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Found 97 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have this problem: when i try to join a official server, the load screen return me an error "Join Failed" every time I try. Another error is "Unable to retreive address". In this way i can't play online anymore.. What do i do? Any solutions??? This is so frustrating, i've payed for a game that can't play.
  2. Any word on a fix for the "cannot retrieve address" message me and many other players are receiving? It seems to be a lot of people on east coast of US when joining EU servers. It is also now not letting me connect to NA servers. I don't want a work around (they don't work for me) I just want to know the status of the situation as it has been nearly 1 week since me and many others have been able to play. Edit: Also it seems people on PS4 are experiencing the issue as well.
  3. Rag insta tame 64 stone pick up infinite weight and high oxygen boosted player and dino stats breeding is also boosted Currently has several large tribes that are peaceful and will not touch building up newbies boss fights are allowed no artifact cave building allowed Server is currently down to allow xbox to cool of and allow server to run better
  4. Title says it all. Those of you familiar with it know when it started. Those of you that have no clue, refer to my previous threads
  5. Needing a tribe

    I am in need of a tribe that has experienced members, that work and cooperate as a team, and that has great leaders such as active admins and a resourceful leader.😊
  6. Looking to build up a server with survivors age 17 plus. This is a light rp server and is faction based on the show 100. Some factions also have a pve portion of there tribe that can be attacked. We are moving to the pc server soon as available and will be doing cool events so people can win things for the switch over. Check out the Facebook and hopefully we will see you there. Also we are taking polls to see what needs to be changed and what we want changed when it switches so join now and get your input it.
  7. I cant join my server after update 271 , but cant join my Island server , and show me already a player with your account in game , I do everything you know but dont help me , what happened ? its upgrade or downgrade ? what are you donig Wild Card ?
  8. We have a rented server and we need a few more players, we arent abusive admins by any means. Just dont build on an obi or metal spawns. Anyone who joins gets a FREE wyvern if they want one. We have longer days, and some boosted stats, if you have suggestions they are welcome. Its a password protected server, if you are interested send me a friend request or message on PSN. SETit_allABLAZE
  9. New fresh server

    Hello everybody me and a friend just created a server on Ragnarok and would love to have people join. We plan on keeping an eye on griefing to make sure it dont get outta hand and dont worry admins will not claim to be the alpha tribe we want to leave that up to the players. If your interested its call Omega Ark in the Unofficial list hope to see you there. and remember its a fresh clean island
  10. Hey so I have an open NAT and can play ark perfectly fine on pc. Why is my Xbox unable to connect to any server whatsoever. I can't join official, player dedicated, or player non dedicated. I have also tried all maps on both primitive and survival evolved. So if you would please tell me how to fix the issue that would be nice. Got game early and havnt been able to play more then 3 hours past week cause when I do get it I disconnect from host.
  11. Hello, I am, yet again, having issues with my player dedicated server. My dedicated Xbox is running the server just fine, however when I attempt to join the server with my other Xbox I get a message that simply says, "Join Failed." Can I PLEASE get some help with this? So many issues running my dedi before, finally got them straightened out, release Ragnarok, rejoice...briefly, dedi issues return, much sorrow and anguish!!! Please tell me we this isn't going to be an issue again! 😠
  12. ARK 267.21 on 64bit Windows 10, No Mods. Join Last Played Session often picks the wrong map. It could be related to transferring between maps in a cluster, followed by disconnecting from ARK.
  13. Does anybody know, at which time (on August 29) we can join the new servers? Thank you!
  14. Hello Community, Ragnarock comes out next week and I'm looking to fill my server. We will make it a friendly server with some PvP. Please add me or msg on XBox 1 if interested and for more details Gamertag: Xxfilthyxdodoxx
  15. Hi, I enjoy the ark expierence n stuff and i wish to give the game another shot after a month or so of hibernation from it. Send me a friend request via psn if your insterested. I'm a firm believer of putting in work and having fun. Psn is "CowardOrb09"
  16. Hey guys been playing for a while lost my previous character on a forgotten server (smoked to much one night)and my old tribe don't play anymore. I'm an all round player from raiding to grinding stone. Getting annoying playing solo,looking for adult players. hit me up if ya need another set of hands P.s my new character is already at lvl 30 ish. Gamer tag: Daveyjo
  17. Welcome to Ark Pals Boosted PVP Server! At Ark Pals our main goal is to reduce the grinding necessary to start up quickly and have fun. We are on the island and we will be moving to Ragnarok whenever it comes out. Note Worthy Server Settings 27x XP multiplier 18x Taming Speed 20x Harvest Rate Player and Dino Character Stats are OP Turret Damage is 3x Higher Structures Can Clip Into Terrain Low Food Drain Low Water Drain Low Stamina Drain *** Le Rulez*** Don't cry to admins when you get raided No killing passive tames No Offline Raiding If you raid a base they can't be raided again within a week No total base wiping Cause minimal damage to bases when breaking in If anybody has proof of people violating these rules send them to lacucaracha9 or L3gend of games who are Le Admins o Le Server Punishment vary from the severity of breaking these rules. Punishments consist of Auctioning Off Your Base if You Get Banned. And if your tribe has too many offenses you will be prosecuted and graped. Add server host before joining. Server host GT ARKPALSBOOSTED Admins GT's L3gend of games and lacucaracha9 Also join our discord NOW Complain in our discord if you have questions or suggestions about this server. If you kiss our arses a bit you may become admin. We do need more of them. 😊 Message one of those gamertags above before joining BRING YOUR FRIENDS
  18. Come check out our server guys, all settings are set to default we are looking for new players and hopefully get enough people to have an active community. Server name is The Monarchy. Add snoop3297 on Xbox and join whenever you please. Server is pvpve and is up 24/7. Right now we have a decent active community with about 5 people. Average ping for north/east coast is average 21 ping.
  19. I am hosting a dedicated server on an Xbox one. For some reason after the latest update I am not seeing any more beacon drops on my map at all. I have the disable drops box unchecked on my servers settings. Tried checking it and restarting to no avail. Any suggestions? Secondarily, I set a password for people to join but, now when people or myself try to join on the gamertag its a hit or miss whether it says the password is wrong, or lets us in. Which is weird because there is never a prompt for a password.
  20. So, I made this Ark server thing, you should join it...what are you waiting for? Real-Talk time: All green items are new as of the last post update A note to perspective players: The XP multiplier for the server is set to 1, which is standard XP gain. This setting changes occasionally to 2 during special events. If you are looking to hit a bush and go to level 20, this isn't the server for you. Attempting to appeal to my softer side through "I will play on your server if you increase XP to [Insert your preferred multiplier here]" isn't going to work: I have no softer side 😈. If you can overlook not hitting end-game in the span of two hours, you'll find the rest of the settings to be quite agreeable, and listed below. Server Up-Time: The server is persistent, barring ISP DNS issues at 0'Dark, or some idiot jumping the hill and knocking out a power-pole (again). Note: With the release of Play Anywhere the server will be migrated to a 3rd party host to take advantage of; well, an actual server. I will be running an isolated cluster, assuming of course this functionality is possible for Xbox players at the release of Play Anywhere. Proceed with the expectation of a fresh start when/if this functionality is available to us. Amenities (Updated 6/07/2017: Community Center Large structure on Herbivore Island where New Player starter kits can be had, and where rewards are claimed New Player starter kits are a one off item bundle for new server players who post a request in the Xbox Club Ark FTW Kits include Primitive Metal Tool and Armor sets Rewards are claimed by accessing the assigned chest inside the outer perimeter of the Community Center A pin code will be messaged to the player at the time the chest is assigned, ensuring that only the player has access to the contents. Community Fishing Hole Located in the lagoon of Herbivore Island, and routinely stocked with Sabertooth Salmon as well as Piranha. The fishing pier is equipped with individual chairs, so just bring your bait and rod. Dividing the fishing peer is a small structure equipped with refrigerators for storing your bait while you fish, to prevent unnecessary spoilage. If a refrigerator is in-use, find one that is empty Community Shop Large barn-like structure located adjacent to the Community Center where spawnable items can be purchased All items allowed to be spawned are listed on the large billboards found throughout the interior of the structure, their cost can be found beneath on the smaller signs All prices are non-negotiable and must be on hand at the time of spawning The cost of spawns will be tendered to the admin overseeing the trade, and will be thrown into pit in the center of the Community Shop Artifacts will be used to line the bridge None of the resources collected by Admins will be retained for use by anyone The Bridge A rather large floating bridge spanning the gap between the Main Island and Herbivore Island The Proving Grounds (Coming Soon) Large tournament grounds used during medieval style tournaments Tournaments will include Jousting, Sword Fighting, Archery, Mutton Busting, and more. Raffles Run on a weekly basis, using smaller dinos as raffle entries Entries are smaller dinos deposited into the collector on the top of the community center All entries must be tamed, and renamed to your gamertag to count as valid All entries must not be on wander, and must be set to Passive There is no limit to the number of entries Rewards will consist of higher quality items or item sets, and may occasionally contain a rarer species of dino Rewards are claimed at the community center by accessing the assigned storage box Contests Pin Code Challenge Guess the pin code correctly, and you can get whatever is inside The Golden Dodo It's out there, lurking, probably killing off raptors again. Find it, claim it, and get whatever is in its inventory The dodo must be returned to the community center, and deposited into the raffle collector once found DO NOT put the high-level, excessively-imprinted Dodo on neutral or aggressive. If it kills raffle entries or other players; well, it's going to be a bad day for you. I Spy An underwater loot drop will be hidden somewhere on the surface of the map, with subtle hints provided concerning it's whereabouts. It's a race to see who can piece together the clues, and find the drop first. There is no claiming the loot drop on sight. To the victor goes the spoils, so don't be swayed by the pleas of another. If you find it, you must inform the Admins so that we can inform the server, and possibly spawn another. Downloads: Nope Spawning Items (Updated 6/07/2017): No item will be spawned for individual benefit Items may be spawned to replace lost items in the event of a server failure, or as a direct result of Admin action. Resource items will not be replaced, except where an Admin is directly responsible for the loss Admins whose actions lead directly to item loss will attempt item recovery as a first step Items will be spawned in when purchased from the Store (See Store section for details), as rewards for both Raffles and Contests, and for the building of Community Use Areas Other Admin Abilities (Updated 6/07/2017): Admins are not permitted to use their abilities to artificially alter world mechanics outside of few exceptions Fly This command may be used to recover items or dinosaurs that fall below the surface of the map Admins may, at times, use this command to build; admins using this command to build must assist other players who may have need of this command. Ghost Admins may use this command to recover items or dinos that have fallen below the surface of the map, to investigate reported thefts, or to otherwise assist players who have experienced loss as the result of a glitch DoTame Admins are permitted to use this command only in the event that a dino must be replaced to do their actions, or due to a glitch that renders the dino unrecoverable Unless you have a screenshot detailing the dinos XP at loss, Admins will not be permitted to add XP to respawned dinos SetImprintQuality Due to the server settings, 100% imprint quality is not possible for most dinos, and so admins will set max imprint quality for players under the following conditions The player making the request must be the player who imprinted on the dino The dino must be at the maximum achievable imprint quality given server settings Dinos must be unclaimed so that the Admin making the adjustment can inspect the imprint quality of the dino (this does not affect imprinting bonus) DestroyAllTribeStructures/Dinos This command will be used in event that a tribe has abandoned play on the server Other commands not listed may be used at times by the Admins, and you should feel free to question why they are being used If you have concerns about the actions or command use of an admin, please contact Soldiercide Building (Updated 10/13): Structures may not be built within LOS (Line-of-Sight) of any other player built structure. You may not build in close enough proximity to large resource nodes to prevent them from spawning You may build around resource nodes with structures you intend to use You may not build within loot-caves to prevent aggressive dinos from spawning Certain caves on the map have resources inside of them, so lighting may be built so long as it does not prevent resource respawn Admins will use the DestroyAllTribeStructures command to remove any structure, aside from sleeping bags, placed inside of loot-caves (this will destroy everything you have built on the map; you have been warned) Abandoned Structures and Dinos If a player abandons play for a period of more than 7 days, their property will become fair game for others players on the server. If you are going to be gone for an extended period, but still desire to play on the server, please let us know so that we can safeguard your structures and dinos. If we receive no message, and someone destroys your base or takes your dinos; you're SOL. Claiming Abandoned Property If you come across a base or dinos that are destroy/claim allowed, you must follow the steps below to claim or destroy the property Verify that the dinos are claimable. Structure decay and dino decay rates are not set the same; so, dinos will be the determining factor Make contact with an admin via in-game or xbox message to verify that we have not receive notice from the owner If an Admin comes across abandoned property first, they will destroy it without notice. If you are caught destroying structures belonging to another player, and their dinos are not claimable, you can expect us to employ the DestroyAllTribeStructures command with all the vengeful glee of a demonic schoolgirl. Griefing: No kiting aggressive dinos towards other players or their bases purposefully. Don't build someone in. No drowning other players. In general, just don't be a c***. Settings (Updated 10/13): Any value not listed is default: General Taming: 2.5 Dino Harvesting Damage: 3.2 Harvest Amount: 3 Rules PvE Allow Tribe War: Yes PvE Allow Tribe War Cancel: Yes Allow Flyer Carry PvE: Yes Allow Cave Building PvE: Yes (See Building Rules for details) PvE Structure Decay Period: 0.4 World Day Cycle Speed: 0.7 Day Time Speed: 1 Night Time Speed: .7 Spoiling Time: 3 Item Decomposition Time: 4.5 Corpse Decomposition Time: 2 No Resource Radius-Structures: .5 Crop Growth Speed: 4 Crop Decay Speed: 4 Baby Imprinting Scale Multiplier: 1.5 Lay Egg Interval: .5 Mating Interval: .15 Egg Hatch Speed: 6 Baby Mature Speed: 6 Harvest Health: 2.5 Resource Respawn Period: 3 Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier (No Affect): .01 Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier: 6 Baby Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality Multiplier: 6 Allow Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle: Yes Stats Wild Dinos Stats Per Level Health: 1.3 Weight: 6.01 Damage: .7 Speed: 1.3 Tamed Dinos Add Per Level Health: .5 Stamina: 2.5 Torpidity: 1.3 Oxygen: 1.3 Food: 1.3 Weight: 6.01 Damage: .2 Speed: 1.6 Tamed Dinos Stats Per Level Health: .5 Stamina: 2.5 Torpidity: 1.6 Oxygen: 1.3 Food: 1.3 Weight: 6.01 Damage: .5 Speed: 1.5 Tamed Dinos Stats Affinity Health: .5 Stamina: 2.5 Torpidity: 1.3 Oxygen: 1.3 Food: 1.3 Weight: 6.01 Damage: .4 Speed: 1.6 More Allow Custom Recipes: Yes Show Floating Damage Text: Yes Player Stats Per Level Health: 2.5 Stamina: 2.5 Torpidity: 2.2 Oxygen: 2.5 Food: 1.3 Water: 1.3 Weight: 6.01 Damage: 1.6 Speed: 1.5 Temp Fort: 2.5 XP Multipliers Harvest: 1.5 Joining: The server is hosted on the account Ark This. Admins (Updated 9/17): I have received messages from people asking to become server admins; unfortunately, we will not be adding anyone to the team until I can set a local backup and have access to the server logs. It's nothing personal, but I can't have demigods flinging lighting bolts or asteroids at people without the ability to undo the damage; or, you know, an effective way to track how they are using their powers. Once Play Anywhere hits, we'll be looking for a few more. Current server Admins Soldiercide (server owner) Soulsinabottle Jdogthereaper gamerbadazz NeonJerky As always, we are at your service. If you have questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to ask
  21. Hello me and a few friends started a dedicated server and it's been up for like 2 months or so but few people are here besides me and my other 3 friends there are 3 or so others right now if you would like to join look up CrewServer or message DrAgxScopes31, TheSpeeder23 or David_SintronBoi thank you and I hope some people join and have fun make sure to message these on Ps4
  22. Hey guys, Me and my friend are playing ark for some time now... And we got a problem some time ago, everytime i try to join my friend his non-dedicated server it starts loading everything in the loading screen. But when snapshot_16 starts loading the server crashes and i go back to the homescreen (my friend gets kicked from his world). Sometimes it works after 4/5 times sometimes it only works after 15/16 times. Does someone know what to do? so we can play again.... It is on ps4 so you know... The photo shows where it crashes.
  23. Getting back into game after a while. Need new tribe on official dedicated pvp server. Psn: Moresfallen
  24. Ark Survival XB1 Dedicated Server Map: The Island Mode: Primitive + Rates: - XP: 3 - Taming: 6 - Gather/ Harvest: 5 Player Stats: (per level) Health: +20 Stamina: +25 Oxygen: +100 Food: +100 Water: +100 Weight: +350 Melee Damage: +7.5 Movement: +3 Fortitude: +42 Host Gamertag: NYCArkServer Have Fun & See Ya On The Island !
  25. RATES 41 Stone per pickup FAST BREEDING FAST TAMING RULES/INFO 1 Admin on blue ob, does events also there is a community are where there is NO PVP 15 on DAILY PLENTY OF ROOM TO BUILD UP AND RULE THE ARK Events happen all the time RULES are no pvp at community center on blue obe IF YOU DONT GET ADDED IN A TIMELY FASHION MESSAGE BeavAcityBandit and ask for an invite IF YOU JOIN RIGHT NOW 5/20/17 THE ADMIN WILL BE HOSTING AN EVENT LATER TODAY SO EVERYONE WILL GET TO BEAT THE BOSSES TO GET TEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ADD BIGTURBOSUPRA1 FOR THE ULTIMATE ARK EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!