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Found 97 results

  1. dwnfolyfe

    Crouch/prone mobile?

    Im pretty sure this may have been discussed. Buuuut. Crouch and prone button should exist for mobile. It may seem pointless, but i believe it enhances the immersion of gameplay. To be able to sneak on dinos or feel like you are even though it does nothing make it more fun to play. On top of that, to play online brings out different stylea of play. Obviously this is known. Will this be added in future? Or is it just too pointless.
  2. Flamepool

    Overheating issue

    Since I started playing, my phone would get a little warm over an extended playthrough(about 2 hours) Now it starts to warm up the second I open the app. After an hour, I have to take the case off and it’s almost too hot to hold. Is there anything I can do about this?
  3. ScreamingViolet

    New settings?

    When I started playing today I saw something I hadn’t seen before about an option that can be used on the first screen that loads. I haven’t updated the game today or anything like that, and whilst my iPad Air 2 isn’t exactly brand new it certainly hasn’t struggled playing ark (except the constant crashes - which I guess could indicate that it is struggling!) im just wondering what the new option is about and what it could mean for my aging iPad. There’s a check box and next to that It says: “Enable at your own risk. This device does not meet the minimum specifications for playing ark
  4. kalebloganwer

    Mods on mobile

    Hey guys uh if we have a phone can we put mods in the game in the closed beta of the game please comment.
  5. ScreamingViolet

    Super fast experience gain

    I play in solo mode on ark mobile. previously I have lamented at how slowly I seem to gain experience in relation to others. Despite having a permanent 2x buff from primal pass and having all the free time in the world to play others seem to climb through the levels at lightening speed. It might be worth noting that from my observations the exp gained from killing creatures on mobile doesn’t seem to earn you, or your tame, the same amount of experience that is listed within the wiki on gamepedia. It might not be of any revelance either. today I just finished up collecting the artifact from the swamp cave. Killed a whole bunch of high lvl scorpions, but nothing that stressful as I’m on lvl 81 - wearing my well earned, super spiffy wetsuit and scuba gear, whilst riding my level 55(ish) direwolf. On my way in I saved my game and backed it up, as you do in solo. I also noted our experience. I was on lvl 81 with 412,353exp and my wolf was 4061exp. after completing the cave, saving, backing up etc, I noticed that I had the pop up saying I had leveled up and could up my stats. I was surprised as when I went in I still had around 38,000 exp points to go. (At least I think that’s right, if lvl 82 requires 450,000) I was blown away when I saw that I now had 814,119! im pretty sure I used a broth of enlightenment on myself as I went in, but there’s no way that I earned over 100k points from the cave. It took me months to get to 400k! Anyone have ave any ideas why this might’ve happened? Have you seen this before? If there’s any devs or moderators reading, do you know what’s going on? im not complaining mind you, but I sure am curious and would love to repeat it if only I knew how. p.s. Can you use potions and such like broth of enlightenment on your mount as well as yourself? And do those buffs stack if we both eat it?
  6. ScreamingViolet

    Teddy Bears 🐻

    Can someone tell me why the regular coloured teddy bear is only 35 Amber but the pink one is 40 Amber? Is there anything different about them apart from the obvious? finally hatched my first baby and want to get it right!
  7. t3kn33k

    Name Change

    So I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered already but I could not find an answer... Can we change names on mobile. My name is messed up. Thanks in advance!
  8. ScreamingViolet

    Dire Wolves 🐺 in caves

    I’m going to go on a run for chitin (want to craft an ascendant saddle for my argy and need 4K of it) and have heard that hitting the caves is a great way to do it and that a wolf is a great mount.Im just wondering what level should I get my wolf to before attempting it? I really don’t want to lose him im thinking I’ll try the southern cave first as it’s the only one I’ve actually finished and I know there’s lots of chitin rich bugs in there. Can anyone suggest any other caves, or just areas that have a lot of chitin? I’ve been hitting scorpions 🦂 in the redwoods with my argy, but it’s taking forever. Also does the pack buff have much of an effect? Should I go and tame another two wolves first? Or don’t waste the time? im playing solo btw if that makes a difference
  9. ScreamingViolet

    Shoulder Mounts

    Do you guys carry a tame with you on your shoulder? What’s your favourite companion? Despite playing the game for months I still haven’t tamed myself a little companion to carry around on my shoulder, so I’m just wondering what everyone else does. Should I be taming one? If so what species? And are there any tips or tricks to getting the most out of a shoulder mount? another thing I’ve not really used is shields. Do you guys use shields? Do they offer enough protection to warrant how heavy and cumbersome they appear to be. It doesn’t matter to me what platform or game mode you play, but I play solo or ark mobile.
  10. ScreamingViolet

    Honey 🍯 on mobile

    I would love to tame myself some achatina as my cement habit is getting hard to maintain, but as they need sweet vegetable cake to be tamed I’m kinda stuck as there are no bees in mobile to create honey. ive gotten a small amount via the free gifts, but that isn’t going to go very far. is there a way to get the honey required for the recipe without purchasing one of the crafting stations?
  11. ModdedJay

    Bug report Mobile

    Hey guys and gals over at wildcard. Great Port over. Pat on the back for adding to the historic year of 2018's mobile gaming catalog of AAA games. But it's not without a hiccup or two. The ones I'm noticing that are prevalent consist of a graphical issue involving the rotatable character portrait in the menus being completely distorted. While it's still functional, it still could be touched up again. Another issue I've noticed is when you hit the tab button to quickly run to the browser to check something or message someone. The game takes you back to the main menu. Thanks a bunch for reading and checking out these problems. Also I would add a picture but it's 8mb too big..... I'm running a moto z2 force Verizon 6gb ram setup. Stock android.
  12. ScreamingViolet

    Argentavis breeding help needed

    I’ve put a pair of Argentavis together in a small-ish box building and have set them both to wander, but don’t seem to be getting anywhere. I got two unfertilised eggs right at the star but that was it. They’ve been in there around 3 or 4 real world hours and am just wondering if I’m doing something wrong? Or are Argentavis difficult to breed? any help is gratefully appreciated. cheers
  13. Jesuslopez

    bugs Game crashes

    Hey why won’t my game let me play single mode..I trod to play single player but it just kicks me back to my home screen???
  14. ScreamingViolet

    Do events apply to ALL platforms?

    I’m just wondering if the claim that events, such as next weekends ‘evolution event’, with the improved exp gain rates, do truly apply to ALL platforms. More specifically, do the improved rates apply to the mobile platform? And to the solo game mode?
  15. Noremac091

    Mobile controller support

    Is there a time frame on the ark mobile Android controller support using a PS4 controller ?
  16. ScreamingViolet

    Collectibles in mobile

    As we don’t have the same end game as pc and console with bosses and such I was just wondering if there’s any reason for us to collect the items they use to summon bosses etc. the Tyrannosaurus rex arms, Argentavis talons and megalodon teeth etc. Is there any point to collecting these items now? Or possibly in the future?
  17. I will be releasing a Ark Survival Discord bot, at the moment it supports everything on mobile and I will soon update it to support all the PC Dinos. FEATURES +craft item qty (You can virtually craft items to see what materials are required) +itemsearch item (You can get a list of a items, if your looking for something) +iteminfo item (get detailed information regarding a specific item) +cave cave/location/artifact (Tells you what items drop from that specific cave as well as detailed information on what dinos you encounter and the dangers) +hatch 2m/s/h message (A Reminder a system that sends you a notification, at specified intervals) FEATURES IN THE PIPELINE Material-UI/React based website that runs with the discord Bot. You will will be able to adjust Discord settings for your server, and do anything command based right from the web. Taking Feedback Ideas.
  18. BENCHMANmobile

    swamp cave damage bug

    So when I enter the cave I am taking damage without being attacked am I missing something or what because I can not progress at all
  19. So I bought primal pass a week or so ago. I’m in a primal pass server and wanted to know if my oass expired, would I be kicked out and lose my stuff? I also had a question about buying items and collars. If I bought them in multiplayer, would they carry over to single player and my other servers like the primal pass or is it only for the server I’m in? It would be nice if that feature was added so I don’t waste money on multiple servers.
  20. ScreamingViolet

    Ad watching wait times

    I’m playing ark mobile on iOS in solo mode and have primal pass. ive recently noticed that after I watch an ad to earn ancient Amber a countdown timer appears and counts down what I thought was 6 minutes. However once the timer hits 0:00 it just sits there and does nothing. It just stares back at you. At at some point it does disappear and the watch ad button returns - I’m not sure how long it takes as I’ve not wanted to get involved in a staring competition with the 0:00 timer! does anyone else have a similar experience? can anyone confirm what the wait time should be in between ads? I usually try and watch one whenever I collect my free gift (they come 90mins apart with primal pass) cheers guys
  21. When I’m playing single player mode and I have the god console, I turned the fly mode on and then I ride my dino and it started flying, it was nice at the beginning but then it keeps flying even when I turned the fly mode off, how can I let them back normal ? What should I do?
  22. BadlyExisting


    I killed a couple cnidarians, turned around, and they were slowly floating toward me and upward into the sky.
  23. ScreamingViolet

    Dear Developers

    All to often in forums attached to games such as this you will find an endless supply of threads directed at the games developers. All to often the player has gotten upset by something that has occurred in game and they start ripping into the devs. I get it, you spend a lot of time and energy (& sometimes money) on a game and when things go awry, no matter who is at fault, players like to throw their anger about and give the devs a hard time. This is not one of those threads. i just noticed that Ark mobile was game of the day in the Apple App Store, which I’m sure is no mean feat considering the gazillion apps on offer, so I just wanted to congratulate you all on a job well done. You’ve taken a really awesome pc game, cross bred it for consoles and then mutated it into a mobile app across two operating systems and who knows how many devices. So... Congratulations!!! 🦖 You’ve done a pretty damn awesome job Ive spent the last few months stuck in bed and can honestly say ark has helped prevent me from loosing my mind - although when I kept getting killed in the <level 20 days I came pretty darn closes lol. And as I mentioned, game players (like any kind of customer really) don’t really think twice about getting upset and complaining when things don’t work perfectly, but rarely does it swing the other way, with people piping up to say thanks or praise people for a job well done. Thanks guys 🦕
  24. This has happened to me twice in the past 36 hours, I got an implant to revive on my platform, revive the creatures (cost 38 amber) and once the revival animation is finished the creature disappeared. I'm already struggling to get Amber from adds only to lose it in an instant. Please help
  25. MQ92

    questions about the griffens

    I'm playing single player mode and I didn't find any griffens, gigas or quetzals, and when I google it I found that they are available in "ragnarok map". Is it the same map that I'm playing at or is it different? "I'm using god console btw"