• Announcements

    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
    • Eli

      Official PC: Hard Turret Limit begins on 18th of February at 1PM ET   02/16/18

      On the 18th of February, at 1PM ET we will be enabling the hard turret limit on all PC Official Servers. This means that you will not be able to build over 100 turrets within a 10k unit radius. This will work on autoturrets, heavy turrets, tek turrets, plus plant turrets and is no longer map specific. The hard limit calculation is done on start-up, so if your turrets are ever over the limit, they will be randomly shut-off until you're under the limit. In order to restore shut off turrets, you must pick up any which exceed the number, as well as shut-off turrets and replace them in order for them to work.

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Found 46 results

  1. I was just happy to get a orange color reaper after all these white ones, a blue one came out... Looks amazing!
  2. Thought i'd share this beautiful ANSEL image of the new Direwolf model from the TLC 1.
  3. Hey there ARK people! We just had a question about monetization of content and artworks etc. My brother and I are looking at getting started on YouTube and understand that monetization of any YouTube videos using ARK is totally fine. Which is awesome and a huge thanks to everyone at WildCard for that! However, we have encountered a grey area with regards to screenshots and edited images. We like to upload images on Twitter, Instagram and Deviant Art, and these are primarily screenshots we capture in-game. Sometimes we edit them (which takes many hours to do) before upload. Recently, people have asked us if they are able to purchase the images we've taken (both unedited and edited) on Deviant Art (as printed pics on canvas and mugs etc.) and even asked if they can download them as wallpapers for their phones (through Google Play and other sites). Granted, these were mostly family members and friends, but it left us wondering where the monetisation issue stands especially relating to selling images to people on Deviant Art and other sites like it? Any clarification would be greatly appreciated, as we simply don't know and don't want to do wrong by the devs of our favourite game in many years. Cheers!
  4. hey all! I've become quite the fan of yutys lately! I've wanted to start breeding to get more mutations but I'd love to see what's currently out there! I've seen "alpha" red ones a lot, but what else you guys got? please share! I'm trying to brew up some mutation goals and tbh this is just my excuse to see more colourful muppets haha Currently I've got a line of yutys that have a pastel green colour on their facial crest/tail tip! here is mama in front, and her daughter (one of a set of twins) behind her!
  5. https://gyazo.com/dcc5a0710403450aa9be2b2611fa8cbf I just had to share this somewhere I'm in love!
  6. screenshot Shenanigans

    When the ark devs give us opportunities...
  7. screenshot Forest Rays

    Caught a Thylaco Sunbathing
  8. screenshot Wildest Wild

    I'm a lover of mutations and often mass breed (and kill off) until I get some. However, I'm just as much a sucker for a wild that just looks too well put together. Not just a mosh pit of colors but a scheme that makes you just want to tame it on that alone. This was my latest find from last night. Well...actually my tribemate found it and called me over since I breed spinos. He's a 145 and that color is straight wild. He looks solid black in the daytime with the navy peaking through. In lights he has some greying on his sides. Hoping to get some mirror images of him! Anyone else have any wild colored wilds they've gotten lately?
  9. Camera on PS4

    I was having a look through my engrams recently, when I rediscovered the camera. It came out before the paintings and I just sort of forgot about it. I took a couple pictures with my camera to post in my gallery, but to my displeasure, they were nowhere to be found. Is there something I'm missing? All google searches have dug up nothing.
  10. For when you are flying across large distances, the left thumb can become a bit sore. So I "invented" this
  11. screenshot Apple Park Build

    I thought I would humbly share my Apple Park Steve Jobs Theatre / Retail store. Build in glass and metal. Sadly not a circle because you can't on Ark yet. Feel free to comment. Click the picture for a bigger / clearer view.
  12. screenshot My RP Builds

    So, I'm still new to the world of RP builds, but I thought I would humbly share. Attached is the loft in one of the houses in the town I'm currently building. Mods: Castles, Keeps & Forts | OzoCraft | Eco's RP Decor | Eco's Shoppe Decor I have more screenshots on Steam, or if anyone actually likes these, I'll post more on this forum <3 http://steamcommunity.com/id/mlobach20/screenshots/?appid=346110
  13. Greetings all, I was flying around yesterday and saw a few interesting buildings going up, but no Camelots or Floating Islands. So I figured I would ask what interesting things you have built on an Official Server. Why Official? Because it can be a pain to get those supplies together and find the time to get it done correctly. Now, I am not just talking about the new servers. Any of the Legacy servers as well. I am needing ideas and figured y'all would have a few. Here's one of mine on 478. Lighthouse side. Lighthouse top. The design was shamelessly stolen from GG Fizz. Simple but effective. {tried to use the Insert other media but it just spun} {figured it out} GT, Lowly Gamer since 1999, The Realm
  14. screenshot Mutations

    Hey Im about to start some thyla mutations soon and I was wondering if anyone has advice on breeding them
  15. screenshot hyenadon mutations

    Here are a few of my hyenadon mutations I've been working on Green and lavender Red and green Red and lavender Blue and red Posted from my [device_name] using http://ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  16. Logged into the official server I play on and found this in my taming pen outside of my base. One titan's somehow inside the pen of behemoth gates, another's running into it and there's an alpha carno in the pit below the titan on the right. I don't know why games always start to go bonkers when I play them.
  17. screenshot Mr. Derp

  18. screenshot GOTTA GO FAST

    This is my raptor sanic and I wanted to share him with the rest of the ark community I'm sure you all will appreciate him HE'S GOTTA GO FAST
  19. screenshot Cool builds!

    Send me pictures of your bases and base designs! Like to get some creative ideas off people
  20. screenshot Morning Time