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Found 67 results

  1. ModdedJay

    Bug report Mobile

    Hey guys and gals over at wildcard. Great Port over. Pat on the back for adding to the historic year of 2018's mobile gaming catalog of AAA games. But it's not without a hiccup or two. The ones I'm noticing that are prevalent consist of a graphical issue involving the rotatable character portrait in the menus being completely distorted. While it's still functional, it still could be touched up again. Another issue I've noticed is when you hit the tab button to quickly run to the browser to check something or message someone. The game takes you back to the main menu. Thanks a bunch for reading and checking out these problems. Also I would add a picture but it's 8mb too big..... I'm running a moto z2 force Verizon 6gb ram setup. Stock android.
  2. Pawnography

    solo Solo Player Dino Limit Increase

    Hey there, I’d recommend to add a bigger dino limit for players who are solo (not in a tribe), especially on PVE servers. I know that the purpose of online servers is so people can communicate and join tribes, but I enjoy going into servers due to the environment and knowing that there are also others around me and I’m not just in a single player world all by myself. The problem I’m running into is that I want to do breeding but all the essential dino’s that I have for resource gathering is filling up my dino limit, making breeding a decision that would result in me un claiming a dino or killing to stay below the limit. An increase to the dino limit for SOLO players would make a great addition to the game and if the solo player would to ever join a tribe the limit would go back to standard unless they go solo once again.
  3. Nogamenolife97

    Industrial grinder was removed on mobile?

    Did industrial grinder removed on mobile? Before the 1.0.90 update industrial grinder still exists at level 64 engram after update grinder engram was disappeared. Or just revise to more higher level to unlock?
  4. Helo guys, im playing on Tripwire (Normal) Asia Server. (Mobile) and when me and my friend raid someone base. I found something that really wierd for me. I found a Achatina with lvl449 on it. Is that even possible ? on normal server ?
  5. Night vision goggles and SCUBA mask totally not working in mobile. SCUBA mask same vision with not wearing any head gear. Pls fix it. TQ
  6. kalebloganwer

    Mods on mobile

    Hey guys uh if we have a phone can we put mods in the game in the closed beta of the game please comment.
  7. Nogamenolife97

    Why mobile platform don't have custom recipe

    Why mobile platform don't have custom recipe function in campfire?
  8. SirhaanSmecks

    Is iOS Ark cross-platform with PC?

    Is someone on ios able to play with someone on PC? Or is it going to be added in the future?
  9. I fixed the issue by signing out of the App Store, restarting my iPad, then resigning in. I believe it refreshed my account. Too bad it took almost three days and I watched probably two dozen ads. Hello, I have been playing Ark on IOS for about a month and a half now. I purchased the primal pass a month ago and it was just renewed two days ago. Ever since I was billed for the renewal, the pass has been removed from my game. I have submitted a report form but haven’t received anything in my email, nor has my account received the pass yet. I am aware that the reporting form is my best bet, but I am concerned because its now two days later and nothing has happened. I wish I play the game I paid for without watching ads and haven’t been able to for two days. The worst part is that I am on travel this week and am playing it constantly. I’ve lost out on so much XP and free gifts because I am unable to watch ads when I don’t have WiFi. I have screenshots of my email being billed, and I have a screenshot of “no purchases” when I have attempted to ‘restore purchases’.
  10. Iscreenspied

    Can not restore primal pass

    I am stuck in a loop restoring my primal pass. Have reset the app, uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, same issue. Deleted iCloud data, unlinked Game Center account, no results. Please let me know if anyone has any solutions or workaround, I cannot join my server and there isn’t a solution I am able to figure out at the moment.
  11. The32bitguy

    Constant lag.

    Even in a short play session this game roasts my phone (S7 edge Samsung CPU) with low settings 40%~ res in Game mode (feature of device's firmware) and rain or any building larger then a tiny shack tanks The FPS, and this is on a beach! I use the systems RAM cleaner to get a solid 2 gigs free with no other apps Running in the background. Is there going to be some major optimization patches in the future or is there a fix?
  12. benwarr1221

    Are there leeches in Ark Mobile?

    I can’t find any leeches and want to know if they are even on mobile.
  13. Ok idk if this is a bug or if it’s part of the game? But me and my tribe have had incidents where we can’t get any Dino’s up to 500 melee once we hit 500 it resets back down to 400 I had a anklyo that I had breed and with the maturation done and my imprinting its base stat was at 440 melee and I quickly leveled it up to 500 I had killed an alpha Carno and got a few levels and I was at 530 melee and then it was starting to lag a lot and my game crashed so did my teammate on the argy and when I got back on it’s stat was at 400 far below what I had when it had finished maturing I would like to know if this is a bug or if it’s intentional as wasting 20 levels on a Dino only to be reset is a waste of time and effort as I could up other stats that was my expierience with this my teammate who’s played pc has been breeding monkeys and it’s reset on him twice now and he doesn’t under stand why. I would appreciate if I could get a response on this as i don’t know if I should keep trying and thx again for looking at posts. Good luck with future updates and fixes .
  14. So all of my post crash bases are still around (just with out the items and tames) only thing is i can’t open the doors or destroy them or, even damage them this woudnt be to much of a problem but i built walls and a door in the mouth of the swamp cave which means they don’t despawn and i cant’t destroy them, and yes I have tried to damage them with my tames as well to no effect is there any way i can get rid of these? (I am playing single player)
  15. Keram

    Pro hunt trophys

    So since this part was never adressed i am going to ask again, back when the game crashes where happening and people were losing there items, bases, and tames my single player got hit by this bug as well and i lost all but my level but i am here to ask for the pro hunt trophys back since there no way to get them back, (getting my blueprints back would be nice to but thtas off topic) i was wondering if away to get them back or have them sent to my game or somthing like that has any chance of happening, i had all the ones up to the dodo pro hunt where i have to hunt 250 dodos. If theres any way of geting those back I would be very happy to have them back.
  16. Hi i havent been able to play the game at all each time i interact with a smithy or any other item my game just decides to crash on pvp i dont know if its myself experiencing this bugs but its really annoying i tested this out on solo and everything was perfect my game wouldnt crash im sure myself and other people experincing this crash would be rather happy if it got fixxed
  17. YourTypicalSithLord

    iPhone SE Question

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone with an iPhone or SE and down are able to play ark and pvp enjoyably or at least have the game be playable. I have an iPhone SE and am a solo maybe duo player who wants to do some raiding and pvp, nothing too big, I was wondering if anyone else uses a similar phone and is able to effectively PvP. I want to give it a shot but I don't want to put in a few hours for me to hop on my Ptera/Wolf/Raptor and for me to have a laggy horrible time. Thank you. -Your typical average every day sith lord.
  18. The game starts but is missing the "Continue Single Player" pop-up. When I press "Play Ark" the game loads a tiny bit on the load screen but then the app crashes completely. I already restarted my phone and turned it on-off multiple times. I also sent a crash report to the pinned post. What do I do?
  19. I raised/bred a beast of an argentavis last week on flower server (mobile). In the past hour all of its stats randomly dropped down. It is level 55 and I haven’t got ANY of its imprinting stats back. What is the deal?? A friend’s Rex did the same thing. Did we just waste all of our time breeding and imprinting?? The bird is garbage now. It takes a very long time to raise babies. Many people across many servers are experiencing this issue. Please please fix this.
  20. alphamilita

    ark mobile imprinting help

    we just got a baby dire wolf and we cant get it it imprint help
  21. Noremac091

    Mobile controller support

    Is there a time frame on the ark mobile Android controller support using a PS4 controller ?

    Are PC/Mobile dino stats the same?

    With all of the ark videos out I have noticed most of them are from PC and consoles. Not many are in Mobile platform save for the devs. After watching these and reading information on dinosaur stats for taming or whatever else; are they all the same or relatively similar despite being on different platforms? Obviously there will be deviances in health, weight, etc. due to the randomness of the stat generation and level, but if I tame a Rex with given stats from dododex or other website/mobile app, will they be nearly identical in regards to time with the use of narcotics and certain types of meat, or do we have to "wing it" until a formal wiki is adapted to cover the Mobile platform?
  23. Hi guys, I want to ask is there a way to transfer the screen of ark mobile to pc and play ark mobile on large screen and is there a way to play ark mobile with key board and mouse or controller. my pc is not compatible of playing ark so that's why i need a way to transfer androide screen and play it on pc. SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH ITS NOT MY COUNTRY LANGUAGE.
  24. Lost 120 amber purchase. player name: Ese12 Frustrating
  25. Why is there MORE stuff in the mobile version then the PC and console versions, just why https://ark.gamepedia.com/ARK_Survival_Evolved_Mobile