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Found 43 results

  1. I had a dream last night; In my dream I had a raptor as a pet, it went everywhere with me, it was my bodyguard, my friend, practically my brother. I woke up today feeling better than ever, because there was other stuff that happened in that dream, everything that happened in that dream was so good and such a nice idea of what life COULD be like, that I woke up feeling better than ever and wanting that dream to come true.
  2. Hayde

    Ice cave

    So I saw someone on reddit say tame a wolf from the ice cave. Is this possible?
  3. williskim


    as the picture,i cannot tame a tusoteuthis...is that a bug?
  4. xxSchultz

    Singleplayer Dino tame limit increase

    The current tame limit for Singleplayer mode is 40, I find that this number is too low and really hope an increase is in the future.
  5. Eggsboi


    Can the angler fish collect pearls? If so, how? Because attacking the pearls doesn’t seem to do it
  6. RazorFire390

    Official Server Wipes

    Hello survivors and devs, I've played alongside a massive amount of players and communities within Ark for its past lifetime on PS4 and console. Playing alongside PC players and mega tribes such as Space Cowboys, UC, Dothraki, etc, I've come with some suggestions that have been agreed upon with majority of the ark player base. I no longer play game, due to the decisions and changes that have been implemented by the developers over time. Ark has been served with quite progression that has brought good, however, they always bring their own individual problems along with it. I believe, that these suggestions are a massive help to game balance and stability SERVER WIPES Consoles, such as the PS4, aren't built well enough for games such as Ark, and due to the game being in early access, the game faces a lot of lag, graphical issues, bugs, stutter, and a lot more to list. However, the game isn't majorly responsible for all of this, I feel that tribes have gotten so developed, that they give no chance to new coming players and cause a massive unbalance in the game. My own tribe, being a sub divison of a mega tribe, are holding alpha on a majority of servers and containing a huge amount of players (around 1000 not including allies), game content (wyverns, gigas, etc) and don't give new players the opportunity to actually attempt to enjoy and build up. The *changes by the developers such as turret reduction, tame limit, and a lot more DO NOT HELP OPTIMIZATION. Tribes are continuing to just ally themselves with second tribes bumping up the tame limit, creating 40x40 bases that cause HUGE framerate lag. Turret changes ARE NOT balancing the game when you have dinos like stegos and trikes that drains bullets more than a bronto* Ark is a game where players are supposed to socially interact with a hierarchy such as beta, omega, alpha, and survive, correct? December of 2016 had this kind of gameplay which is no longer seen, as the game is dominated by mega tribes and I repeat, do not give the game an objective. Server wipes will allow a stability to the game, you no longer need to make turret reductions, nerf dinos, and decrease the game content when these changes will stabilize how much a big tribe can actually have. Try and follow what other survival games such as RUST do. *Server wipes should be every season* BUFFS/NERFS/FLYERS Dear devs, I feel with the changes you have accommodated to the game, some things, such as the flyer nerf, should have never been so dramatically changed, you should give the players the opportunity to have flyers with enough speed that turrets are able to lock on and shoot, especially with all the unnecessary buffs that have been made for land dinos and a lot more. If the server wipe method, ever comes to thought, then turrets should be back to the way they were, and maybe make them harder to get? Wyverns need to be buffed, they are supposed to be the lead of flyers yet can't go over small distances without running out of stamina Server Transferring, Duping, and Exploiting A better way to put a decline to server duping, is to maybe script something that ties a code with the item you have, if the same item is duped, then it would have the same code and will be removed from your inventory. A fifteen to thirty minute timer on your items in order to transfer is ridiculous when you need to have tasks done on other servers, such as transferring milk and such Ddosing has RUINED the game, do a change about this, you rarely ever see ddosing on games like rust, dayZ, h1z1 Ark currently has the most players of survival games, but yet we have the most insecure servers? Item tiers Adding nerfs to player health, levelling, and such would be a much better addition to the game, rather than having short players and tall players running around the map with tiny hitboxes that are always almost out of render due to ps4's horrible optimization and arks combat controls on ps4. Allow on foot pvp to be much better, by giving all players the same health, and getting rid of item tiers, and just buffing them to a certain extent, for example, a fab sniper shouldn't have to take more than 30 clips into a person with mastercraft flak just to kill them? Like DILO? this is a somewhat a game issue, doesn't really matter though. Undermapping Glitching under the map has also caused a huge amount of players to lose their progression with no retrieval from ark support due to no proof or evidence being there. Also a factor and bug of the game that has been discussed for several years now, and still hasn't seen the day of light to change https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKujk3lEUus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKujk3lEUus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCGJhs5uJsc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmyyorGXRBg <<<< Raising There has been debate on reddit with staff from Wildcard about how long raising takes and how unhealthy it is for the human body. Having to be awake in the middle of the night for several hours in order to be able to raise certain dinos and for imprint is quite irresponsible of the direction that the game has taken. This was being debated for a long time, and still has yet to see actual improvement. It is also the cause to the player decline on PC for the past months (spartans quitting). http://steamcharts.com/app/346110 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhW2f5n0u5Q Traps The addition of traps to the game rather than just turret variations and plants, would be a new way to counter attackers and add a new set of gameplay I know that there are a lot of players that would be returning to this game if it had just some sort of change like this, I do not expect a change, but I do hope the developers read this and take some sort of thought on this Thank you
  7. This morning I was going out for a quick ride and opened the behemoth gate to get outside our base. The gate caught me and my raptor ride and I tried to get away and through the gate, but somehow it pinched us in the corner between the gate and wall and killed the raptor. Is this a glitch? I have been through gates many times and this is the first time something like this happened.
  8. DannySky

    tame Cant tame a Wolf

    Cant tame a wolf lvl 165, he Just dont eat Carno Kibble..
  9. Can someone help me with the settings for tamed Dino’s at the mobile platform. They always follow me based on the distance setting. Even if allowed to wandering, they still follow. Are there some guidance to be read? Most information found are referring to other platforms which seems to be different. Best Regards Jarod
  10. The wiki states that an Argentavis can carry an Anky, but when I tried to pick my tames Anky up, nothing happens. I’ve carried other tames and non-tames, but the Anky just isn’t working. I tried with and without the saddle attached, and also with roaming on. I have 300kg spare weight on the Argentavis.
  11. So I wanted to set up a good base to run Snow Cave on Singleplayer solo. Once I hatched 2 Rex and was doing ok for about 10 minutes. Left the cave to run back to my other base by the volcano and low and behold the 2 rex that I hatched were there at that base. They were both set to passive-stop all before I left the cave. Any ideas?
  12. Hello everyone, it happens that using the tame request, some of my dinosaurs disappear from the game and are no longer on the list, it is very annoying after losing hours of play to find and train them. How is it possible? Now I'm afraid to use it, do somethng please! It was very usefull...
  13. MaximAuts96

    Can’t tame penguins??!

    Hi everyone, so I’m playing on the PP server (xbox1) at the center and want to tame penguins to help with the egg hatching. However, I can’t seem to knock them, out they just keep dying! Insight: Ive tried fists, clubbing and tranq. Arrows with a reg bow, an apprentice crossbow, AND a master craft bow. As well as a combination of all of those...They just keep dying, it’s extremely frustrating. Can someone please tell me how to knock these little bastards out? Thank you!
  14. Keram

    Mobile tame limit

    So i was wondering why mobile has a tame limit, i haven’t played online yet so i don’t know if there is a limit online but i was wondering why single player has a tame limit and if, there was any way around it or plans to increase the limit in the future.
  15. Equinox713

    How to tame the pegomastax, easy!

    Hey guys, made a video on how to tame the pegomastax: if you don't wanna watch it then you tame it like this: once you have found a pegomastax you want to tame build a hexagon out of, fence foundations. Then put up walls. clear your inventory of everything except berries. next, you want to get it in, if you have a flyer you can pick it and drop it in, however, the pegomastax is a low their tame and I found the easiest way to get it in without a flyer is with a one-way ramp snapped to a wall. once it is in the cage separate the berries into stacks of around 20, then jump in with it, and if you have enough berries you can even go afk. done! easy! now you can use the kibble to tame a ichthyornis, and in turn a hesperonis for golden eggs. thanks! cage shape:
  16. Can i tame somehow a Rock Elemental in any caves? For example desert cave on SE?
  17. I have been playing Single Player mode so I can get used to the game before playing on one of the servers. I keep having difficulties Taming a dinosaur. I have tamed smaller ones with ease and have followed the exact ways to tame them. but once I start getting to larger ones like the Dilo and the Para I keep having a problem where when I open the inventory (seen here on the screenshot I added) I cannot add the items to their inventory to tame them. I tried creating a new game and had the same problems. I even went as far as uninstalling the game redownloading it and playing it new again and still have the exact same problems. Am I unaware of something or could this be a glitch with the game i own itself? I just wanna play the game and enjoy it and tame dinosaurs but it's frustrating when I can't even tame the beginner creatures. Can someone help me please. I spent 140$ on this game to get everything so I could thoroughly enjoy it but I can't even get past the most basic of tames.
  18. It would be amazing if we had the ability to create a control group that would only heed whistles to the control group when it's selected. It seems all that would need for this to work is to have an option for a tame to "Only heed tame group whistles" Anyone else on this idea?
  19. I tamed a level 150 giga today just curious to what you tamed ?
  20. RabbitRidge

    Priority Kibble Tame

    My recommendation considering the recent changes, target Argent for kibble tame. Contrary to popular belief, early fencing of wild Stegos (one male and all females trappable with pillars/ramp) can provide all the eggs needed for a high level Argent kibble tame (and even more reason for extensive raft use). Edit: I'm a strong believer in doubling everything you create. If you die acquiring something valuable, you must return with at least as much firepower to retrieve it because your killers will always still be there waiting for you.
  21. Hi. I have recently started taming my first dinosaurs. So far I have a Pteranondon and a Triceratops. I have a few noob questions for answers please. 1) Will tamed dinos hunt/feed themselves? If no, what happens to dinos I command to stay in a particular place, and I go to the other side of the map for a long period of time? 2) What recommendation do you have for setting my tamed dinos behaviour and follow me distance? I have the pteranodon set to passive flee, so when she is attacked she flies away. This has resulted twice in my having to spend a long time trying to find her again. 3)The first time I lost my pteranodon I Googled what to do and I saw a lot of suggestions stating that the pteranodons tend to fly up to their ceiling when fleeing, which can cause proplems trying to get it back. However, on both occasions that I lost mine, I found her sitting on the ground. The ceiling suggestions I read were from about 18-24 monhts ago. Did the devs change the flee behaviour of the pteranondon. Thank you for reading and for taking the time to offer your advice, if indeed you choose to do so. Any other tips you believe I may find helpful regarding tamed dinos, would be gratefully received. I tend to play on solo server on XB1X, if that helps. Kind regards.
  22. AsylumX

    Easter Bunny Dodos

    Hello due to the event I cannot tame a dodo and I really need to tame them for kibble this is really going to stop my tribe from progressing I am wondering if you would add a mix of bunny and normal dodos and oviraptors Thanks for reading
  23. Does anyone know which maps you can find the Dodo Wyvern WITHOUT mods? Do they naturally spawn on Ragnarok? And if so, where about on the map? What are the best methods for taming / killing the Dodo Wyvern AND can you ride them? Does anyone have any experience encountering the Dodo Wyvern? Also, I've heard that you are unable to ride the zombie wyverns, is this true? - Thanks!
  24. AchDaWolf

    Tame animals starving

    I had a tame megalodon lvl150 and Ichthyosaurus lvl 117 starve even though the food was close and full. I now leave food on all my Tame's because of this fear. Any ideas why this happened?
  25. Right here!!! Check us out! WAR ZONE PVP CLUSTER!! We keep it bloody in the WZ,we want your tribe big,well defended and agressive! We host daily events and allow you to choose your prizes so as to provide you what you need to be competitive We put an emphasis on organized and scheduled PvP so you can expect to enjoy all your hard work.Offline raid protection through the week, We remove O.R.P. for the "bloody weekend" 4 servers in the cluster with plenty of places to build! Server names: WAR ZONE (RAGNAROK) WAR ZONE ISL (The Island) WAR ZONE CENTER (The Center) WAR ZONE ABERRATION FEATURING:Daily Events Indoor PvP arena Outdoor PvP arena Death Maze FREE ADMIN HOSTED BOSS FIGHTS Naval warfare arena Fishing Dock Server store & currency THIS is an adult 18+ community with a zero tolerance policy on whining Password protected so no random trolls Lots of tribes recruiting in server There are not many rules in the WZ,but the community has a unique way of dealing with folks who demonstrate a lack of class and or sportsmanship.pick on small tribes and fresh spawns you expect to be hunted to extinction. Don't get me wrong,We have some extremely talented PVP players in server and most of us are downright bloodthirsty savages,I'm simply saying you will have the chance to build up and we all believe in online PVP. You can expect to be REWARDED HEAVILY for being a loyal WZ player or recruiting new players and tribemembers. WZ will NOT CHANGE OR WIPE.The servers are prepaid and will not shut down prematurely For admission and more details check out our FB community. YOU MUST SIGN PINNED POST FOR THE PW https://www.facebook.com/groups/303448136721892/ In closing.....That's what I'm offering,a community! This is more than just a cluster of servers,we are attempting to break the mold of ark's "salty pvp" and give folks a chance to have fun for an extended period of time. JOIN US!