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Found 32 results

  1. ArkOfficialIsDeadDEVFAIL

    Last Update destroyed my tribe

    One of the most disappointing moments while playing ARK. My tribe has been stocking up on lvl 300+ giga eggs ready to do a mass hatch. We hatched 20 gigas and everything was going great until the update. Since the update most of our tribe members can't join any servers including single player and now we just found out all the gigas are dead. Tribe has of course rage quit and I can't blame them. Stuff like this has happened many times before but never has it cost my tribe so much time. I think I will have to retire from ARK aswell. I just can't motivate myself to grind when I know everything can be so easily ruined. Good bye Ark SurvivalEvolved =(
  2. hello. im looking for help, i have a issue with a ark offical fresh server. i cant get in the server my ark tab out and closed the game and restart it i cant get in the server help plzzz
  3. Ceaselessatol


    Too everyone who cares about the games state and demands action ! #jointhefight
  4. Hello After the last update (772.11) on my xbox one, i'm not able to type in Something because my keyboard is not poping of by selecting a textfield. Not in privat, lobbylist or in the ingame textchat. I triyed to Connect a pc-usb-keyboard but it dosen't Change anything. I also can't Join via a invide or the Gamercard. Have someone a solution how i can write, while i wait for a other Patch. P.s. Sorry for my Bad Englisch ^^'
  5. The server is “Free starter packs, Boosted” the name is not great but the server has the best rates and taming speed. If you had recently played on official and want yo just be laid back for a while hunker down on this non admin abuse, boosted server. Ps, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to advertise servers here so Just let me know
  6. LeviathiansPlague

    Leviathans Ark Beta Server

    Leviathans Ark ModdedDrops Beta 2x harvesting, taming, and xp server is a server for anyone looking for a good server to play on. Friendly staff will help you if you need help and there is guaranteed no admin abuse on our server. The only rules for the server are no killing new or unarmed players and no cheating or glitching of any kind. Any questions message SteelParagon23 the server owner and he will anwser any questions you may have.
  7. Hi to all, I just started my own server and looking for people to join. I'm new to it, so far it's been cool to run it. I started mine due to overpopulation and unfair land claiming on just about every official server there is. My server has a few minor upgrades, not meant to get you there super fast. I'm US based, we have a few players East to West coast. But either way, if you're drama free and aren't looking for a whole lot of cheats and game upgrades, hit me up on PS4. Name is DevRos747.
  8. Can't join any servers, says Can't find adress, ping on all servers are 500+ eu and American my ping right now is 64 please help anyone any input is welcome
  9. BestArkServerEVER


  10. Server name: Good Grind Server #1 Server stats: 5x Taming, 5x Gathering, 1x Food rate, x20 Egg Hatching speed, x50 Mature speed. x2 All player stats (Weight x5) all Dino stats x2 (except damage and health), and slightly boosted drops and fishing rewards. I came from official after most of my tribe quit due to the grind so, I started my own Nitrado hosted server that is boosted but still fun and rewarding. Upon joining the server you also will receive a free level 150 shoulder pet of your choice. Join now!
  11. The dedicated server window falls asleep or goes inactive within 1-3 minutes and then the client can not join. The client gets stuck on "Snapshot_16" UNLESS you left click and press enter into the server window to wake it up constantly. Why do these dedicated server windows fall asleep (and fast too!)? Another popular game does the same thing.
  12. ArkOfficialIsDeadDEVFAIL

    Server load keeps failing

    I started having this issue a couple of days ago and it just appeared out of no where. I am playing on a pc session server with my xbox and it was all working fine but now when I try to join the server everything works fine untill It starts loading the map. When the music starts and my character starts waking up the sound and screen stutters like crazy and 99% of the time goes silent and freezes. Not freezing as in crashing but just silent and a still frame. This does not happen on other servers and only started happening when server got above 20 players. Any ideas what is causing this?
  13. Have a 3, will increase to 4 server cluster. Low pop, If you are looking to play on a private server without the hassles of an official server, it would be cool to have a few more people on our servers. I played for nearly a year on Official servers, but quite early last year just to too many hassles, trolls and alphas. Servers are set PvP but no Raiding, Alpha Tribes, or PvP unless agreed by parties. Build were you want for the most part, just be nice to your fellow players. Currently Have Center, SE and Rag, will add abr in near future. Looking for players or small tribes who are low key, sane and enjoy playing the game and doing your thing. Will have servers up for a long time. Settings are Taming and Breeding 2.5x, exp 2x, resources 1x (except for special events). If interested send message to xbox ID dldnvr (just a note, I appear offline).
  14. Have a rented server with 20 slots open for mature players on Xbox. Our currently have a group of 30-40 year olds ha!, but we invite anyone 21+ years of age. We enjoy pve/pvp but we will enforce no offline raiding. No raiding/fighting will be allowed to any player under level 50. Give people a chance to get established. Taming rates are set close to vanilla at 1.2. There are weekly bonuses such as 2.5 Tuesdays for taming or 2x Thursdays for harvesting, etc. Server will be rebooted weekly. No downloading of existing dinos or characters, however, you may upload dinos/characters from this server. Server name is - ARK24X7 No password needed. Bring your friends, etc. You will need to display the list of servers showing Unofficial PC Servers and search for ARK24X7 all caps. Sometimes upon joining the first time or two, you will get a server timeout. Nitrado stated they are still working on the rented servers, but usually if you'll just try to rejoin, it will let you in. admin and Xbox Gamertag - Danimator Thanks! If you join and are underage or can't act maturely, you will be booted immediately.
  15. Hello everyone! This is a brand new Ragnarok Server with boosted settings. I'm advertising this server because it needs players and everyone is welcome. The map is Ragnarok. Below is gonna be some settings that have been modified. To Join the server add---- xxxArk247xx ---- Then proceed to click join on profile and join game! Changed stats for players Health 3.5x -- -- +35 Per Point Stamina 3.5x -- -- +35 Per Point Oxygen 5.0x -- -- +80 Per Point Food 3.0x -- -- +30 Per Point Water 3.0x -- -- +30 Per Point Weight -- -- Infinite Melee -- -- +15 Per Point Movement -- -- +4 Per Point Fortitude -- -- +30 Per Point Server Settings 20x Taming 10x Experience Gain 65x Mature Speed 72.5x Egg Hatch Speed 15x Harvest 1.25x Loot drop Quality 2x Fishing drop quality 0.25x Mating interval 0.5 Food/Water/Stamina Drain. Rules No Passive Tame Killing. PVP. Don't build in unfair locations. Such as glitched locations. Don't Grief, Such as blocking building locations or just being a troll. When you create a character, don't keep the default name. You'll have up too thirty minutes to change your characters name or you will be kicked on your first offense. Don't raid a thatch house if you have stone. (This stops their motivation to continue playing, and isn't beneficial to anyone involved.) Tribe Dinos are currently unrestricted as too what you can have. This may change if seen fit. A System of Punishment. Bans will be lead on a strike system. It goes as follows: 1st Strike will be a warning. 2nd Strike: Will be a warning + punishment. 3rd Strike: Will result in a kick, and if necessary, a ban. Instant Termination Rules Griefing. (Griefing and raiding are too different things.) Passive Killing Glitch Spot building. (Can Be Negotiated) A failure to change name from the default, which is "Human" Extra Server Info. (Uptime and Events) Server will be up whenever possible. Possible downtime may happen due to crashes or settings changes. Events are possible when the time seems right. They will be announced. Explanations/Reasons Passive Tame killing is very strict. As such, a tame that may not be passive, but not used in combat shall not be killed. If it's not used in combat, Don't kill it. Accidents are possible. If a problem occurs during a raid, please have some form of recording or record. Otherwise no action can be taken against any possible violators. Disclaimer: There is no start packs. Help may be provided by an admin, under specific circumstances only. ----- Admin raiding ---- surely it'll be a brought up issue and the answer is simple. Don't attack the admins and the chances are, they won't attack you. Admins exist to moderate, protect, and provide a great experience while on the server. Shop: A shop was previously existent at the start of the server. It has been abused, and now has been removed. Dino's can still be bought in ways, along with items. Ask the admins if interested. Additional Is there admin abuse? No, nor will there ever be. If an admin is using commands against another player, the reason is probably valid. Such as rule breaking. Can you change this stat? Probably, always open to suggestions about the server. Community Center? Not at the moment. Population of the server needs to be suitable. Can I be in the admin tribe? Probably not. Requires extreme trust if even a chance is possible. Can you spawn me and item or dino? Long answer: Yes. Short answer: No. Can I build here? Depends, if it's not a glitch spot, you probably have the green light. Can you paint my dino? Painting dinos will be a gift or reward. Depending on the current situation of the server, we just might come paint your dino. Can I be admin? No. Why is the server down? Temporary maintenance or Crash How often are you online? Almost all the time. Any admins can be reached at the Gamertags of: XxMCrocker199xX ---- LHateGamertags/CircularInk6028 ---- NavySeals2112 ---- xxxArk247xx ---- To Join the server add---- xxxArk247xx ---- Then proceed to click join on profile and join game! Credit to Crimson Eclipze or Equinox for the Post Style and a few other things. - Join his server as well @ the Gamertag of Boosted247x
  16. For the last week, it has taken me several (4-5) tries before I can connect to a server. Usually once I do get connected for the first time of the day, there is a glitch where all controller inputs are ignored. I then have to restart ark and connect a 5th time, which usually works for a while. I'd like to be able to just start the game up and join a server without half an hour's work. Thank you
  17. Join my server that is ran by the site Nitrado. The server name is: 24/7 PVP server. Admin GT— Goatalicious. Xbox one. My GT is Goatalicious if you have any questions. First come first serve on spots!!
  18. I got a pvp ragnarok nitrado server up and running 24/7 for ps4. I wanna find someone with a island server with simular rates to start a server cluster with. My server settings: farming x5 xp x8 taming x5 breeding/hatching x3 pre-nerf oxy stat and generator gas use x2 platform structures friendly fire disabled
  19. Arkserver12314 24/7 ark server started today, no admin abuse and no admins other than host account. Stats posted below. Taming Speed: 19 (so no hours taming) Dino Harvesting: 3 Harvest amount: 10 stone per pickup Food and water drain very slowly. Rules: No Brontos, Try not to base wipe but if it happens then it happens. All stats and options are up for change based on the feedback given by the players. For any suggestions or questions Message the hosts account, Arkserver12314 Thank you for reading
  20. FRESH PvP SERVER |🔥| Really Boosted | Just Put Up Today | Day 1 | Drops Are 2.5x | Fishing 3x | Heath 20 | Melee 10 | Speed 3 | Fort 5 | Weight Unlimited | Needs Players | Host Plays Legit |🔥| Join | Private Server7 | About 20 Gather | Instant Tame | XP IS 250x | NO RULES | No Admin Abuse!!! |
  21. Rag insta tame 64 stone pick up infinite weight and high oxygen boosted player and dino stats breeding is also boosted Currently has several large tribes that are peaceful and will not touch building up newbies boss fights are allowed no artifact cave building allowed Server is currently down to allow xbox to cool of and allow server to run better
  22. Demonslaye

    Needing a tribe

    I am in need of a tribe that has experienced members, that work and cooperate as a team, and that has great leaders such as active admins and a resourceful leader.😊
  23. Looking to build up a server with survivors age 17 plus. This is a light rp server and is faction based on the show 100. Some factions also have a pve portion of there tribe that can be attacked. We are moving to the pc server soon as available and will be doing cool events so people can win things for the switch over. Check out the Facebook and hopefully we will see you there. Also we are taking polls to see what needs to be changed and what we want changed when it switches so join now and get your input it. https://m.facebook.com/groups/846653852150464
  24. We have a rented server and we need a few more players, we arent abusive admins by any means. Just dont build on an obi or metal spawns. Anyone who joins gets a FREE wyvern if they want one. We have longer days, and some boosted stats, if you have suggestions they are welcome. Its a password protected server, if you are interested send me a friend request or message on PSN. SETit_allABLAZE