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Found 20 results

  1. The Megalosaurus is the worst to tame on any map other than aberration. I lost 100 kibble and 400 tranquilizer darts figuring this out. This isn't a fair mechanic. Nothing in the game gives you knowledge of this occuring so you're stuck with loosing all your kibble that you've collected. I think you should put it in the dossier. You can't be doing the first dinosaur discovered and named like that
  2. Title. I'm thinking of bringing some out of my Aberration singleplayer to the Island and Ragnarok, but if they have to sleep during the day it will sorta defeat the purpose.
  3. Hi guys, look at the our new video from Dragon BOSS fight with 2 reaper(tank) and Aberrant megalosaurus. We install megalo AI fix to server, when they try grab attack to bosses. Mod is here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1286914584 Video:
  4. GingerTheGreat

    Megalosaurus breeding

    I don't know if this is a bug or meant to be this way but there is no way to breed Aberrant Megalosaurus'. They pop out as regular Megalosaurus' and are a bit pointless on this map due to the weird day cycles. Please fix this bug so us breeders can continue to breed the dinos that we love.
  5. Kazt

    All of my dinos taking radiation?

    Don't know if this is a bug or if it's just me being stupid. So I was on Abberation going into the element with full hazard suit, shinehorn on my shoulder, along with 1 Karkinos and 3 Megalos. When I got to the element, the shinehorn was taking radiation damage. I went back and made a couple mushroom brews and forcefed one to it, then when i went in again, my Karkinos and all my Megalos started taking radiation damage (they weren't until now) and my Shinehorn wasn't. I would assume this is a bug? It might be some non-radiation thing dealing damage instead but this is awful strange. I need to get a rock drake soon and would appreciate some advice for this asap. Also when I was messing around on a singleplayer abberation i went to element with rock drake and it took radiation damage but this was a while ago (about month and a half) so that may not be relevent.
  6. DiabolikH

    Non-Ab Megalosaurus' on Aberration

    Hiya was just wondering if anyone had ever tried transferring non aberrant Meglos onto Aberration? Do they work the same as Ab versions? Thought it would be a little more stealthy in pvp since they don't glow like the Ab ones. Any help appreciate Hazel
  7. So I've recently returned to the game after a few months break (I do this each year), and I'm trying to get Megalosaurus for my kibble farm and they still seem to spawn under the map, but the old fix of throwing rocks under the map with Chalico seems to not work? the rock just disappears. Am i doing it wrong or did they fix a bug that was used to fix another bug instead of fixing the original bug? Pretty WC thing to do. But if you have another fix lemme hear it. Official server too so i cant just wipe it. Kiss and cuddle, x
  8. Willard18

    Unridden Megalosaurus

    Well since we have no Rexes on Aberration its finally time to fix unridden Megalosaurus guys. My 850% melee dmg unridden Megalos do totally negligible (like raptor lvl 100 level) dps - ye they prefer their grab attack even against bosses / reapers etc. How hard can this fix be? It´s really crucial on Aberration.
  9. I noticed this bug has been reported many times, but it seems that this bug still not has been fixed on PS4. When I breed 2 aberrant megalosaurus (on aberration), the baby is a normal megalosaurus. That means it sleeps during the day, isn't immune to radiation and isn't breedable with aberrant megalosaurus. On all of the topics i read about this, they say it has been fixed a long time ago, but i'm playing on PS4 and i still got a bugged baby last week. Did anyone have the same problem? In case this still haven't been fixed on PS4, can this please be reported, so they can fix this bug and turn the bugged megalosaurus into aberrant ones?
  10. seikatsukira

    megalosaurus fix/change

    I would like to see a toggle option for the megalosaurus' pick up ability. Playing on a PVE server makes this attack very useless and my pack of megalosaurus is doing very little damage because they keep using there alt attack.
  11. Psych0P3nguin

    Question About the Megalo

    I am looking to go tame my first crab today, and I'm going to be looking the the Bio zone. My companion of choice for this might be the Megalo, but I would like to know if another Megalo can take me off my Megalo. If that's the case I might need to rethink my companion of choice.
  12. So I've been playing on aberration for a while on a private PVP nitrado server on PS4 and I have not been able to grab tamed creatures on Megalosaurus but I can on wild ones, is this a bug? is this normal? or a server setting that I need to change? Cheers.
  13. So I've been playing on aberration for a while on a private PVP nitrado server on PS4 and I have not been able to grab tamed creatures on Megalosaurus but I can on wild ones, is this a bug? is this normal? or a server setting that I need to change? Cheers.
  14. WolfBrink

    Megalosaurus primary attack unridden.

    I love Megas and can't wait to start breeding them after the patch (PS4) but I have noticed a problem everyone should be aware of. Their damage output when without a rider. Myself, and from posts I've seen many others, want to breed megas to try and use in boss fights. I've noticed when they don't have a rider they don't use their primary attack most of the time. They simply just try to use their "Grab" attack all the time which doesn't do any damage at all compared to the bite attack. How will we make use of them as a pack in boss fights if they just try to grab the boss and everything without a rider on them?
  15. The title is self-explanatory. The Island never spawns Megalosaurus' so we all have to go to The Center just to exploit the spawns (killing them in the cave, going out and in and then they're instantly back.) On The Island, we've been looking in caves for months until we got told that they actually don't exist on the Island map. That's a big shame, please fix!
  16. Gogohorse

    My Megalosaurus is stuck!

    I was taking all of my most powerful Dinos down to the bioluminescent for a bit of exploring but now my megalosaurus is stuck in a dip in a rock! I tried the same thing as when my ravenger got stuck but it didn’t work. Please help!
  17. Hello guys, i recently tamed a great Megalosaurus and i live on Nord of the map.. Unfortunately when I saw that he needed to sleep, I was sick. My question is: In the southern part of the map, does the Megalo need to sleep or, as there is a lack of light, can it always remain awake?
  18. Crunchybones

    [BUG] Tamed Megalosaurus AI bug

    #### Issue description A tamed Megalosaurus without a rider uses the secondary attack (pick up) on every enemy, regardless if it can carry them or not. This results in extremely low damage and rendering the Megalosaurus unusable in any scenario when they are not ridden. #### Steps to reproduce the issue Turn on damage numbers Tame a Megalosaurus Ride it and attack to check the damage on both main and secondary attacks. Dismount and send the Megalosaurus to attack a target that can't be carried by it. Check the damage numbers it does #### What's the expected result? The Megalosaurus does not try to carry dinos that can not be carried. #### What's the actual result? The Megalosaurus tries to carry every dino regardless if the dinos can be carried or not, resulting in it using the secondary attack about 90% of the time, which in turn reduces its damage output by 90%. #### Additional details/Comments An official response regarding the bug would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Lpptrex

    Aberrant Megalosaurus cannot carry (SP)

    Just as it says on the title, aberrant Megalos cannot carry anything, in SP.
  20. Hey all, Been playing on Offiicial PVP for around 7-8 months now and cross server raiding, or even local raiding with brontos/turtles for soaking, rexes/gigas/allos for dps seems to be the meta. My suggestion is that certain carnivores are buffed in order to make them more PVP relevant, and example of this is the Spinosaurus. In real life the Spino was larger than both the Giga and the Rex and would surely have been deadly, but it seems to be lacking power in ARK when compared to the Rex and isn't anywhere as useful for PVP/boss fights. I can guarantee alot more people would use this in raiding if they were on somewhat equal power levels and it just adds a bit of variety to the game. Not to mention the Spino is alot more rare than the Rex on The Island. Megalosaurus is another dino I believe needs a buff, not really stat wise but more mechanic wise. The Megalo pretty much sleeps all day, but at night it becomes fast and somewhat powerful, maybe as powerful as a Rex with slightly quicker attack speed and the ability the pickup smaller creatures. This is all good but it really serves little purpose for a tame that requires a decent amount of effort to get, and this is another dino that has massive PVP potential with nocturnal use, and grabbing birds from the sky. My suggestion is to make the Megalo slightly more powerful than a Carno by day, and then slightly more powerful than a Rex at night, with zero sleeping requirement, it would open up far more options to players and such a cool tame wouldn't spend so much time just sitting in your base. The sleeping animation should be used for an inactive Megalo but it should be just an animation and should not add any 'sleep debt' This can be done with a number of dinos, but I think these two are a couple to be considered and I'd like to see them out there in the large scale wars, as well as people breeding them in bulk! Hope for a dev to check this out, Cheers!