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Found 18 results

  1. This game manages to ignore bugs that make the game not playable ,but release a dlc . Could u pls fix this problem . I cant join any server since yesterday and tryed everything . 1.Cleared Mods 2.Reinstalled Ark 3. cmd->netsh winsock reset->PC restart 4.Server Admin restarted Server,updated it , Mods reinstalled If u have anyfixes or the team fixed it pls answer!!!!
  2. This game manages to ignore bugs that make the game not playable ,but release a dlc . Could u pls fix this problem . I cant join any server since yesterday and tryed everything . 1.Cleared Mods 2.Reinstalled Ark 3. cmd->netsh winsock reset->PC restart 4.Server Admin restarted Server,updated it , Mods reinstalled If u have anyfixes or the team fixed it pls answer!!!!
  3. Dinosaurs disappearing

    Anybody else's dinosaurs just disappearing? Even dinosaurs at my camp are disaeappring....
  4. our NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok195 server has been reset to day 3 when it should be at about day 100 in game. everything is gone, my tribe, my dinos, my buildings and everything that came from the island over to rag is gone now too because the island servers didnt roll back it was just the new rag servers. my character is gone because it was on the rag server when it rolled back to before i was ever there. we had quetzals griffins argents pters doeds ankys beavers rexes and its all gone. poof and me and my tribemate have no way to get into our island server with our characters deleted. weeks down the drain instantly. this really needs to be fixed, wasnt the point of starting these new servers to be able to support losses like these. if not why would i have moved from legacy? i just cant restart again and many of my friends wont restart again if this doesnt get fixed. we had over 100 dinos on our official island server already with 3 preserving bins full of 30+ different types of eggs and had multiple full stacks of those eggs. preservers filled with prime and cooked jerky atleast 3 days of jerkying all day. everything is just gone, please wildcard dont let this go unfixed. WE NEED REPERATIONS for our little 2 man tribe that likes to put in work
  5. I want to know why you announced official legacy servers and promised they won't be wiped and all that, but led us to believe servers would be repurposed on a monthly basis which has led to many fleeing from legacy because their is huge uncertainty in whether their is a point to keep it all alive or keep playing. I have been playing for a year and a half and I'm just confused as to why myself and many other players on legacy servers are being handled this way. I played Fair as did many of my friends where I played. I just don't know how you can live with yourselves creating such a time consuming game only to take it away from the ones that made you who you are. I and many of my friends have spent tons of hours playing this game perfecting it's many algorithms to help play and raise better BUT nope you just take away all experience and time from us. I just don't know why you can't find a common middle ground for your whole player base without abandoning the veterans of the game.
  6. Everywhere I look on forums there is answers, but a lot of people are unsure of if it is the actual truth. What is the ultimate end goal for legacy servers? Honestly it feels like they just plan on re-purposing "ghost town" servers until legacy literally no longer exist. If that's the case they should just rip the band-aid off and wipe them all. Yeah some people will be pissed off, but they will be a lot more pissed off wasting another couple months on a server that's gonna be wiped into non-exsitance. I think a final decision and statement needs to be made again, to everyone. Before everyone is like oh they already talked about this, how much stuff has changed since they talked about this? Only 10% turned into 33% of servers. All fixes will apply to legacy as well. First patch after that made no builds zones on PvE for important areas, ( I know a lot of PvE players have been wanting this) but only implemented for non-legacy. Customer support removed from legacy. Just seems like they are trying to kill them off indirectly so they don't get called liars when they said a long time ago they would not wipe the servers, but this path seems a lot worse at this point.
  7. Why did sotf die?

    Ok so my question is why did sotf die. It was so good. Please if you tried it and didn't like it for a reason or if you did post it here. I'm hoping for the Devs to see this so they can hopefully revive at some point down the road.
  8. Is the Xbox one dedicated server corruption glitch fixed?
  9. Hi guys, I'm looking for some help I run a player dedicated server on The Center on Xbox one with no problems until two updates ago...since then if the server was to crash it won't load back gets to Center_Underworld_Near then it crashes to dashboard...just wondering how many others are having this issue? I've had to do several wipes due to this and have lost a lot of good pvp tribes and's so fustrating...wildcard don't seem to be fixing any player dedicated server..they released a hotfix but that didn't help me....please hit me up if you have this issue
  10. data corruption

    i play on a dedicated player server and we have hadf to restart several times in the last month. we are getting really upset that this bug has gone unfixed in the past two updates please please please dont throw xbox out this is a great game and id hate to see it leave xbox and lose players please fix it
  11. hello everyone i just want to ask why if i did all the achievements and i deleted my local data for re-installing the game i didn't have anymore the reward skins... i mean... isn't it linked with steam? why isn't there a system that allow to match steam data to local data? like GTA:O for example...
  12. Why, do I even, why?

    Why? (ps, photo from an official server, all rights reserved)
  13. One reason i stopped playing the game is the flyer nerf.. The other why did they do this trashy blue menu inventory... Im tottally colorblind and cant read anything and im on a 45 inch.... Is there any way to revert back to the black menu I could read? Or is the new blob nasty blue cant see menu only thing? Its to hard to get anything done.... Also some reason in the build menu it keep reverting back to that list of everything to build i like it folder option and i click the button each time i go back its back to the list of everything... Folders sorted nicely for each type of item to build is the bet way and if i have to change it every single time its going to get old fast.... PLEASE WILD CARD STOP DOING THESE DUMB THINGS AND THINK OF OTHERS BESIDE PEOPLE THAT ISNT COLOR BLIND...
  14. Lousy missing #8 notes = no platinum trophy So I finally got all of the dossiers (again). Well low and behold much to my dismay, it seems that the 8th note from all 4 of the ark's initial specimens are missing. What does that mean? (Insert favorite Seinfeld quote here.) NO PLATINUM FOR YOU!!! I've searched the web and evidently it's a problem for everyone. They are just not in the game at the moment. No known positions for them from anyone. Some say that they are there buried somewhere in the dev kit, just not placed yet on the actual game map. Does anyone have any insight on this? Are the developers aware of this? If they are, is there a planned fix for it? Hopefully not a patch that says oh yeah we've added the missing notes along with an addition 20 to go find before you get your platinum. Happy hunting! That would suck. Also is there any sort of work around for this issue? If there is please share. Kinda bummed about not popping the platinum for an otherwise pretty solid game.
  15. Ark on PS4 freezing when playing Split Screen Recently after the tek tier patch my ark has been freezing whenever I play split screen with someone. After about 20 Minutes if we both are in our inventories the game freezes but the sound still plays in the background. Is anybody else having this problem and can it please be fixed asap! I love this game but this glitch is killing my will to play.
  16. I am currently looking for people to join my Xbox server!! It's at the Center and nobody is currently on it right now so there are plenty of spots to set up a base!! Add my server CrustyAssassinV2 and please come join and have fun! You can also raid while offline And I am the only admin and I use commands to help people out
  17. hey guys! does anyone know why does my raw prime meat spoil 40 seconds in my inventory when it should be 2 min 20 seconds i believe i cant find any option in my singleplayer world that would change the spoiling time. please help
  18. People are upset at what consoles missed out on this year. Here's a recap on what we do and don't have, and how to add it to your non-official servers. -No Snow. -No Raptor Clause -Certain Items are not available like the candy cane skin for club, coal, mistletoe, and high end blueprints via Raptor Clause. This is what we can get: Console Survivors can experience the fun of the holidays by 'sleighing' special gift-bearing creatures! Scattered across the ARK, various festive themed friends will be delivering Santa's Gifts. Kill the following critters and collect goodies from their inventories: Stags over Level 100: Reindeer Skin Yetis: Santa Dino Hat Penguins over Level 50: Santa Player Hat Xbox Survivors are in for an additional treat, as some of the ARK's creatures are also celebrating their birthdays, with hats and a special suit! Titanosaurus: Birthday Suit Shirt Birthday Suit Pants Wild Giganotosaurus: Birthday Dino Hat Dilos over Level 50: Birthday Player Hat If you're on non-official here are the commands to add these items in your server. Hey Survivors, If you're playing on a Non-Official Server for Console but would like to make use of the Winter Wonderland Cosmetics, the server admins can do so using the following blueprint paths: I hope this helps those who are confused and wondering if Winter Wonderland is even in effect! Sadly I wish we at least had snow on console. Sad Christmas. Sad Christmas Indeed.