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Found 8 results

  1. I understand I'm probably beating a dead horse here but hear me out. Microraptors aren't just powerful, they're OP (IN PVE). They have the ability to knock you off your mount, which is already bad enough, but to make it worse they stun you for ten seconds making you susceptible to everything around you, including the environment. For example, once I was carrying a recently tamed Bary home on my Argy. Since my base was all the way across the map, I decided to take a stamina break, however, three of these little demons decided it was high time to do something about my life, and subsequently knocked me off my Argy. I thought, "oh, ten seconds, no big deal", right before my face was chewed off by a nearby Alpha Raptor. So, any sane person might think "Oh, just don't go to places they spawn at on mounts they can knock you off of, or just don't fly low". While I partially agree with this, I also think that someone shouldn't be that limited in exploration, seeing that most of the mounts they can't knock you off of are large and slow. As for the "don't fly low" part, they cover so much of the map (particularly Ragnarok (for reference, use this https://bit.ly/2MZw8R6) that stopping to get stamina in their territory is almost inevitable, even if you have a high stam mount. Some might also say "Just keep your mounts on neutral". This is a good point and I think it's a great way to lower your chances of death but it is in no means foolproof. Keeping your mounts on neutral might mean you kill that Rex that's decided it would love a taste of your blood, but with how many aggressive things tend to be in the areas where they spawn (ex. Redwoods and the Canyons) there's a high chance that another dino will get the drop on you, leading to your inevitable death. Another common argument is "Just dismount before they reach you and they won't be able to do anything". This can work and has worked for me multiple times but you've gotta keep in mind that these things are some of the smallest creatures in the game and as shown by this video (https://bit.ly/2LTjyac) outpace every other land creature by a mile. Not to mention that they seem to have a tendency to come out of nowhere. It's just unrealistic to think that people will be able to consistently do that. Conclusion: Microraptors are OP (IN PVE), with such a powerful move in their arsenal and almost no way to consistently counter/defend against them, they have become a serious problem to me and almost everyone I know that plays the game. They deserve a nerf or something to make playing with them in the game more fun. I only say this because, in their current state, I'd rather play in an ARK where they never existed, and that's my breaking point for when I know something needs some serious adjustments. Some possible fixes I think could work great: Make it so if you have a microraptor on your shoulder or any other shoulder mount on your shoulder they will block the microraptors stun and proceed to fight that microraptor (if they aren't on Passive or Passive Flee, in which case they would do nothing). Another version of this that would probably make microraptors much less annoying is the same principle but the shoulder mount never leaves your shoulder or fights the microraptor but simply blocks the stun. I feel this would be good because it takes some sort of effort to acquire a shoulder mount but not so much that it makes countering microraptors a mind numbingly boring process. Another fix might be adding a "Spiked Helmet" at level 15-35 and making it cost materials that aren't necessarily hard to get but just rare enough that early game players will find this helmet valuable. I think a perfect candidate for this is Chitin/Keratin, costing about 75-150 for each helmet. This helmet would stop the microraptor from throwing you off and as an added bonus would damage any creatures that melee you that seem to be hitting you head, for example, compys wouldn't be damages but Vultures and Rexes would.(by amounts going up as the quality of the helmet goes up (ex. Primitive 2 dmg, Ramshackle 5 dmg, Apprentice 7 dmg, Journeyman 10 dmg, Mastercraft 15 dmg, Ascendant 20 dmg) Some other notable, however less exciting mentions include lowering their aggro range, decreasing their spawnrates, lowering their speed, etc., etc., As the title may suggest, I'm looking for discussion, so please, if you think I'm an idiot who deserves nothing but scorn for this heinous, wretched post, tell me why. And if you want to reinforce my already massive ego by reaffirming my beliefs, please do so. Have a good day!
  2. Do you guys think the Megalania is in a good spot? When they first came out I personally was expecting a cave Thyla, something with monster stats to rival the Megalo. Got one recently and thought it kinda sucked, so I went out, found another, and bred them. The baby was certainly better than its parents, but it was still... lackluster to me. Its probably the late-game survivor in me talking, so I want your thoughts and opinions on what roles the Megalania fills and whether or not it needs buffs.
  3. @Demerus @alexio86 @YellowJacket @Hawktrader74 @TheConstructor @gcalberto @Bambulaaa @Morimoto @WhiteCrow @Schelmixi Hello and welcome, First of all I'd like to say the forum only allows me to tag 10 people, therefor not all main traders/breeders are tagged (yet). The question I want to discuss with you guys is as following: - Why is every single breeder currently after clean stats only and mainly selling clean stats too (including myself) We know Wild Card won't be doing much about the current cap problem (given tomorrow's solution is temp.), so I thought we could make an actual change. There are already some of you which I work closely together with, where we share our lines and stats to prevent x2 work and x2 amount of dino's on a single server. Woudn't it be benificial if we go back to the legacy mindset where we start a line and finish it (with all mutations etc.) before bringing it to market? I'm currently doing the same with my thylacoleo's where I will be bringing them out at base level 340-350. Meaning it is a completed dino where not many people will mass breed after it for more mutated stats etc. I'd like to know what is your drive/objective with getting/selling clean stats mainly? My awnser: It's good in the market currently. Non breeders somehow think that clean stats are better than mutated stats which is why they're after clean stats only. I sell what the market asks, the only value I have in clean stats are the ones that I tame and breed myself. Things that I buy I don't really care about the mutations since I'm not going to compete with the person whom I bought them from. I believe that we could make a change regarding the caps together, came to the point where I fully gave up on Wild Card and see if we as a community can solve it to a certain extend. Note: I'm not trying to be discrespectful or make this a disrespectful topic. Mainly a discussion topic for information where we can exchange idea's and thoughts. Zero Seconds - 698 Legacy - 193/79/210 Official
  4. #TLDR : Someone crying about stuff that veterans don't want to hear. Ok, so I left my previous server because it was always tame capped, every single day it seemed, and it was a known hotspot for mass breeders and traders to destroy with their corporate storage bases. (by filling the server with insane amounts of dinos) This week I started on a server with less than half the population of my previous server, thinking things would be different. I spend 2-3 days building a decent sized wooden base, protected by like 30 wooden dino gates. Which is a lot of work on a new character that can barely carry anything. I started in a slightly more difficult area, filled with argentavis, sabers, raptors, carnos, scorpions and rexes. So 50% of the time I was depositing all my valuables into a box and luring predators away from my base, or bolaing smaller ones and poking them to death. Inbetween all of that, I kept trying to tame dodos, but the dodos die every time I try to punch or slingshot them unconscious. Then someone says " The easter event won't let you tame the dodos ".... Which instantly blows a noob's life away. How are we suppose to tame a ptera without dodo kibble? Meat? Ok, get ready for 2 hours of level 20 ptera taming, surrounted by predators and NO good dinos to protect it. So I gave up on the ptera and went straight for an argy, since my base is surrounded by them. I get a pathetic level 10 down right ontop of my house ( Best conditions possible) and I would have had exactly enough meat stored up from countless battles with smaller predators with my spears. ... But then suddenly, at 10:00am in the morning when there's usually less players online . " Too many dinos on the ark ". Tame capped. The players in the server say it's been that way every single day since the easter event.... I've pretty much given up on Ark online, since the game fights progress in every way possible.... Just imagine how many newbies are turned away by situations like this.. And yeah, whatever, I could have spent time trying to find less crowded, less capped servers, constantly asking in world chat " Is this server capped ", only to get dishonest replies from regulars who don't want their server to be invaded by newbies, etc etc. I could have went straight for a dino and had no proper base to protect them once I had tamed them, and realized it was capped sooner, etc. I could have went to a newer server with less days old, and hoped it's not already capped by migrating players who are tired of the tame caps on older servers, etc etc. But I didn't, and those things aside, how do you even play ark when you can't do the main objective of the game? Which is to tame dinosaurs? .. Ok well, maybe not EVERYONE's main objective, but the majority of players.
  5. Heyo, so I'm trying to find and tame a Phoenix. Might just trap it if I can find one and wait till another x2 weekend, but the goal is still the same. So far, I have went through 5 heat waves and haven't seen a single Phoenix, so the rarity sure is there. However, these are only things I've heard from other players and have seen in videos. - The Phoenix spawns 3 per server instead of the original 1 - They fly just about as high as the Tapijara, but can fly as low as the trees/cacti - Often spawn near the obilisks, but are also known to pawn mid map and will travel long distances - Turn to ashes outside of heat waves and will spawn above their ashes the next heat wave - They're a living forge, camp fire, and silica pearl farm If you know anything by certain that you know I have either missed or am wrong about, please correct me and help those like me that are seeking to tame this legendary and evasive creature. Anything will help ranging from co-ords, to photos.
  6. Zinogresword

    Megalania Balance Idea

    Hello people of survivetheark, this is my first post so bear with me here :). I've been thinking about it lately after I tamed a lvl 130 Megalania, I absolutely love the look of these guys and prefer their size to Rock Drakes as well as their model. I understand that Rock Drakes are meant to be the Aberration equivalent to Wyverns but weaker, so I'm not saying the Megalania has to be nearly that strong or have a special ability on the "C" key like Wyverns Grab/Wingflap. The megalania as it currently stands cannot inflict MegaRabies to non-player/dodo creatures so their main "debuff" isn't' valuable at all in PvE, the megalania has two attacks one being a bite and one being a slash.The Megalania's bite does 10 dmg and slash does 18 dmg the bite is faster than the slash probably being able to get 2 bites to 1 slash. The Megalania is considered a "small" category dino along with creatures like Terror Birds,Direwolves and Raptors, The Raptor being arguably the weakest out of the nimble small class mounts does 15 dmg per bite and attacks rather quickly, compared to the Megalania I would estimate the Raptor could get in 1-2 more attacks on a target. The Raptor and Megalania seemingly have similar speed with the Raptor being faster but the Megalania can climb walls and ceilings. The Megalania has far better weight and health than the Raptor which is a huge plus and almost equals out. The main issue lies in the damage, the megalania can't hold its own to many different creatures. A 229% melee damage Megalania has trouble killing mate boosted jerboas it takes 3+ hits on each, the place you tame these guys, the difficulty of the tame (amount of narcotics) and the lvl (73) you learn the engram + the fact that its' saddles are in red drops really shows that they were meant to be strong. Megalania are tamed in caves (exlcluding Ragnarok) where many other swarms of dangerous creatures lie, on the island they are most abundant in the Swamp cave which is arguably the 3rd hardest cave on the map meaning this isn't just a Raptor you tame at lvl 20 and move on. I really love the TLC updates coming out so far and hope to see many more, my main hope is that they can keep the model as it is and just adjust stats to be more fitting to the creature. TL;DR Megalanis are meant to be strong, which they are but they lack the damage. -Zinogresword/Teostraclaws
  7. Poemkid

    Reaper King Ideas

    Ok this is my first time making one of these so bear with me. I just had of few ideas about one of my newly favorite dinos the reaper king. Although fun to use i still feel like its lacking so here are a few additions that i think should be added to an awesome creature to make it that much more awsomer .A dedicated roar button on consoles: I play on Xbox and theres no way to roar even though its a feature on pc,please add,it can go right where the change ride view camera button is Rb .More utility features:What about an ability that lets you track wounded prey, or an immunity to nameless and other reapers agro .Switching up the jump:Jumping is cool in all but on the reaper it just looks kinda silly just floating there with a static fall animation,i was thinking that it could have a cool agile non static jump animation and run animation worthy of sush a magnificent beast. .A Pounce attack: Like the Thyla but works on bigger creatures,also it could have the same arc aim as the pick axes and maybe adds acid damage over time and ignores armour. Also the pounce could be used to climb up near by ledges .Better stats:pretty self explanatory,this thing is a monster it should fight like one too .Friendly Charge light:it shouldn't hurt it .Better tamed damage reduction:it should have enough at least to make up for lack of a saddle so what do you guys think,and also thank you WildCard for such an awesome game,keep up the good work.
  8. TLDR; New Wall item, nothing changes, point A to point B, pay the mats, smaller actual bases with fence for dinoes, with an additional "ceiling" shield type of device, think glass ceiling but 95% see through, no metal or anything. Basically a shield for the opening to your base, if the base is small and the fence is big you need a "roof" so i came up with a shield idea in an attempt to make this work better. <To sell the smaller bases idea..better.. Long I can read: If the issue (Disconnects/timeouts/crashing/lag) actually is Building of bases, you need a great wall item that sinks into the floor enough to prevent gaps at any surface(if it clips through the world it has to clip.) Next is base height, width, length, limits. It does take some creativity out of it but to be honest there are a bunch of boxes... When i was limited in my space i made an actual home and it was pretty kick ass about 8 long 6 wide and 6-8 high to move around in i got to say and it was super creative i had a bunch of good ideas i won't share cause i keeps the precious and i really enjoyed looking at it and running around in it. (I made it work and i enjoyed that base much more than any of the big ones I've made, less time building the base more time kicking -ass. Pve.) (1st experience was pvp, lvl 65, 1 group of "kids", wanted to beef with the single player and well there is a good story there. anywho.) On to the topc: I build so that i only use foundations if i can and if not i find a way to make ceiling work and not stick up and out cause it looks really bad. (I want a smooth floor and walls, it just makes sense.) Once you have this wall item that works well, it can be upgraded say 1st evolution to this wall is 2 walls high from end to end (to explain its function) say click the left mouse button once to start, click the left mouse button again to stop < allow for a miss-click so 3 clicks to confirm the circumference to the walls length needed. ^Right, right, then it has options like the smithy, right, right, you open the greened wall (the same green that says its okay to place this item/ red would mean something is blocking it.) right, right. Upon pressing E on this wall you get options thatch/wood/stone/metal/element (idk how element works atm, didn't use cheats in single player.) You get the idea, editing this wall would be the issue so say you wanted to expand in any direction (you devs have to figure this one out.) or community can. Then 4 walls high, and so on each costing a certain amount of mats (of your choosing or just the same as say 4 walls high and 20 rows long,, no change in the amount of mats it is just more or less automated with this new wall item.) With the smaller base/home building idea and a bigger fence idea, you need a "roof", i vote we get some sort of "blast shielding" ONLY for the upper circumference of your base area. If you make a "perfect" circle fence with a base smack in the middle the "roof" shielding will mimic the area AS IF you had a roof, for PVP you can obviously get a way inside or something of the devs choosing i can't think of it all myself. End. New topic about world map seams, as a secondary possible issue: On an totally related situation to this lag issue, I find building ON TOP of or around WOLD MAP seams is a possible issue with building all together, perhaps it is just world seams in general. To explain, where i am is a giant seam right through the middle of my place. Base spot possibly but i couldn't have known that seam was there and with pillar-ing it was my only solution to a somewhat decently sided base, do the world seams cause an issue idk only the devs would know. Figured i'd toss everything into this discussion so perhaps maybe someone feels the same about any of this or i get a response to any of it. Good luck with it otherwise. Edit: If smaller bases free's up space for more dino slots this turns into an AUTOMATIC Yes for me and possibly many others. edit wanted to add that in.