for a tribe to join and have fun in. Discord: MalcolmG17#7692
  10. Recruitment Hey there! My name is Recon and I’ve been playing Ark for a couple years now and really want to get started with tribes! You guys will gain a loyal, down to grind member! Gamer tag- OGC Recon
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