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Do you like playing ark seriously and enjoy high-level coordination among tribe members? You might just be a good fit for a like-minded tribe, the Rex Riders Republic!


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  2. Tribe Recruitment Hello, Looking to join a tribe and have fun with people. I have 75 days gameplay and I am fairly experienced. 34 years old looking to tame, breed, build and kick it with fellow tribemates. On Xbox. GT: JUSTICEANDCHAOS Discord: JUSTICEANDCHAOS#9089
  3. Recruitment Hey there! My name is Recon and I’ve been playing Ark for a couple years now and really want to get started with tribes! You guys will gain a loyal, down to grind member! Gamer tag- OGC Recon
  4. Recruiting For Highly Organized Tribe Hello fellow survivors! Do you like playing ark seriously and enjoy high-level coordination among tribe members? You might just be a good fit for a like-minded tribe, the Rex Riders Republic! We are looking for 7 serious players willing to work together and follow strict tribe rules. The Rex Riders is a competitive ARK tribe which focuses on coordination and organization to achieve its goals of bringing prosperity and security to the ARK. We wish to create a reliable and dependable system whereby all members can enjoy the game casually and achieve the endgame. Currently, we play on official servers and are principally based on the original Island map. There are five rules that make up the foundation of being in this tribe. 1 tribe, 1 base Members must commit to staying in the tribe, and temporarily leaving will result in punishment. However, most members may join tribes on other servers. Our tribe focuses its efforts on building one single base and base building is strictly regulated by tribe government. Lay members do not build their own structures, but enjoy the high-level construction of tribe builders. Inside the tribe base, members have the opportunity to lease rooms and decorate as they like, as well as further design their leased real estate. zero raiding policy All raiding of other tribes is wholly prohibited without tribe government authorization zero assistance policy No members may request assistance from any other survivors on the ARK for any reason, unless given approval by tribe government. This includes receiving gifts or requesting protection from the server's alpha tribe. tribe log participation All tribe members must be comfortable with using Microsoft Excel to update the tribe log. This file contains spreadsheets which tracks all tribe contributions and tribe inventory, as well as every member's points. work requirements All lay members are required to maintain a positive amount of points to stay in the tribe. Points are rewarded upon contributing resources to the tribe, as well as completing missions and goals. Points decay at a constant rate every day, and members with a negative points balance will be kicked after a week of forewarning. Furthermore, points do not expire, so saved up points can be used to maintain status while on vacation or taking a break from ARK. If you can agree to living by these rules, and are excited to experiment with such a venture, please follow this link and complete the membership application form: https://forms.gle/bPfj7Dkf8MgTtYYZ6 We look forward to meeting you. May you find peace and prosperity on the ARK!
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