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Found 128 results

  1. When fishing normally, the game recognizes the controller and prompts it's use when a fish bites. But when fishing from the Pelagornis' back it only prompts keyboard usage. Reproduction is pretty self explanatory, turn on compatible controller before starting ARK, fish from pela, watch bug occur.
  2. Yesterday I climbed on and taming a dino wasn't working nor was the heal a dino during said taming process by Remote Use Item (berries or meat). Is this a server setting I'm missing or a new bug? Because the day before yesterday everything was working fine. Yesterday it wasn't taming or healing and it is really hard to tame a dino that you can't keep unconscious.
  3. Rag 81 Tame Capped

    So rag 81 hit tame cap last night and it was like Armageddon people killing off dino's and quiting the game, it was mayhem. lots are worried about what aberration will be sense this game just got released and now new players to ark are getting tame cap lock outs from enjoying this amazing game. we need a per player cap not tribe IMHO. and i feel limiting the server to being joined by players in that county only. (IE: the [][][] names that join and fill the Obelisk area with tons of dino's) just some idea's that i know have been pushed around already but this is a bit crazy 1 month into relies and its capped!
  4. So last night my tribe mate and myself tried to tame a giant bee, we used a ghillie suit and replant, we had the flowers in our last quick bar slot but when ever we tried to press triangle (PS4) to feed it nothing happened despite getting the prompt to feed it. We then also tried to tame a Chalicotherium, again we were in a ghillie suit, had the beer on the last slot of the quick bar. Once we feed it the taming bar drops faster than the Chalicotherium gets hungry then it gets into a state of starving to death despite us feeding it. We had 3 high levels sitting right outside our base the two we tried failed as we were not able to feed it faster than the taming bar dropped and you could see it getting bloody by the second. We've tried taming the Chalicotherium a few months back with the same effect. Is there something we're doing wrong or does any know a work around for this problem.
  5. Tamed by info

    Basically i havnt played for a while cause of work went on the game and tamed the griffin and normally it would say tamed by : psn id now it says tamed by : in game character name any way of sorting this or is it just how it works now lost acess to some of my dinos because of this too
  6. This is ruining the Whole game for me, I understand that WC implemented this to increase performance, it just makes people to do alliance tribes with one account in it. This is super frustrating. I was a breeder on old official servers, not on new ones. The no tame experiment got merged with new officials nice! I just can not play like this. Great way to fu*k up officials. WC still manages to surprise me how creative they can be at ruining officials.
  7. Passive Tame

    I have tried to do passive tames on 3 different severs and still not work for me not give me the option to press y to feed I have tried punching up in the air but that does not work on any if the passive tame dinos we a currently playing on my brothers second Xbox he bought just to host a sever for us it is up to date the sever was started on 1/5/16 so not that old and I am level 31 on the game and I know you have to be level 30"or higher to tame the gigantopithecus I am at a lost help please
  8. Megatherium issues

    Multiple issues with a tamed megatherium: Dismounting gets you stuck in body. Need to remount and dismount more the once. Walks off for no reason when dismounted. Similar to issue thylas had. Leans forward at an angle halfway through floor when sitting in a pen.
  9. Dodo "Ally Finding" Feature

    So I see there is a feature in the behavior wheel of the dodo called "Ally Finding" . Anybody know what this is?
  10. With the launch of the new servers, I am currently laying out a game plan in my head of what dinos I want to tame and I'm curious what others had in mind. This could vary based on the person; whether you prioritize building to level up and add structures to your land (weight and gatherer dino priority) or you prioritize meat and berry farming for baby raising (because you need those mutation otters), or even a mix of both. I'm starting off with a few other people so I'll be able to focus more on the taming and gathering while others build, but my top five (in no particular order) would be: Megaloceros: Level 30 saddle, thatch gatherer and they're super duper cute + easy to tame with bolas Equus: Level 20 saddle, portable mortar and pestle with 300 slots....will be SUPER nice when you need to make all of those narcotics (I want to set up an SE outpost for even faster meat spoilage!) just gotta get crop plot at level 15 and immediately put down carrots so that I can tame them asap! Mammoth: Level 31 saddle, effective wood and berry gatherer (until I get a better berry gatherer with higher base weight like a bronto or even a delicate-weight combo therizino) Doedicurus: Level 34 saddle, gathers stone with weight reduction for not only easier building but crafting stone structures is incredible for experience, I already have a perfect rock zone in mind for them Griffin: No saddle, incredible for the beginning levels if you can secure the arrows + narcotics---I already have an idea of how to get a few of them somewhere near the start Most of my dinos require between level 30-40, which isn't hard to reach with crafting I just had to include my gatherers of choice since I love farming (yet rot at building), but after those are obtained I will have quite a different list of priority tames ^^ So what are your selected dinos you will prioritize and why? Lemme know!
  11. With the patch notes saying only 40 platform saddles per tribe and with a structure on them then counting as 19 tame space. How will that go about on Xbox/ Consoles ? (Considering at the moment we have only 200 tame space) will those numbers of tame space taken up be dialed down for us or will we be able to have more dinosaurs?
  12. Hi All Yesterday while a tribemate and i was taming a 135 giga on the center map, once we added the kibble it stated on the taming bar that there are "too many tamed creatures on this Ark" we had only 3 utility dinos out of a possible 500, which we transferred over and the giga was going to be our first tame on the center map I have two questions that i am hope some people may help me in answering 1. I know that as the message suggest that there is a limit to how many tamed dino that can be on the server, my question is: is there a way to get around this? 2. Is there a way of telling how close to the tamed creature limit cap a certain server has before joining? Thank you for reading this post and i hope to hear your replies
  13. I tryng to play in the Oficial server SA PVE 505, the only avaliable PVE with The island in South America, there no more then 5 or 6 tribes playng but we can't tame more dinos becuse reached the max lmit of the server, the offline tribes have a lot of dinos and don't play more, he log something to don't lost the dinos and then new tribes can tame nothing, we need some solution to this. Change the limit of dinos for tribes not for server or then change the max of dinos. What we can do? We need some suport in this oficial servers too. thanks
  14. Tame and Level Limit

    I suggest decreasing the tame limit to 10-20 per tribe. And the level limit of dinos to 100-200. The idea behind that is that alpha tribes are way too strong at the moment making it nearly impossible for new players on a server to grow. With a 10-20 tame limit they must actually think of what dinos they really need. So one tribe isn't actually capable of having a kibble farm and a war dino team at the same time. A 100-200 dino level limit would decrease the number of bullet soaking turtles who can easily swallow 30 C4 charges which is beyond rediculous. Defending is gonna be easier for smaller tribes. (Defending should always be easier than attacking) I would also decrease the number of alliances a tribe can have to a maximum of 2. Just a thought of mine.
  15. The Tame Limit Problem

    With the latest patch on the pc we saw that platform saddles now add to the tame limit. Even without this new change, the tame limit was a little talked about problem but I am here to explain why it ruins the game and even increases lag. The tame limit is in place to limit both tribe size and lag amount. With a limit of 200 dinos, large tribes are forced to expand to other servers or form massive alliances, crushing small tribes in their path, to be able to keep all the dinos they need to compete with other tribes doing the same thing. Without a tame limit, mega tribes would be more inclined to stay on one server thus reducing overall lag and giving the little guys a fighting chance because of there not being a massive Dino pen of 40 different servers. Currently, brontos are the meta in blocking turrets. The game now is at a point where if you have enough brontos and gigas... any base can be wiped but with new changes to turrets it seems that these dinos are severely weakened and now can't compete with mega bases. If there was no tame limit, people would be able to have enough dinos to stand a fighting chance. My last point is probably the biggest and most painful, lag. The biggest causes of lag (outside of duping) are Dino movements and floating names. The names of tribe tames can be turned off but that is only a max of 200 dinos. All other allied tames still show a floating blue name thus largely contributing to lag. I won't leave you without a fix so here it is: increase the tame limit to at least 500 or remove it all together. I have made my point and hope that you agree with me <3
  16. I'm in 505 e 504. Too many domesticated animals. Limit the animals tame by tribe and a limit to tribes per servant If necessary put limit users or tribes per server but if one plays on a server can not prohibit that dome. I have 90 dinos only. Im alone in tribe. Why limit for me? Why the server set limit of 500 for tribe if cant tame 91 ? There is also no warning of what happens. This happens since last friday (11 of agoust).
  17. Primitive Plus Services Launch!

    Primitive Plus Services is a network that has been connecting numerous tribes of all sizes from every ps4 primitive server. Our function is to connect players that are requiring a service or offering one. There are many different services we can arrange and many job opportunities for those looking for a different ark experience. P+Services has been the main focus of our Hive tribe since it began, and it has proven succesful, so we'vedecided to go public and reach out to the forums to further primitive plus and prevent it from becoming a dead mod. Although we do intend on staying anonymous for the time being. Why do we bother you might ask? Because someone needs to be the good guy. Some of our network's P+SERVICES that people have requested or provided are -Mercenaries for hire -Organising safe dino/item trades -Grinders for hire -Breeding programs -Assistance in finding a reliable alliance in your server - Species X tower installations And Wall/Behemoth Gate builders -Character leveling double XP ride alongs -Egg/Juvenile raising -River Sickness outbreak cures and rival tribe infection -Taming assistance -custom recipe/recipe item orders (High crafing skill) PrimitivePlusServices are also happy to send one of our many in game agents to provide services if we cannot find you a provider, although our agents do NOT harm other tribes or players while acting as an agent to avoid a conflict of interest. Only a service provider can engage in pvp like services. RULES. 1. Once agreed upon, a deal cannot be changed. 2. Keep anonymous for security reasons until you are given your customers/providers playstation username. 3. All participants must have a microphone, and must communicate through playstation messages or party only. 4. Only tell your customer/provider your base location if the service requires them to be at your base. (Extra security measure) 5. Do not talk about the network in global chat or forums. (This is an old rule, but we are still enforcing it as we want people to understand how the network works before they contact us) 6. If you break a rule there are no warnings, you are banned from the network and we will cease all communications. So how does it work? Email [email protected] Include in the email your ps username and what service you would like to offer/provide, and any crucial details. (Leaving tour tribe name is optional) We will resond shortly with further instructions (finding a provider/customer for your particular service may take up to a few days depending on the service) Thats it, its that simple! We expect to be hearing from alot of you soon and look forward to making primitive a more productive mod. And remember guys, your tribes can benefit more working with us than trying to cheat one of our members, so do yourself a favour and contact us. Your mate, The candle
  18. I know everyone reading this has some type of kibble tribe. Im tired of trying to balance around all these dinos. Developers you know everyone is just making second tribes when they hit the tame cap right? Tame cap just gets in the way and annoys players at this point. Either increase the limit or remove it. There are tribes with 10+ kibble tribes at tame cap down in the centers underworld. You know ppl are mass breeding and 200 tames isnt enough. Also with this extensive kibble tree we habe to tame egg layers for (male and female) that can pretty much take up half of your tame cape. Especially for bigger tribes when we need to tame more than just 1 female for eggs
  19. Look for a wyvern

    So I lost my tames twice now trying to get milk for my third wyvern baby. Just curious if anyone had a fully raised one they would spare, because I'm tired of trying to raise one by myself! Let me know I'd greatly appreciate it, doesn't have to be anything special.
  20. I was thinking for one: The Onyc as is since the Halloween update is a pretty useless tame which I personally find sad. So I suggest that the player should be-able to pick up the Onyc, placing it on the player's back and use it like a reusable free handed parachute/glider and maybe be it produces gunpowder since some people make gunpowder from bat droppings. Having a batty backpack that can produce gun powder would help it become a useful tame since it's a pain in the butt to tame in the first place.
  21. Max Tame Level?

    Hello all! Was about to trade for a 404 birthed Thyla, and my tribemate told me the max dino level was 450 and once it reached that point it would disappear? Is there any truth to this? Thanks, Quetzal Quincy!
  22. Hyaenodon easy Tame

    How to tame hyaenodon. *You need 1 or 2 tent. *Ghillie armod. Get near him and put the tent, come near slowly and lowered. I hope this helps somebody. Sorry if you have errors in writing "google translat"...
  23. How to tame the pegomastax, easy!

    Hey guys, made a video on how to tame the pegomastax: if you don't wanna watch it then you tame it like this: once you have found a pegomastax you want to tame build a hexagon out of, fence foundations. Then put up walls. clear your inventory of everything except berries. next, you want to get it in, if you have a flyer you can pick it and drop it in, however, the pegomastax is a low their tame and I found the easiest way to get it in without a flyer is with a one-way ramp snapped to a wall. once it is in the cage separate the berries into stacks of around 20, then jump in with it, and if you have enough berries you can even go afk. done! easy! now you can use the kibble to tame a ichthyornis, and in turn a hesperonis for golden eggs. thanks! cage shape:
  24. Immersion Enhancement!

    While I understand the game is already submitted to be released, these are some subtle recommendations that I personally believe would help immersion in the game. Thoughts, criticism and comments are always welcome! GENERAL GAMEPLAY AND ENVIRONMENT 1. Have players, dinos (ridable and shoulder-carried) emit hypothermic insulation. Example: Multiple players huddled together decreases cold. 2. Allow sleeping in beds while logging off, giving that player a small experience boost (refreshed) for a limited amount of time. This will encourage tribes to have bunk areas instead of a few spawn beds. Plus it would “lock” our player in-place until we awaken (no more falling through structures!) 3. What about adding more functionality to the eating system? While eating a piece of cooked meat on the go or even a custom made recipe is great, what if we could cook meals and eat at the dinner table? A “hot meal” if you will… have much more calories and slow down the food reduction rate. 4. I know this one is a stretch…. But how about adding an engram to support an ARK App. Once the level is reached, you can build a “Server” and access it from your phone or PC at home. This opens up sooooooo much. Examples? Sure! a. Add functionality to dino gps nodes to monitor dino status, location and so forth. b. Add functionality of reporting of consumable status’. (Generator gasoline, trough fullness, trip wires etc…) c. Allow message of the day to be displayed to tribe. d. Allow creation of to-do lists. e. Plus it could create a group chat for the tribe to leave messages and what-not. f. Allow notifications to be sent from game to tribe-members via cell phone. 5. Allow storage bins to be locked for one individual. While I trust my tribe most the time, NO ONE CAN BE TRUSTED. DINOS 1. Enable Wandering feature should keep dino near location where it was set to wander. Kind of like cats or dogs that are allowed to wander, they always stay geographically close to home. The way it is currently set up, enabling wandering outside of a pen and you’ll see your dinos wander wayyyy away from its home location, ultimately defeating the purpose. Could set the point as the tribe feeding troughs. They stay within range or don’t drift too far from feeding. 2. Dino Loyalty. How about the more one particular player uses a dino, they gain loyalty and some type of buff based off of this? I know players grow fond of creatures, even if not directly tamed by them. You would assume the dino would do the same. Add a little blip on their information screen, “Loyal to So-and-So.” This would encourage players to utilize that particular dino even more, and the devastation would be greater if lost. 3. If you have multiple tames and food is low, why not let it play out as it would? Your carnivores don’t have any food available? Well… sorry herbivores, but they are hungry. You come back to base to find that Carnie Fisher ate Pteradonald Trump… but at least he is no longer hungry to eat you. Okay. That’s probably enough for now…. Consider this to be part 1 of many I suppose. Thanks for reading!!!!
  25. tamed AI/misc suggestion(s)

    ok so not sure how many threads posted this/these suggestion(s), searching gave some but not very cleanly... Tamed dinos need either a new distance setting of "allowed wander threshold" in concise terms. This would require a single extra variable on dinos: origin (the spot they are at). As far as I can tell, there's a variable that stores where a dino is at for purposes of saves, so would need another for purpose of using the suggested distance setting. the combined would create a tether or a zone for dinos to wander or a spot to defend/guard. Alternatively, could add in a literal lassio item, likely tier specific based on size of dino because fitting. Sadly not sure how devs/modders can set a single item of a type to have an engram cost if one is to be given for balance reasons. Other suggestion is an option for tamed dinos to hunt for their own food based on their hunger. I definitely seen this suggestion before and yes the counter to idea is to have a/many feeding trough(s), but that's not viable in single player or widespread maps that need dedicated bases due to biome... further problemed by timers (which is countered by server settings... sometimes). Here is the thing... a setting like this can be combined with that already existing tool/feature, improved efficiency is always nicer, even if possibly not under our control... because some dinos aren't "honestly" hungry the same as other dinos.