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Found 18 results

  1. I have not posted on the forums before but I signed up because the New UI is disheartening. The text is so small that I cannot read anything on my 50" TV and when we try to play split screen player 2's hotbar drops below the viewable screen. I have the UI scale set at max. This is makes the game unplayable. I was excited to tame a horse and effortlessly sort through menus but now I have a headache from squinting at the screen. Please Devs if you are listening increase the font size dramatically and quickly. We cannot play our favorite game until you do. We aren't angry we are thankful that there is work being done on the game but disappointed that it has been rendered unplayable. PS. When we both open our inventory player 2's player model switches to player one's
  2. In the “creature ancestry” menus on the Xbox one it is impossible to scroll through the Dino’s ancestors. When there are more than four ancestors there is no button to hop to in the menu that allows you to access the scrolling.
  3. Im unable to select items in my inventory using my gamepad (Gamevice). I can open the menu and use the left and right triggers to go from inventory tab to character tab to engrams to settings but I can't navigate any of those menus with the gamepad. Is the issue with my setup or does the UI missing this ability? Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Gamevice for Galaxy S8/S9/S8+/S9+/Note8
  4. GarmGK

    Game Menu and UI Fixes

    So I have noticed that the Main Menu and the User Interface (UI) used to start a game haven't changed much since almost game launch. But I think it's time they were updated. 1. The mod list needs a moving method whether it's drag and drop, selecting the mod then using arrows on the side of the list to move the mod up or down or a Number based system that the game can read to determine the order of the mods. (Load Order Optimization Tool, LOOT, that's the name used by MOD ORGANIZER). 2. Making sure the settings input to the setting bars and boxes actually effect the game the way they are supposed to. (IE. I have Max Level Dinos enabled but it hasn't done anything the dinos aren't maxed out anywhere on the entire map and I've wiped all dinos several times) 3. An option that allows for people to change the background on the main menu screen to a different one like one for Aberration, Scorched Earth or the Crystal Isles just as a few examples.
  5. Currently for PC users we use Steam Overlay to see a list of who is online. This is highly flawed, in many ways, and allows cheaters to go unreported and allows racism to be unreportable, even allows people to impersonate other people and start other very bad things. There's no way for a player to identify who's doing what in a server to properly report, as a result of these issues. As you can see here, we have 5 people named "123", and in chat it would show up as "SteamName" (PlayerName) [TribeName]" Which means one of these 5 "123" players, could blurt out something racist, with a generic in game name, and no one would be able to report him because no one would know which of the 123's that said it. Another problem is, someone can name himself "Vas" on steam, to appear as if he is me. Then he names his character "Vas" as well, and creates a duplicate "Drake" tribe, to impersonate me, and blurt out racial slurs. No one will be able to tell the difference between him and me in the chat. Similar did happen where a player logged in and created a character named my name, and started blurting out racial slurs in the chat earlier this day claiming to be me and such. You can also see here that players of Ark are extremely hostile, rude, and cause the game to be degraded in quality so that no one will want to buy it or play it. But in this example, two people with the steam name "123" can not be told apart, and since there are over 25 people in this server named 123 in steam, it would be impossible to figure out which of these users to report should they break a rule in the game. -------------------------------------------------------- So, what am I suggesting? I'd like a built in hud, something you can access by clicking a hotkey like F1. Perhaps you can even add interesting stats to it as well, but the minimum amount of information that should be included with this: Character Name, Tribe Name, Online Time, Steam Name, Steam Profile Button. This would allow you to click the steam profile URL of any online user to report them to Valve should they be cheating in game, or other conduct that isn't allowed by Valve. This would also let you get their steam profile for reporting users here should you not take my next suggestion in the next paragraph. Adding onto this, it would allow you to check if someone is trying to impersonate another user by comparing their steam profile ID to the user being impersonated. At the end of the table row showing the user's stats, a report button should be included. "Report This Player", with built in options to report them for specific things, integrated into the forum's report incident system. So I'd be able to report a cheater as well as misconduct in a single report, where the clicking of the button would give the exact moment of the time it happened instead of players needing to convert their time zone to PST for you, and it would include more in depth information to help Wildcard see the issue and deal with it accordingly. Obviously, this would make it easier for false reports, which is why a warning should be made before clicking "Submit Report" that pops up and asks "Are you sure you wish to file this report?" with the warning saying that users who are caught filing false reports will be punished accordingly. AKA if someone's filing lots of false reports, they themselves get banned, or lose report feature, or whatever it is you do to people who file false reports. Right now we have an issue with 123 accounts cheating and being unreportable. I don't mind people trying to hide and protect themselves on other servers and such, but we need a different system for that to prevent such harsh and unfair gameplay that people have to name themselves 123 to avoid the unfair gameplay features. ------------ I thank you, for taking the time to read my suggestion, and hope that it was detailed enough for you. I would have included more images and such, but your upload system barely lets me upload a single image so I can't get more in for detailed suggestions and examples.
  6. First and foremost, let me preface this post with a statement of fact. I love Ark, and It has some of the highest "hours played" on my steam account. However, I must say that many of the little things missing from this game can make it frustrating, or at the very least make me scratch my head and say "why isn't that a thing"? So the following are small (sometimes large) changes or additions that improve how a player interacts with the game, via the interface, or game play in general. Each suggestion will have the reasoning behind it and a bit of detail included, not just a list, but a comprehensive overview of ideas. ~~~ User Interface When a player first plays a game, the interface can be overwhelming, or not, depending on its level of detail or amount of information provided. Sometimes, more is better, especially in games without a tutorial. The following are suggestions that will improve quality of life for new players, and veterans alike. Loading Screen Step Count - Add a Step Counter for everything the game is loading on the loading screen. Example - Reasoning - Seeing each steps loading bar is pointless when you don't know just how many steps you have left before you even load into the game. Crafting, Spoil and Burn Timers - Show a "burn timer" that indicates how long the fire/torch/etc will be active with the fuel amount present in its inventory. And when cooking or crafting, how long the current craft queue will take to complete or how long a everything cook-able in the campfire will take to cook. These two pieces of information will compliment each other so you can judge how much fuel to add. Reasoning - Do you hate not knowing how much wood you'll need to cook the amount of food you put in the campfire? Do you find yourself wasting wood, or spark powder when you wish the campfire would just shut off when it is done cooking the meat you have thrown in? On top of that, what about the fact that every server you play on may have different fuel consumption rates set so there is no way to be able to do the math yourself ahead of time so you always have the right wood to meat ratio or gas to fabrication ratio. Secondarily, these could be set up to only show up if you have an option in the option menu active. Perhaps "Detailed Burn/Timer Info". Stack Spoil Timer - Show the stacks full spoil time in the tool-tip beside or below the current single item spoil timer. Reasoning - Currently, if an item is already half spoiled, it's hard to determine what the "starting" spoil time was for that item. So if there is a stack, it's hard to determine how long that stack will be good for. Will it last till morning when you log back in, who knows...? With all of the different things affecting spoil times (server settings, preserving salts, fridge, etc) it's hard to guess how long a full stack will last. This solves that. Players Online In ESC Menu - When hitting 'escape', various bits of info are shown, but one seems to be missing. Player count currently on the server. Reasoning - Are you alone? You can tell when your tribe is online, sure... but what about your enemies? Is there even anyone around to hear your chat questions? You can see player online information when viewing the server in the server list, but not while you are playing, so as far as I can tell there is no reason not to show this in game as well. Your Temp In Relation To World Temp - Have the on screen EXTRA INFO (H) and Inventory screens show your current temp, after taking things like armor, buildings, fires, otter, etc into account. Reasoning - Figuring out just how much your armor is keeping you above the dangerous temperature is tough. So its, -10 degrees (F)... so does wearing this armor make me 40 degrees, 60? or more? Who knows. Hypo-thermal and all that info isn't displayed in understandable values either, so there is no indication in game as to what your bodies temp is after it is all calculated. Adding this would be helpful. More Tooltips Describing What Options and Stats Do - More details about what things do, in general is needed. Reasoning - New players may not know what stats do without looking online. Even long time players couldn't tell you what some of the options in the video/graphics menu do. Show How much a level in a stat will give you. - When you mouse over a + on the level up screen, have a tooltip tell you how much the stat will raise by if you select that option. Reasoning - Many dinos have differeing levels of stat boosts when leveling. There is no way to know if raising a dinos stamina will give you 2 points or 60 until you click it, and sometimes you end up wasting a level up that could have been better spent elsewhere. Have movement stat list actual values instead of the "percent". - Show the flat kmh/mph value of every dino/player instead of the percentage. Reasoning - Every dino has it's own Base speed. So a Dilo of 100% speed and a Gallimimus of 100% speed will move at completely different speeds. And there is no way to compare them mathematically. When it comes to leveling up, does a 1% increase even make much of a difference over all? Makes more difference if you can see their current speed is and what it becomes after you level it up. Move Audio Options into it's own Menu for more options. - Move the audio options from the current options tab into it's own. Reasoning - Frees up space on the options menu for more options, and also makes audio options have more space for more as well. Such options as "Changing Output Device". Activating or disabling surround sound. Also separate SFX volume into slider bars for tamed dino volume, wild dino volume, player sound volume (grunts, moans), UI sound volume, object volume (fires, machines). Add a "Hide Engram" right click option. And a "Show Hidden Engrams" toggle. - Allow the player to hide engrams from their crafting lists. And of course a way to show all hidden ones so you can show them again later. Reasoning - Why bother listing cloth clothes, if you now know how to craft hide clothes? Or what if you have 500 extra pairs of hide clothes around and you won't be making any more and you wish you could clean up your engram list when in your crafting screen. This would be extra handy for players using mods that add "better" or "replacement" versions of vanilla items, that require you to learn the original engram first. This way you could hide the unused one. Reword Hyperthermal Protection and Hypothermal Protection to Heat Protection and Cold Protection - Simplify the terms. Reasoning - Can't tell you how many times I've had to stop and remind myself that hypo is cold, and hyper is heat, regardless of the fact I honestly know which each means. Not to mention the number of Youtubers I've seen have the same discussion about which is which. You would think it would be simple, but it's not. Why not just simplify the wording and make everyone's lives easier. Add a compress stacks button to containers. - Make all the partial stacks in a container combine together on a button press (add one like the sort, and tooltips buttons at the top). Or have it happen automatically when a container is opened/closed. Same could be said for inventory. Reasoning - After coming back from a day away, I'll see 12 stacks each with 8 meat each in my feeding trough. I have to pull out each one and place it all back in to make them back to stacks of 20 each. When the game has "stack size" and "container slot space" and "decomposing items"... having it automate compression of smaller stacks just makes life less annoying. I say have it happen on container closure, because if you are splitting stacks you don't want it to happen before you are done dropping it the split stack, or whatever. Add a MOD Engrams filter button - On the Engrams screen, add a filter to the top that filters out/shows any engram added by mods. Reasoning - For easier finding of Modded Engrams, or hiding of those same engrams so you can find the vanilla ones. Add a Can Afford filter button - On the Engrams screen, add a filter to the top that filters out/shows any engram you can/can't afford with your current engram points. Reasoning - Simple enough. Allow players to stop teasing themselves with what they can't afford. :-p Have Engram Screen Remember Your Filters - On the Engrams screen, make any filters you used last stay selected for next time you come. Reasoning - If I am playing on a map that adds Scorched Earth items, why no allow me to always have that filter on without making me turn it on every time I go to that screen? Allow demolishing of Building parts from your inventory. Give all building parts a "demolish" right click option in the inventory so you dont have to place it before you can demolish it for parts. Only a right click option no hotkey, for safety. Reasoning - When you place and destroy a building it saves it to the tribe activity list. If you are just destroying the items for their materials, having to place them first and then destroy them takes a lot of effort and clicking. I understand the Grinder lets you do this, but since you can already place and destroy these items, there is no harm in letting us do it inside our inventory. Color Changing Stat Icons - Have the symbols on right of screen denoting your stats change color based on stat severity. Or make it an option to have such. Reasoning - Unless you take the time to look right at the corner of your screen, there is nothing that catches your eye about the icons. They are tiny, and blend well with the rest of the UI or world behind them. So if you have them turn yellow, or red if things are bad with a stat, it may catch the players eye and they can do something about it before it gets worse. Or allow us to make the icons bigger, regardless of resolution settings. Color Changing Durability Bars - Have the durability bars on items that degrade change color based on the durability remaining. Or make it an option to have such. Reasoning - Same as Stat Icons above. unless you take a moment and actually look down at the TINY bars on your hotbar, you can't tell when something you are using is about to break. Either make the bare bigger, or make them change colors (green, yellow red) based on their durability remaining. Add second Page of Hotkeys For Order Group Controls - A second page of hotkeys should be added, to include the Order Group options as there is no way to change them away from the current numpad 0-9 settings. Reasoning - You can't change the select group keys. Also, Currently if you set a different hotkey to a number pad key, it will do both that hotkey action and switch to a different group at the same time. Hotkey buttons are also needed for "Add dino to current group" and "remove dino from current group". Allow Clearing of One Queued Crafting at a time. - Allow players to click a queued craft in the crafting queue to remove that one action. Reasoning - Currently if you queue up 5 craft actions, and then want to cancel one in the middle, you have to cancel all of them. Materials aren't taken from your inventory until the item reaches the current queue slot anyway, so it shouldn't cause inventory issues/exploits. ~~~ Dinosaur/Turret Interactions Add a "Aggressive Targets Only" option to turrets. - Make it so turrets can be set to attack anything that is aggressive or flagged as attacking you while leaving neutral or harmless dinos alone. Reasoning - Currently, you have "attack wild dinos" option. But that option will attack EVERYTHING, even harmless herbivores or neutral dinos that have no qualms with you. Suddenly everything in the area is dead, fleeing or angry. Add "Whistle Pick Me Up" - Make a dino charge toward you and activate an auto-mount function when it is close enough. Reasoning - Birds, especially seem to want to fly close enough to allow you to mount them, but they more often than not stay just out of reach or pass you and spin around to try again. Adding a whistle that orders a dino to swoop in as close as they can and 'pick you up' would be great. If the dino doesn't have a saddle, this wouldn't work, of course. OR , Add a Behavior Option to Toggle "Swoop When Close" or "Hover When Close" - As an alternative to the above, or in addition to, allow players to stop their fliers from swooping around them wildly when they are close to whomever they are following. Reasoning - Do you have a bird following the bird you are mounted on? Is it faster? Well it's going to drive you insane by flying all around you like it's going out of style. This would allow players to choose between behaviors that better suit their current needs. Option To Disable Level Up Animations While Riding - Allow the player to per dino set "disable level up animation" in the same way you can disable ally looking. Reasoning - Nothing is more annoying than not being able to move for 4 whole seconds after you level up your dino. It can cause you to die, it can let others know you are neaby (with all the dino honking) and all because you just added a point to your dino. Add a 'Behavior' For "Defend Yourself" or "Guard Here" option. - Allow dinos to be set to only engage an enemy if THEY are attacked. Reasoning - Neutral has them help any nearby allies under attack, but sometimes you don't want them to act, unless they are in danger themselves. Alternatively a "Guard Here" option could be added so the dino will defend an area, and then return to it if what they are fighting leaves/flees/dies, or tries to force them away in the fight. This way you won't always have to wonder if your guard dinos got lured out into the jungle to be ambushed, or get lost in the woods chasing a dilo or compy. Show a symbol over a dinos head when it has a level up. - Have an alternate symbol over a dinos head if they have a level point to spend. Reasoning - Currently you have to run up to every dino and check it's info popup to see if it has a level. But if the dino has a level up buff applied you can see that at distance. Why not make the an empty arrow outline appear for the buff , and have it filled in if there is a level available. Or alternatively, have it so when the 'H info' is shown, the arrow for that dino could be a different color, like yellow (See image below). Show a Carrying Dino Buff Symbol - Add an indicator to let the player know they are carrying a dinosaur on their shoulders. Reasoning - I've had a dino die of starvation on my shoulders because I just completely forgot he was there. I never use 3rd person, so if you are like me, it's impossible to tell if there is a dino there. Also, it's 'H info' could say "Carrying Dino, double tap F to drop" so players know how to do that. Add keybind for Whistle "Stop all" - This particular whistle seems to be missing from the keybind screen. You have to use the T whistle menu to do it. Auto Saddle dinos with saddle in your Inventory - Have the saddle in your inventory automatically be placed on the dino you are Hitting E on if you have said saddle. Reasoning - When you look at a dino it says "E- Equip Saddle To Ride", but then you hit E and it opens their inventory. So the "prompt" displayed was a suggestion, not actually what you were going to do by pressing E. Seems non-intuitive. Why not have pressing E auto saddle the dino. If you don't have the saddle have it say "E - access inventory" instead. ~~~ Tribe Interactions We all have friends, but if you can't interact with them easily, or find out information about them without having to ask them directly, it can make things a bit tedious. So the following are suggestion for the Tribe Manager and interactions with tribe members. Color Text For Online/Offline In Tribe Manager - Set the words Offline and Online to be a brighter color in the tribe manager screen so you can determine easier who is online and who is not. Reasoning - Currently, there is no order to the tribe manager in how it lists online or offline players. As far as I can tell, it is in order of who joined. One would think that online players would filter to the top of the list, so you could see quickly who is online but they do not. So without actually changing that, the simplest solution is to just add color to the text. Death Causes In Death Messages/Log - Add , "By Falling, By Starving, By Drowning, By Fire, From Poison, etc" to the death messages. Reasoning - Unless you are killed by a specific dino, which does display, I find myself asking my tribe mates "how did you die" more often than any other question in game. If you die by any other means besides a dino, you are left wondering. The log itself also doesn't list anything, so if you are looking back over tribe history, you are left to wonder even more. Make Tribe Mates names blue instead of green - Make players names Blue. Reasoning - So you can see other players in your tribe easier amidst countless dino names. ~~~ Servers Password Typing Reduction - Only Require players to enter a servers password on their first join, or on server password change, or allow it as an option per server.
  7. Uselessboy

    title-screen choice

    I won't be asking much, but here's a small idea that I'd like to see. >let us choose which title-screen we get to see when we open the game. I prefer SE above the other maps (yes, all of them), and I'd love to see my Scorched Earth title-screen when I open up the game. Unfortunately, as it stands, I can get either the vanilla one as a result of playing the Island, or I get the Aberration one if I play any of the two expansion-packs I have. And I'd just like to get the old Scorched Earth screen and music. So, the idea I had was quite simple; in the options menu just add a nice little tab that lets you select which title-screen you get, something like. opening screen - The Island - Scorched Earth - Aberration - Extinction - Ragnarok (Modded) .. shouldn't be hard, right?
  8. Hello Ark Devs, Could you please add an option to transfer multiple stacks of items? How it might work (console viewpoint): 1 - Move over to the item type you want to transfer, i.e. raw meat 2 - Hold down LB or X (or Square) 3 - Right and Left D-pad to change number of stacks 4 - X number of stacks are moved to (or from) inventory Default number of stacks could be 5 stacks, then d-pad to 10 stacks, 20 stacks, 1/4 of items and 1/2 of items. Holding the button to initiate multi-stack transfer would bring up a small UI dialog box with the default pre-selected, at which point you let go and use the D-pad to change the number and press A (or X) to complete the transfer. Another way this could work, a bit more complicated but potentially more useful: Same idea, except instead of transferring stacks of specific items, you transfer stacks of generic items. The idea would be something like: 1 - Filter by weight 2 - Transfer first [x] number of stacks in filter list: 5, 10, 20, etc. with D-Pad same as before This is potentially more versatile with the filter and sort options we already have. You can still filter by "hide" for instance to only transfer hide. This would be amazingly useful for material runs where you can be easily encumbered by transferring all of one type of item. And such a time saver too by not having to transfer a single stack at a time. Thanks for hearing me out, Arkton
  9. Hello, I'm new to Ark, 150 hours, played it for the last week of my vacation. Also, I have only SinglePlayer experience, on PS4 PRO. In spite of that, most of my suggestions will be pragmatic instead of changes to the whole game. To other players: please, give this list a try and comment to raise its relevancy... I belive that everyone will like the suggestions. And beforehand: sorry my bad english... I will try to keep it simple. This post will have four major topics: 1. Floating Names 2. Tamed Creature Management 3. Leash: Simple solution to mating distance and other issues 4. Pheromones: Another solution to mating distance problem Let's start: Floating Names Need more options. Currently we have two options: "all on" pollutes the beautiful visuals WildCard so carefully created. Not to mention the performance impact. "all off" have negative impact on gameplay, since is hard ( maybe impossible ) to asset wild dino stats ( level, gender ) before engaging it. Update: Thanks WC for the new Name Toggle options in groups. Helps a lot, but improvement is still needed. Easy quick fix: We need, at least, to turn it partially on/off: - Floating Names On ( current ) - Floating Names Off ( current ) - Show Floating Names in Aim/Pointed only ( make to tame dinos like it is to wild dinos ) A little more elaborated fix: Option to change floating names behavior to different creature types: Legend: -Type --Option ( only one allowed ) -Tamed Creatures --Show All --Hide All --In Aim/Pointed Only --Tribe Only --Following Only ( helps when creatures get stuck ) --Whistle Group Only -Wild Creatures --Show All --Hide All --In Aim/Pointed Only --Engaged Only -Players --TODO ( I don't play MP ) Tamed Creature AI improvements In larger packs of tamed creatures, combat becomes more management and less participation of the player itself. Creatures should have more options. Suggestion that uses already implemented ingame creature AIs: Configurations of creature behavior in four health tiers ( creature health, not player health ): 0% ~ 25% 25% ~ 50% 50% ~ 75% 75% ~ 100% For each health tier, the player can configure the creature behavior: -- Neutral ( as already in game ) -- Agressive ( as already in game ) -- Passive ( as already in game ) -- Self Defense ( attack only the creature that attacked it ) -- Evade ( as already in game, but only for wild creatures ) The "Evade" option should not make the creature run forever ( unless its a first implementation ). The creature should run only while being chased, and when not, return to its previous activity ( following someone or standing somewhere ). Some creatures ingame already have this AI. So, for example, we could configure a Raptor to: When 0% ~ 25% health: Evade When 25% ~ 50% health: Self Defense When 50% ~ 75% health: Neutral When 75% ~ 100% health: Aggressive Update, Technical Issue: Darinth came up with the question of client side aspect of Whistle Groups. Currently, the creature probably already have one server side flag: state of agressive, passive or neutral. For this little more advanced AI they will need only to add 3 state slots ( one for eath health tier ). Configuration of behavior in Whiste Groups ( now Creature Groups ) can continue client side. The configurations should be pushed to the server ( creature ) only when: -Changing the configuration of the group ( update all creatures of the group ) -Adding a creature to that group ( update added creature ) -Whistle the new whistle "Group Behavior" ( update all creatures of the group ) Leash: Simple solution to mating distance and other issues The mating system is... not good ( came back in 2018 and still no improvement in this field ) I mean, the whole breeding system is great, but the part where the player need to cage creature together to keep them in mating distance... is bad... not fun, causes a lot of bugs ( visual and clipping ones too) and the cages built to keep the creatures close looks horrible due the attempt to make the creatures stay close together. The way it is done ( by players ) looks more like a glitch than a feature. And the spam "stay" is not a solution at all and unavaliable to console players. The issues of this single system alone made many friends of mine avoid the game =/ Quick fix without the need to redesign the whole system: A collar... like a real life dog collar with a leash. Leashes could be attached to a Pillar. When attached to a creature and a pillar, the creature can not walk away of the pillar more than the leash length. So Leashes could be creafted in various lengths Visually will be better since creature may roam semi-free out of ugly crafted/hard to manage improvised cages. Long leashes can also be used to create gate-less parks or use dinos as guardians of an area. An option to turn off the leashes visual could help in over crowded areas. Simple executions of this idea, to better integrate with current system: -Leashes can be creafted in various lengths -Leash tiers: stronger leashes to keep bigger creatures -High end leashes: dinamically configurable leash length Extensions of the idea: -Leashes could be attached directly to a creature. But also could be required the creature to have collars, harnesses or saddles. Allowing the other users ideas to add equips to the creatures other than saddles. -Smaller dinos could be leashed to larger dinos to create defense perimeter that avoid chasing off creature too far away Even easier alternative, without physical leashes: -Just add an option under creatures "max wandering distance" and "set origin" --Max Wandering Distance could be simple as Very Low, Low ... Very High. --Origin point is to set where is the origin of this "distance" value. Pheromones The mating system is... not good. I mean, the whole breeding system is great, but the part where the player need to cage creature together to keep them in mating distance... is bad... not fun, causes a lot of bugs ( visual and clipping ones too) and the cages built to keep the creatures close looks horrible due the attempt to make the creatures stay close together. The way it is done ( by players ) looks more like a glitch than a feature. And the spam "stay" is not a solution at all and unavaliable to console players. The issues of this single system alone made many friends of mine avoid the game =/ A simple solution would be: Add an option to "Enable/Disable Pheromones" on female creatures. With this option enabled, and wandering enabled, and is ready to mate, the female will start to emit pheromones. Males with this option enabled, and wandering enabled, will follow the closest female emiting pheromone of its species, allowing they to stay in the mating distance. This would look better and at sametime would greatly improve breeding gameplay. Thanks for reading!
  10. devinvbk

    Folder issues

    So idk if anyone else is as ocd or tried this yet, but since we don't have mods on console i decided to make a "pull gun" folder to easily pull the items i want that i can quick search by short letters like for metal or ingots n such. Well after doing that i went well i always carry extra stuff on me so why not make an equipment or an ammo folder as well so i have easy access and knowledge of where my stuff is when im going gathering or loot drop hunting on the surface, well to cut this long explanation short when i log out of the game, its as if my folders no longer exist, if i do i transfer all after all my items have been put in folders it works properly, but when i log out and come back on, its as if those folders don't hold the items and they're in my general 'ALL' inventory. Idk if anyone else does this but why make an option for me to be more organized and also be able to effectively transfer and move items in inventories if when i log out they no longer work? I have yet to log back in and my folders work properly.
  11. After the latest update, I've been having (UI?) issues. When I hightlight a piece of armor, the box that pops up with the stats (duribility, hypo, etc) is no longer there. Same problem with engrams, blueprints, and broken gear. The box that's supposed to tell the materials needed to create\fix an item isn't appearing. Bought and downloaded Aberration. The box flashed the first time I tried to craft, and then never worked again. I've been on different servers, different maps, different characters. I'm having the same problem no matter what. I managed fine on Ragnarok, because everything was familiar. The most annoying thing was hoping 900 Chitin would repair my ascendant chestpiece. But it's awful on Aberration with the new engrams. None of my server fam is having the same problem. The only thing in common is my Xbox. Did something get corrupted in the update? Is there a solution? Fingers crossed I don't have to re-install! I might cry. 😢
  12. Masterprestor

    PS4 UI Menu & Crafting Options

    So, before any PC elitist come at me, please note that I play ARK on both the PS4 and PC. I initially got ARK for the PC, the only reason I purchased the console version was for that sweet, sweet split-screen cooperative. My partner and I enjoy playing survival crafting games. She cut her teeth on Minecraft and now we've played quite a few together. I was excited when I learned that ARK was available on the PS4 with split-screen co-op. However, I should have checked the reviews. The UI for the menu and crafting screen is soo damned tiny, that neither of us can see it without straining our eyes and placing our faces mere inches (it feels at times) from the screen. Eventually, we gave up all together. The split-screen was probably the most appealing aspect of the console version, and sadly, also the biggest let down. If Wild Card would like to mitigate risk and see a greater saturation of players on the console market, they should definitely prioritize their efforts on features of the game that make the base experience enjoyable. Would I have bought the Aberration expansion? Most certainly! Am I going to? Probably not, since the only person I have interest playing with is my lady, and that just doesn't seem physically possible with the current state of the game. Hope you guys are really listening. It's a fun game, and I know you all put a lot of work into it. But come on, it just sort of feels like the split-screen was just slapped on there to make some extra money off of chumps like me. An oversight like this would have been easily spotted with some QA efforts. Also, I have a 65 inch TV, so by no means can the fault lie in having too small of a display screen.
  13. Bottom Line Up Front: Is there a plan to optimize console UI? So I’ve recently created a PS4 Ark server to play with some of my console buddies after over 1500 hrs on PC. Problem I have is the frustrating and obscene amount of time spent managing inventories on console. The Ui is literally a copy and paste of PC version with bare minimum changes to ease the burden of transferring items and navigating the menus. I understand it’s been this way for a long time, even before the TEK Ui design released but is there a fix in the works?? I assumed it would of been a done deal with full game release for consoles but it’s still clunky and time abusive.
  14. EarlyBirdDev

    New Mod Organization Tool

    Hi everyone, I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in a new tool that allows the user to arrange, activate and deactivate installed mods? I wrote the tool for myself after having a few frustrating moments dealing with issues that cropped up when the mod order wasn't quite right and after a bit, I even forgot which mods were and weren't active. I just can't imagine going back to having to de-activate and re-activate mods to rearrange mod priority again. Originally this tool was one of several I expected to complete and package together (Features I feel WildCard missed which I would have included from the very start). The other phases of the project have not yet started and as this tool stands now, I have not included support for other languages and haven't tested it on the full range of what will ultimately be supported systems. However, if there is enough of a demand for it at this stage, I might be willing to put in the extra effort now before the next phases of development are finished to get this in the hands of those who would want to use it faster. In the case that there is insufficient immediate interest, I will begin work on the other phases of the overall project (mentioned below) and if that happens, it may be a while before I have time to dedicate to adding the finishing touches to this tool; distribution could end up being pushed back for up to a year or possibly even longer. P.S. I know there is a possibility of deprecation if WildCard changes the MOD UI for SP and this would indeed duplicate the functionality I have ready now. However, if you knew the full scope of my project, I'm sure you would undoubtedly see my dilema. To give you at least a general idea what would be set back, my completed project also encompases full support for SP character profiles as well as MP host profiles which will allow not only the option of selecting which character to play but also which world, config options and mods are in play for each profile independent of the others. In the end the full set of utilities will offer the ability to try different things out without screwing anything up; I guess I should also mention that I do have profile configuration sharing and a few other things planned as well. I expect the completed workbench to include tools for everyone (SP gamers, Server Hosts and Modders alike) to insure maximum compatibility and flexibility when it comes to those supporting and playing ARK. And once I have all of this trivial stuff out of the way, I'm going to be dedicating my time to the world of modding ARK (that is unless I have other ARK related projects underway first). If you like, you can leave a comment to let me know what you'd like to see happen. Thanks Everyone!
  15. Is there a way for you to add a scale just like what you did with UI resize but for floating dino names so if you put it to minimum it shows the name 1 foundation away and high 50, something like that, i think that would help a lot of people, thanks
  16. This is a simple QoL change: when removing equipment, unequip it to the current folder (if applicable) instead of always dropping to the root of the inventory. This would also apply when swapping to another set of armor (ex: changing from Flak to Fur armor would drop the Flak item to the current folder in the player inventory). When I play, I put all my "essential" gear in a folder and the rest (stuff I pick up, move around, etc.) goes in the root. When swapping my gear sets, I have to constantly move the previous armor set to the folder to avoid having it mixed with the "rest". This small change would remove a lot of tedium with inventory management. Thanks!
  17. Doublee313

    Suggestions that will help :)

    I have been meaning to post my suggestions but have compiled a few from my brain.... 1. Can you make putting your Armor on dragging it onto the body parts or the slots? This is common is most games and I keep thinking it's in ARK. 2. Can you PLEASE add an option to NOT show the Crash Dump UE4 window on the server so it can auto restart? Like add an option -nocrashgui or something? It can still log the crash in the Logs, but this would help because it leaves the servers down and out Server Managers can't restart with that window up. That's all! Thanks, EE
  18. Doublee313

    Suggestions that will help :)

    I have been meaning to post my suggestions but have compiled a few from my brain.... 1. Can you make putting your Armor on dragging it onto the body parts or the slots? This is common is most games and I keep thinking it's in ARK. 2. Can you PLEASE add an option to NOT show the Crash Dump UE4 window on the server so it can auto restart? Like add an option -nocrashgui or something? It can still log the crash in the Logs, but this would help because it leaves the servers down and out Server Managers can't restart with that window up. That's all! Thanks, EE