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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 7 results

  1. Everything about Aberration A-Z.

    *To be continued* Welcome to the Aberration Omega Index ~ Thanks to DemonAteHer or mostly known as "Mickey" on official servers. Let me start this by saying.. This is not a map to start up on, as i will explain the one too many dangerous things/zones to be aware of. I will briefly explain what i will include. The best ways to "Don't be too critical as these are my opinions and what i see best" harvest/collect the following: Resources through tames, tames, kibbles, imprints, Drake eggs, zones and how to encounter them safely, loot crates, and how to critically transfer TEK engrams/replicator for using the engrams attained by defeating Rock Well. "Don't quote me on this, but i still believe you need the replicator to make the engrams achieved by defeating Rock Well. As I'm working towards going Alpha Rock Well on a one time boss fight for all the engrams." As most people know once you have gotten yourself a Reaper, Drake and a Basiliskos. "Won't include Karkinsos, because i personally hate them but you need them". There is not much to do but chain breed and build an omega base. So I'll start this by enlisting the best ways of attaining resources. Resources "Stone" Stone is much easier when using a Doedicurus & Karkinsos for transport. A couple ravagers on follow would help boost the amount of stones collected pet run, also note that ravagers half down the weight of anything but ingots. "Wood" Wood is best harvested with a Roll Rat & a couple of ravagers on follow. "Thatch" Ah.. Most people have a problem here but fear no more. Use the wood achieved with the help of the Roll Rat to convert it to thatch. You could also use a Karkinos to transport an Ankylo for thatch harvesting. If none of the above is available use a ravager and do not dismount whilst hatching down those trees with a pick. "Oil & Black Pearls" I left these two together because i believe the best method for oil has the black pearls around the oil nodes. Oil can be collected at "The Surface" or "The Island located at the bottom of the spine around the purple river". The surface has three entrances of which all include oil but not as much as the island. The surface is a dangerous zone with reaper spawns and close to no time for mining enough oil before the scorching sun gets you. The island located at the bottom of the spinal cords has the most oil and the only black pearl source as i have seen. Another alternative which you should always have is the classical "Dung Beetle" method. That never gets old.. They wander around at Blue Zone. "Silica Pearls" I will start this by saying get an Angler Fish as it's worth the tame. Now you might wander how do i transfer this Angler to other areas with a lot of pears? Ah.. Now you see ARK added a new fish basket, once tamed set it on follow or move it towards the basket and press E on the basket. Then move towards the location you want to unleash the Angler Fish and release that pearl wrecking machine. Alternative is hand picking which i do not suggest unless it's x2 and if you're too lazy on the Angler. "Obsidian & Polymer" Right so you need a lot of polymer i see? Get yourself a strong tame a Megalo/Spino/Reaper/Drake/Ravager. Bare in mind if you have a ravager make sure you're under the Karkinsos and that you're attacking it fast enough for it not to be able to dismount you. There you have it a ton of organic polymer. You could also get a lot of Achatina's down at Blue Zone and you won't get as much polymer as paste "not worth the polymer. Obsidian spawns in Blue Zone, The Island and the Surface. It's not worth as you could just attain the polymer through crabbo with no grabbos." "Cementing Paste" Dont we all just love collecting chitin? Hah, thought so.. Get a bunch of snails folks and you have 60 pastes an hour at each Achatina "Snail", keep in mind they store up to 100 paste only. For instance 10 of them would produce 1000 paste in an hour 40 mins. Then just repeat or get a bunch of chitin use the stone methods enlisted and there you go a bunch of cementing paste. "Crystals" "Element Ore" "Gems" "Gas Veins" *To be continued*
  2. Bear traps

    How long will a bear trap stay on the ground once I may it? I'd like to put them out around my house for players of they cone snooping. But I don't wanna lay them out of they are only good for a few minutes.
  3. Making your own traps

    Thought about how in the wild people would make traps to catch prey.. Making me come up with this: May be neat to make a trap, this trap will be made out of rope. The rope would be attaching to a trigger that once anything has walked over it will fire amount of spears, pikes, grenades, etc at the target that walked over it. (Or around it, all over, anything the player wants and that has designed for the trap to do.. Like custom traps?) The trap can go around a whole base if the player wanted it to. Just need rope, a trigger,and rope attached to the weapon that will be launched. Example: Lets say I wanted a defense system that would be the most effective against a tamed rex.. What I can do is make hidden rope in the grass(it will be an inch off the ground) and have spears attached to my gates or on the spikes(won't see it coming) and once that rex walks over the trap it will trigger the spears to be launched at the rex. (image 400 spears-can be flame arrows, or grenades attached to the spears?- being thrown at the rex and around it from all gates nearby.. Now image grenades being launched at a group of raiders ) If the player wanted to have grenades on a spear and attach it to a high up tower then they will be able to.. Move the rope around to make the spear face where the player wishes it to be. (then make the wire connect to a certain area.. Can be a opening where the raiders will most likely come from.. Player walks on it and hears a noise..It will be to late) (Something else, off topic from this though) This will allow players to be able to put weapons on the ground to let other players see it.. For Decoration lol. Maybe there can be cages that are attached to trees.. Once a dino walks over it the cage will trap it. Thoughts? To sum it up I am suggesting hand made traps that will be fired at the spot where it was triggered. Edit:(Console player, mods won't work. Meant to be official thing for pc too. Would be a great defense or if a cage was made then great for taming. Perhaps new weapons can be made.. Narco spear? Though one player can use narco arrows but spears or pikes will be a lot effective)
  4. Please Subscribe on youtube for more Ark content, please drop a like and a comment if you've learned something new, and I hope this gives you some of your own trap ideas PLEASE let me know if you successfully trap anyone using similar methods! Take care and have a great rest of your day!
  5. Hi everybody, one of the things I enjoyed doing in ark was constructing a taming raft for catching the big scary dinos. I imagine there are people that think I'm doing it the easy way or have other methods that may be superior but this is how I catch and tame Gigas, among other large angry dinos. Let me know what you guys think and perhaps throw up some of your own taming raft designs. I'd love to have a look and see what others have come up with. Also if you wanna know the advantages & disadvantages of my trapper build I can go into a little more detail in the replies.
  6. Hello all, So I have been playing ark for a few months now, yes I know not as long as most of you, but I do feel like I have picked it up rather quickly. One thing that is disappointing I will say though is the lack of base defenses during off line raiding. As a pvper I have taken advantage of this a lot but even while I burn,eat and slaughter some guys Dino's while he is offline I do like to feel pity. Unless you are a huge tribe with good amounts of productive members, making a base that can withstand a offline raid is extremely hard to say the least . What I suggest isn't massive hp boosts to structures or nerfing, no none of that here. Instead I have a few suggestions for some new toys to be use for defensive purposes. 1. New species x bomb. Unlike the plants these "bombs" are raise/placed just like the species y but when activated they explode causing minimal dmg but a big cloud of species x poison gas to stop even the fastest runners, helps with suicide bombers. Have time limit of around 8 to 10 hours before despawning. 2. Change species x to a shotgun type blast, the travel speed of a x shot is a joke but Instead of amping up the travel speed I think with would be cool if they shotgun pellet blast style of attack. Tweek the dmg numbers so say if it shoots 6 pellets, 3 will do the dmg of 1 shot now, 1 pellet will do a sixth and all 6 will do double dmg. Makes it less effective as a dmg dealer at long range but pretty good at close range, same fert drain. 3. Turtles, turtles , turtles. These suckers can drain your whole base of bullets that took days to weeks to craft in seconds. Doesn't matter if turrets are on players only, ride one in or drop one in a duck behind it, wait till the bullets run dry. Same with war brontos but most people use these guys so I have a idea to handle them. Ready? 4.Automated cross bows with armor piercing bolts that do increased damage to Dino's with "shells"(turtle, dodic,) as these are your main bullet soakers, and decreased dmg to Dino's without. Now hold on a second and let me finish. Make these bad boys about the same size of a ballista so you can just spam these all over your base. Have ammo be a bit expensive and with limited "limited" clip. 5. For the two endgame bullet sponges, the bronto and stone golem I was thing something with a little big more bang.. Automated gernade launchers any one? Now I say gernade and not rockets because auto rockets are just to op. Instead gernade that pack a punch but are inaccurate. When they fire give them say a 10 by 10 foundation hit chance area. This will increase chance to hit your larger Dino's while smaller ones can get by. 6.Fire traps. If u hit this trap it's basically a oil jar that ignites the area. Only activated by enemy Dino's/players 7. Biotoxin/eel trap. Will knock a rider off a medium size or smaller Dino about 3 foundation in any direction and cause the Dino to run 3 foundations in any direction. 8. Indian jones traps. Requires 4 parts. Trip wire, storage platform, ramp and a big boulder. Enemy trips wire,rock stars rolling, queue music, Dino pancakes. 9.Going old school road runner here, spring traps. Dino/player activated trip pad they go for a ride into outspace. Not that far up but enough to knock them out of the way. Make it so direction of launch can be aimed to launch Dino's over cliffs, into water or a pit of spikes. 10.Booby trap doors/ containers. Open a rigged chest, get a shotgun blast to the face or cluster gernade drops at your feet. Just some ideas I have to help with base defenses because willing to admit it or not raiding is very strongly in favor of the attacker while the defender is kind of screwed. Feedback would be great along with other ideas. Trying to make it so the attackers can still raid the base but just needs to be aware of soundings and base defenses to raid it properly. This will also help people creating more hidden base styles instead of clear cutting everything around the base any laying foundations. More vegetation around your base better places to hide traps but also better places for raiders to hide.
  7. I love this game, so i have a bit of a suggestion to throw out there. In most servers, there is the dreaded "alpha tribe" which has the numbers and resources, to pretty much do whatever they like. And i don't have a problem with that, if they want to take a bunch of space, need thousands of resources, and make rules/raid indiscriminately. Awesome, that's what PvP is all about. But what about the players that don't require 5 giga's and 7 quetzal's, and a huge lag filled base? I normally work with a tribe that'll have 3 people on at once, we don't expect to be able to war with any of the huge established tribes, ever. But i do feel that we should have better options for hiding, then a wooden 1X1 in a dark forest no one goes through. I prefer the stealthier approach, and frankly traps, torpor inducing Dino's/weapons, and movement speed/smallest character possible, are my bread and butter in ark. I'm not exactly sure how this game mechanic could introduce a camouflaged structure system. Maybe a "moldable" foundation that snaps to landscape, and building the mold able structures from that would make a frame when completed instead of an actual structure, then gives a menu similar to the obelisk, with resources you have to fill in to match the stone/shrubbery color and texture. It would look mostly like what it was built into, even under spyglass, but would reveal an interact point when next to to reveal it's a basewall/tribe ownership.... Now that i think about it, it would be a ridiculously difficult system to actually implement, but i would like to formally request better sneaky base abilities, and more styles of traps/poisons. Maybe make poison arrows that slow movement, do damage over time, or drain stamina. Maybe a blow dart gun. Pitfall traps, spike traps, tree snares. It's fun making the big tribes jumpy. And i think the jungle running tribals need some love too.