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Found 79 results

  1. Official Server Wipes

    Hello survivors and devs, I've played alongside a massive amount of players and communities within Ark for its past lifetime on PS4 and console. Playing alongside PC players and mega tribes such as Space Cowboys, UC, Dothraki, etc, I've come with some suggestions that have been agreed upon with majority of the ark player base. I no longer play game, due to the decisions and changes that have been implemented by the developers over time. Ark has been served with quite progression that has brought good, however, they always bring their own individual problems along with it. I believe, that these suggestions are a massive help to game balance and stability SERVER WIPES Consoles, such as the PS4, aren't built well enough for games such as Ark, and due to the game being in early access, the game faces a lot of lag, graphical issues, bugs, stutter, and a lot more to list. However, the game isn't majorly responsible for all of this, I feel that tribes have gotten so developed, that they give no chance to new coming players and cause a massive unbalance in the game. My own tribe, being a sub divison of a mega tribe, are holding alpha on a majority of servers and containing a huge amount of players (around 1000 not including allies), game content (wyverns, gigas, etc) and don't give new players the opportunity to actually attempt to enjoy and build up. The *changes by the developers such as turret reduction, tame limit, and a lot more DO NOT HELP OPTIMIZATION. Tribes are continuing to just ally themselves with second tribes bumping up the tame limit, creating 40x40 bases that cause HUGE framerate lag. Turret changes ARE NOT balancing the game when you have dinos like stegos and trikes that drains bullets more than a bronto* Ark is a game where players are supposed to socially interact with a hierarchy such as beta, omega, alpha, and survive, correct? December of 2016 had this kind of gameplay which is no longer seen, as the game is dominated by mega tribes and I repeat, do not give the game an objective. Server wipes will allow a stability to the game, you no longer need to make turret reductions, nerf dinos, and decrease the game content when these changes will stabilize how much a big tribe can actually have. Try and follow what other survival games such as RUST do. *Server wipes should be every season* BUFFS/NERFS/FLYERS Dear devs, I feel with the changes you have accommodated to the game, some things, such as the flyer nerf, should have never been so dramatically changed, you should give the players the opportunity to have flyers with enough speed that turrets are able to lock on and shoot, especially with all the unnecessary buffs that have been made for land dinos and a lot more. If the server wipe method, ever comes to thought, then turrets should be back to the way they were, and maybe make them harder to get? Wyverns need to be buffed, they are supposed to be the lead of flyers yet can't go over small distances without running out of stamina Server Transferring, Duping, and Exploiting A better way to put a decline to server duping, is to maybe script something that ties a code with the item you have, if the same item is duped, then it would have the same code and will be removed from your inventory. A fifteen to thirty minute timer on your items in order to transfer is ridiculous when you need to have tasks done on other servers, such as transferring milk and such Ddosing has RUINED the game, do a change about this, you rarely ever see ddosing on games like rust, dayZ, h1z1 Ark currently has the most players of survival games, but yet we have the most insecure servers? Item tiers Adding nerfs to player health, levelling, and such would be a much better addition to the game, rather than having short players and tall players running around the map with tiny hitboxes that are always almost out of render due to ps4's horrible optimization and arks combat controls on ps4. Allow on foot pvp to be much better, by giving all players the same health, and getting rid of item tiers, and just buffing them to a certain extent, for example, a fab sniper shouldn't have to take more than 30 clips into a person with mastercraft flak just to kill them? Like DILO? this is a somewhat a game issue, doesn't really matter though. Undermapping Glitching under the map has also caused a huge amount of players to lose their progression with no retrieval from ark support due to no proof or evidence being there. Also a factor and bug of the game that has been discussed for several years now, and still hasn't seen the day of light to change https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKujk3lEUus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKujk3lEUus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCGJhs5uJsc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmyyorGXRBg <<<< Raising There has been debate on reddit with staff from Wildcard about how long raising takes and how unhealthy it is for the human body. Having to be awake in the middle of the night for several hours in order to be able to raise certain dinos and for imprint is quite irresponsible of the direction that the game has taken. This was being debated for a long time, and still has yet to see actual improvement. It is also the cause to the player decline on PC for the past months (spartans quitting). http://steamcharts.com/app/346110 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhW2f5n0u5Q Traps The addition of traps to the game rather than just turret variations and plants, would be a new way to counter attackers and add a new set of gameplay I know that there are a lot of players that would be returning to this game if it had just some sort of change like this, I do not expect a change, but I do hope the developers read this and take some sort of thought on this Thank you
  2. Ok, so I am not a “noob” to this game. I have put in a good amount of hours on the computer. But here is my problem... I started up a world with my brother on the Xbox in SP. the first Dino we tried to tame (which was a dodo) never ate any megos, only stims. The same thing happened for a trike and a parusar (spelled wrong) so, you can imagine how hard it is when the Dino’s are only eating stims... any fix???
  3. What title says! #SaveTheMouses #MousesArePeopleToo!
  4. I hope there are anglers if anyone knows please respond it would be good help
  5. Ravager Glitch (Natural Zip lines)

    My real question is are you guys going to fix the Ravagers mechanic of hopping on the natural zip lines, there have been too many times where i go into the bio luminescence zone from a super long natural zip line around 50x50ish (latxlong) and when i try to go back up after doing my jolly metal run i spent about 20 minutes trying to just get back on a natural zip line because it wont register. For some reason i have to literally walk away swing super wide on the zip line to even get the target to appear, and most the time even that doesn't work and i end up going back and forth idk if this is different for PC or Xbox users but as for PS4 I've been getting wrecked with this several times. there have been other zip lines as well i just cannot remember the area specifically as i'm still lost asf in this map
  6. Fish trap

    Hey, There are all the people who want to tame piranha ?! - now you can ;). I just wonder nobody have noticed this before. So, there is my aquarium wildcard ?
  7. You see when you play ark it takes alot of time. Also you have to miss alot of sleep time it can really effect your life in many different ways. The time for taming on the Therinosaurus is just ridiculous 25hrs?(that what I've heard, don't quote me on it.) For raising a baby it takes like 2-3 days to raise a baby wyvern it's ridiculous(once again) and I have missed alot of sleep because of this so if you could please change it or take out the host barrier that would be amazing if you see this and if you do change it thanks (P.S DONT FLAME ME THANKS)
  8. New server started 12/28/2017. 32 slots on Ragnarok. SERVER NAME IS "[ARKISTAN] NO ADMIN, LOGGING ON, INSTA TAME, BOOSTED" THE SERVER IS PC HOSTED VIA NITRADO - go to join ark>change filter to pc hosted> search for "no admin"> and you should be able to find the server. Decently populated, with no admin tribes. Im the only admin and I do not raid. The server is insta tame with 25x gather, boosted drops, NO ORP. PLAYER STATS - Inf weight, oxygen, fair melee and health, 3% per level in speed, fair player resistance DINO STATS - INCREASED dino turret damage at first to allow ppl to build up, flyer speed around 250, weight infinite, stamina boosted, fair health and melee. I am currently building a community center at blue ob. which will include an indy forge and chem benches. The server stats are subject to change based on the communities comments, message "RL Stahlin"
  9. New officials servers???

    Evening fellow survivors We all agree that officials servers are in pain : lag issue, dino cap reached, giant base everywhere so you can't even start with a decent one... So here is my question : do you think they will add more official server for others maps with aberration released? I looked into it and can't find any good informations about that and not a lot of people are wondering that at least publicly (or I might not seen it) so here I am Thank you for your time and have fun!
  10. keys Bugged controls

    When mounted on a Rex, I'm not able to turn left or right suddenly. I've tried to change which keys make you strafe left or right, I've tried to use a game controller. Doesn't work. I'm in a particularly hostile area so this is a pretty bad time for the controls to crap out on me
  11. taming order?

    Im a Solo player looking for a good way to start like what to tame first ---last and where and how to start a good base. Please and thank you.
  12. I'm so happy I got a 140 white Mososaurus while only using 50 raw prime meat. I want to know other aweaome tames that went on during the Extra Life Charity Event.
  13. Make untamable creatues tameable

    Wouldnt it be awesome if we coukd actually tame the leeds? Or the meganeuras nd dodorex? Why would you put dinos in the game if theyre not tameable... It would be awesome if we could tame the bosses to like nobody on Ps4 is even considering to fight a boss because its not worth losing all your dinos just for a tek BP.. maybe if you guys add a system where there is a 50/50 chance that you get the boss as a tame right after u kill it?
  14. When following tribe mates in spectator mode, tame dinos show a taming bar at 50%. 64bit Windows 10, Ark 272.3, no mods.
  15. When fishing normally, the game recognizes the controller and prompts it's use when a fish bites. But when fishing from the Pelagornis' back it only prompts keyboard usage. Reproduction is pretty self explanatory, turn on compatible controller before starting ARK, fish from pela, watch bug occur.
  16. Rag 81 Tame Capped

    So rag 81 hit tame cap last night and it was like Armageddon people killing off dino's and quiting the game, it was mayhem. lots are worried about what aberration will be sense this game just got released and now new players to ark are getting tame cap lock outs from enjoying this amazing game. we need a per player cap not tribe IMHO. and i feel limiting the server to being joined by players in that county only. (IE: the [][][] names that join and fill the Obelisk area with tons of dino's) just some idea's that i know have been pushed around already but this is a bit crazy 1 month into relies and its capped!
  17. Tamed by info

    Basically i havnt played for a while cause of work went on the game and tamed the griffin and normally it would say tamed by : psn id now it says tamed by : in game character name any way of sorting this or is it just how it works now lost acess to some of my dinos because of this too
  18. This is ruining the Whole game for me, I understand that WC implemented this to increase performance, it just makes people to do alliance tribes with one account in it. This is super frustrating. I was a breeder on old official servers, not on new ones. The no tame experiment got merged with new officials nice! I just can not play like this. Great way to fu*k up officials. WC still manages to surprise me how creative they can be at ruining officials.
  19. Megatherium issues

    Multiple issues with a tamed megatherium: Dismounting gets you stuck in body. Need to remount and dismount more the once. Walks off for no reason when dismounted. Similar to issue thylas had. Leans forward at an angle halfway through floor when sitting in a pen.
  20. Dodo "Ally Finding" Feature

    So I see there is a feature in the behavior wheel of the dodo called "Ally Finding" . Anybody know what this is?
  21. With the launch of the new servers, I am currently laying out a game plan in my head of what dinos I want to tame and I'm curious what others had in mind. This could vary based on the person; whether you prioritize building to level up and add structures to your land (weight and gatherer dino priority) or you prioritize meat and berry farming for baby raising (because you need those mutation otters), or even a mix of both. I'm starting off with a few other people so I'll be able to focus more on the taming and gathering while others build, but my top five (in no particular order) would be: Megaloceros: Level 30 saddle, thatch gatherer and they're super duper cute + easy to tame with bolas Equus: Level 20 saddle, portable mortar and pestle with 300 slots....will be SUPER nice when you need to make all of those narcotics (I want to set up an SE outpost for even faster meat spoilage!) just gotta get crop plot at level 15 and immediately put down carrots so that I can tame them asap! Mammoth: Level 31 saddle, effective wood and berry gatherer (until I get a better berry gatherer with higher base weight like a bronto or even a delicate-weight combo therizino) Doedicurus: Level 34 saddle, gathers stone with weight reduction for not only easier building but crafting stone structures is incredible for experience, I already have a perfect rock zone in mind for them Griffin: No saddle, incredible for the beginning levels if you can secure the arrows + narcotics---I already have an idea of how to get a few of them somewhere near the start Most of my dinos require between level 30-40, which isn't hard to reach with crafting I just had to include my gatherers of choice since I love farming (yet rot at building), but after those are obtained I will have quite a different list of priority tames ^^ So what are your selected dinos you will prioritize and why? Lemme know!
  22. Hi All Yesterday while a tribemate and i was taming a 135 giga on the center map, once we added the kibble it stated on the taming bar that there are "too many tamed creatures on this Ark" we had only 3 utility dinos out of a possible 500, which we transferred over and the giga was going to be our first tame on the center map I have two questions that i am hope some people may help me in answering 1. I know that as the message suggest that there is a limit to how many tamed dino that can be on the server, my question is: is there a way to get around this? 2. Is there a way of telling how close to the tamed creature limit cap a certain server has before joining? Thank you for reading this post and i hope to hear your replies
  23. I tryng to play in the Oficial server SA PVE 505, the only avaliable PVE with The island in South America, there no more then 5 or 6 tribes playng but we can't tame more dinos becuse reached the max lmit of the server, the offline tribes have a lot of dinos and don't play more, he log something to don't lost the dinos and then new tribes can tame nothing, we need some solution to this. Change the limit of dinos for tribes not for server or then change the max of dinos. What we can do? We need some suport in this oficial servers too. thanks
  24. With the patch notes saying only 40 platform saddles per tribe and with a structure on them then counting as 19 tame space. How will that go about on Xbox/ Consoles ? (Considering at the moment we have only 200 tame space) will those numbers of tame space taken up be dialed down for us or will we be able to have more dinosaurs?