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  1. I understand I'm probably beating a dead horse here but hear me out. Microraptors aren't just powerful, they're OP (IN PVE). They have the ability to knock you off your mount, which is already bad enough, but to make it worse they stun you for ten seconds making you susceptible to everything around you, including the environment. For example, once I was carrying a recently tamed Bary home on my Argy. Since my base was all the way across the map, I decided to take a stamina break, however, three of these little demons decided it was high time to do something about my life, and subsequently knocked me off my Argy. I thought, "oh, ten seconds, no big deal", right before my face was chewed off by a nearby Alpha Raptor. So, any sane person might think "Oh, just don't go to places they spawn at on mounts they can knock you off of, or just don't fly low". While I partially agree with this, I also think that someone shouldn't be that limited in exploration, seeing that most of the mounts they can't knock you off of are large and slow. As for the "don't fly low" part, they cover so much of the map (particularly Ragnarok (for reference, use this https://bit.ly/2MZw8R6) that stopping to get stamina in their territory is almost inevitable, even if you have a high stam mount. Some might also say "Just keep your mounts on neutral". This is a good point and I think it's a great way to lower your chances of death but it is in no means foolproof. Keeping your mounts on neutral might mean you kill that Rex that's decided it would love a taste of your blood, but with how many aggressive things tend to be in the areas where they spawn (ex. Redwoods and the Canyons) there's a high chance that another dino will get the drop on you, leading to your inevitable death. Another common argument is "Just dismount before they reach you and they won't be able to do anything". This can work and has worked for me multiple times but you've gotta keep in mind that these things are some of the smallest creatures in the game and as shown by this video (https://bit.ly/2LTjyac) outpace every other land creature by a mile. Not to mention that they seem to have a tendency to come out of nowhere. It's just unrealistic to think that people will be able to consistently do that. Conclusion: Microraptors are OP (IN PVE), with such a powerful move in their arsenal and almost no way to consistently counter/defend against them, they have become a serious problem to me and almost everyone I know that plays the game. They deserve a nerf or something to make playing with them in the game more fun. I only say this because, in their current state, I'd rather play in an ARK where they never existed, and that's my breaking point for when I know something needs some serious adjustments. Some possible fixes I think could work great: Make it so if you have a microraptor on your shoulder or any other shoulder mount on your shoulder they will block the microraptors stun and proceed to fight that microraptor (if they aren't on Passive or Passive Flee, in which case they would do nothing). Another version of this that would probably make microraptors much less annoying is the same principle but the shoulder mount never leaves your shoulder or fights the microraptor but simply blocks the stun. I feel this would be good because it takes some sort of effort to acquire a shoulder mount but not so much that it makes countering microraptors a mind numbingly boring process. Another fix might be adding a "Spiked Helmet" at level 15-35 and making it cost materials that aren't necessarily hard to get but just rare enough that early game players will find this helmet valuable. I think a perfect candidate for this is Chitin/Keratin, costing about 75-150 for each helmet. This helmet would stop the microraptor from throwing you off and as an added bonus would damage any creatures that melee you that seem to be hitting you head, for example, compys wouldn't be damages but Vultures and Rexes would.(by amounts going up as the quality of the helmet goes up (ex. Primitive 2 dmg, Ramshackle 5 dmg, Apprentice 7 dmg, Journeyman 10 dmg, Mastercraft 15 dmg, Ascendant 20 dmg) Some other notable, however less exciting mentions include lowering their aggro range, decreasing their spawnrates, lowering their speed, etc., etc., As the title may suggest, I'm looking for discussion, so please, if you think I'm an idiot who deserves nothing but scorn for this heinous, wretched post, tell me why. And if you want to reinforce my already massive ego by reaffirming my beliefs, please do so. Have a good day!
  2. Kaijor

    PvP Balancing

    Hi there, I was wondering if some experienced PvP player could help me with an inquiry. I have heard a lot of talk on discord, forums, reddit, etc. about pvp balancing and how important it is to whether a server is successful or not. So, I was wondering if you some experienced PvP players could share with me what they look for in a balanced in a server (i.e. what makes or breaks it for you)? What, in your mind, equates to an imbalanced PvP server? Also, specifically on flyers in general, what do you believe is balanced? For example, if a server included Classic Flyers mods, what do you believe is a balanced way to configure this mod? If you're willing to discuss in more detail over discord or in PMs, please let me know. I appreciate all replies in advance. I hope everyone has a great Sunday.
  3. Chain Bola's Don't last long enough to be much use for the cost. They last about 15 seconds, While high up in the air as they are dropping to the ground takes about 10 of those seconds. Normal bola's last about 30 seconds and are very cheap. ( i know they are for smaller dino's ) But I think the chain bola's would be worth the price if they lasted the same time on bigger dino's or at least make up for the time they are falling. Dragons get hit by one go down for not even 5 seconds. not even enough time to get the other dino's on top of them before they are back in the air on their marry way. They hardly do anything to other flyers as they wear off so quick for the cost.
  4. PvE and PvP are two different games. Why not balance them differently? Example on PvP you can pick up dinos on PvE you can’t. make PvE be able to only pick up dinosaurs that are not threatening (to stop griefing) Another example is saddles saddles were nerfed because of PvP there is no reason not to have them on PvE on PvP there are “small tribe servers with 3x rates” a majority of PvE official servers only have a small tribe so it’s a disadvantage for PvE. Balance PvE seperately to PvP on a sidenote: I personally don’t play PvP because I don’t want to risk months of time to come back to being wiped. (It’s understandable. Trust me)
  5. Hi everybody, as many of you I begin on ark and find all servers full or capped so I decided to submit an idea I had to solve it : Couldn't be a good idea to publish, for people who wants it, new servers paid by players who use it and without access for admin commands and make it able to use the cross server with officials ones for trades. By this way it will permit you to open new servers without loosing that much money and make free places. This idea can really work I know a lot of people (including me) who just want to have their own server following the same laws as officials ones with cross trades possibles. It will also be profitable for people who don't pay because they will have free place on actual ones. Thanks for reading.
  6. Hello! As an avid solo/ duo player in ark, ive amassed around 600 or so hours playing the game. Each time playing the game, i spend multiple hours building up my fort, taming my dinos, and building fortifications. Each and every single time i play it all starts and ends the same way; i start playing, build up, and then when i wake up next morning to get on and play once again, some out of server raider or the alpha of my server comes and wipes my house. Ive tried changing servers; even went to the most unpopulated servers in game, with huge ping. This did nothing, and out of server raiders still came in and wiped my weeks worth of work. On many servers, the Alphas simply WOULDN'T allow me to build. Many times they'd seek out my base and wipe it, no matter the server i was on. Recently, i spent another week attempting to build my base with a couple friends. This server was extremely friendly, each and every person, including the alphas, created alliances with me and my tribe. Everything was perfect; we tamed multiple high level dinos, and were finally getting back to some of our old powers. Sadly, just today, i logged back on after getting a measly six hours of sleep due to fears of my base being raided, and boom. My entire base, every single high level dino of which i spent hours taming, and all of my stuff, gone. I had a level 147 therizinosaur, a level 153 Carno, and multiple other high level dinosaurs. We were raided simply by an out of server raider on a level 318 Thyla. No other animals, just that. If a level 318 thyla can fight off an entire base, with multiple high level dinosaurs and plant x firing on it, something is wrong. Small tribes DON'T have enough power. It takes quite literally FOREVER to get to a state where one is unraidable, and even with that some high level out of server raider or the alpha of said server will just come in with his/her extremely high level dinos and slaughter. There is NO counterplay. In short, Studio Wildcard, please find a way to give smaller, lower level tribes more power in PvP servers. I love your game, but the one thing soiling it for me right now is high level raiders coming in and wiping everything. I want to play on PvP. PvP is the original Ark experience, and its whats most fun for me. The only problem is that giant tribes have TOO much power in the game, becoming the police force of a server/multiple servers. Please, do something to make smaller tribes more powerful. As myself, I CANNOT contest against a tribe with upwards of 20 people, and i myself do not wish to join an Alpha tribe to protect me; that playstyle simply is the most boring thing ever. Typically in an Alpha tribe, one cannot build, only collect resources for wars or other stupid tasks. Some potential ideas to fix this problem is: Changing resource gain rates for tribes with smaller people. If you have one person, you collect resources at a greater amount. If you are a tribe of two, at a slightly slower amount, and so on. A tribe of 20 will have more difficulty collecting resources, and therefore the smaller tribes have a higher capability of surviving in the cold, harsh world. Maybe also increase tame/ incubation rates for smaller tribes, allowing them to tame a multitude of animals faster to try and combat the higher alpha tribes. This system of balancing would be greater and more difficult to abuse then what is going on now; Right now, Alpha tribes are uncontested, unless if its by another alpha tribe. If someone leaves the tribe to go and get larger amounts of resources, then therefore they lose the ability to be in the tribe and use the dinos of the tribe. Another potential idea is to simply give smaller tribes an ability to turn off PvP for a certain amount of time. The tribe sets a time, activates it, and that tribe cannot raid anyone yet also cannot be raided. Give this ability to tribes smaller than 4-5, and that'll add a whole additional layer of strategy to the game and allow smaller tribes to thrive. Maybe have it so that when the tribe first builds its generator or something, itll give them the ability to turn off PvP. Have this ability use resources potentially; such as fuel, so that there is a drawback to having this ability online. A cool design for this could simply be just a whole new engram to learn; the forcefield. It would create a bubble around your house, that noone can enter but noone can exit also. The larger the field, the more resources required. However, this would be a ton of work, and hard to commit to. The best idea for this is to simply give small tribes the ability to turn off PvP, either for resources or as a balancing addition. In short, i'm attempting to speak out for the vast, silent majority of players in Ark. Ark servers have a social hierarchy that is simply oppressive; the small majority of Alpha tribes DOMINATE servers, sometimes not allowing smaller tribes to even live on the server. Most Alpha tribes go off server raiding, leaving their home server and wiping another server. Smaller tribes can do absolutely nothing about this problem, and are forced to simply accept their fate without having any action they can commit to saving themselves. This provides for an extremely unsatisfactory experience, and a constant fear in the back of ones mind before they attempt to sleep at night. Weeks worth of work can be demolished in seconds simply because you needed to complete your biological need of sleep, and there was nothing you could do about it. This forces players into a decision that most hate to decide on; either join an Alpha tribe for protection, and therefore have an even more unsatisfactory experience, or quit the game. The second option is one that i do not want to see, since Ark Survival is by far one of my most favorite games. Some of the most fun ive ever had in a videogame was building up a boat base with my friends and sailing to the North, attempting to survive the cold winter days while hunting mammoths for fur and getting metal. Sadly, each of these expeditions ended with a wyvern landing on top of our boat and C4 being strapped on. You can guess what happens after that. So, in conclusion, please grant smaller tribes more power. Be it through faster taming/resource gathering the smaller tribe you are, giving smaller tribes the ability to turn off PvP either for resources or with certain repercussions, or some other change not stated above, smaller tribes require some sort of defense against those who are too powerful in Ark. Please Studio Wildcard. I speak for the majority. We all love Ark survival, and want to keep playing and enjoying the game for times to come. Just right now, it's getting a little hard. Thank you for your time. -DannyDevito
  7. ForzaProiettile

    Upcoming Tribe Size Limit?

    There seems to be a lot of buzz lately on here and on the internet that in a future patch the tribe size limit will be changed from the current infinite limit to possibly a max of 10. I have noticed that one the developers (@Jen) recently asked for opinions on twitter about what tribe size most people prefer. From reading through the replies given it seems an extreme majority think that 5-10 should be the max tribe size with very few saying that mega tribes should remain. Even people in mega tribes that have replied are admitting they would prefer to play in a smaller tribe but feel forced into mega tribes in order to compete with the other mega tribes ie the vicious cycle. The link to the poll can be found here: I think if this happens it really revamp the game and in particular make PVP a lot better for the majority of players. Sure a few players in this 100+ tribes will chuck a fit but they have always been the minority anyways. This would be the single largest change to ARK gameplay since release.
  8. raptornugget

    ark needs to fix its poop

    so its no secret the devs are too raptoring stupid to fix the dozens of bugs in their game. its been 3 years, yet d-sync with projectile based weapons exists still DILO, dinos glitching under the map, increased host tether distance on locally hosted servers causing players and dinos to have massively increased swim speed, glitching inside dinos. the list goes on and on. so, its clear the devs are so raptoring retarded to fix bugs, so how about we do something about the balance? i started a petition on change.org but that only got 2 signatures XD. i thought id share it here so people can see it and it may get some recognition. (the following is a copy+paste from the poll i made, link here if you would like to sign----> https://www.change.org/p/wildcard-studios-make-ark-great-again) so, I’ve been playing ark for over two years. I’ve been a big PVP player, but i quit the game altogether in December. why? the game is broken and unbalanced that’s why. i have a friend who has been playing official (who has recently quit too) and we have been discussing what could be done to save this game. of course, official servers need desperate help, but someone under the name BAM has already started a petition for this. if you haven’t already, support the petition this guy is a raptoring legend (link at bottom of page). no i am not here to talk about official servers, i am here to discuss the balance of the game. in fact, it’s the main reason i quit. so many features make this game unfun and it shocks me that people still play PVP. i will list my proposed changes down below, each with my reasoning as to why they should be implemented. Proposed change 1: removing flyer picking, removing whips and nerfing bolas stop defending flyers. they’re OP. One thing that i will mention a lot in this essay is stun mechanics. ark has way too many of them. in a PVE atmosphere, being able to stun a creature your trying to tame using a bola or pick up a dino with your flyer makes complete sense. however, transition this to PVP, and you have the most boring and painful game mechanics known to mankind. Being able to pick a player off their mount, fly them into the sky and drop them isn’t fun. for those who don’t understand what I’m on about, let me explain. I will refer to this list here throughout, as it is a good way of explaining what is wrong with ark . Two players see each other flyer around on their pteras . the two players will then proceed to have the most drawn out and painful dogfight known in human history. this will continue until one is either picked or a ptera has run out of stamina. . once picked, the player will use their whip or bola to release themselves from the pteras claws, dismounting the rider in the process. . both players will parachute to the safety of the ground . instead of shooting each other, they will throw bolas at each other and one will begin hitting the other with a whip. .the other person is stunned and their items are being taken from their hot bar, they can’t shoot the other person because his player model is set to the smallest size possible, their speed levelled to 130+ and infected with swamp fever, they are a tick on steroids. they have no choice other than to retaliate with their own whip. . both players stunned, they will then proceed to hit each other for about a minute or two, until one is completely disarmed. . the unarmed player will have no choice but to run away. he is pretty raptoring hard to kill though, as he has extremely high tier Armor and can tank nearly a dozen sniper shots at point blanc. .this ends two ways. one eventually dies, or they both run away like little bitches losing their items and maybe their bird in the process. really think about it for a minute. how many times have encountered players like this? countless times presumably. how can we fix this? well that brings me back to my original solution. by removing the ability to pick players off their mounts, we can eliminate this problem. NOTE that I said players, there is no issue with picking up wild Dinos. furthermore, flyers are too overused which makes the other 100 or so creatures irrelevant. think about aberration. PVP in aberration is so fun because the gameplay is so diverse. you can use a Megalosaurus, a Spinosaurus, a Ravager, a basilisk, a drake or whatever you want, there isn’t a feature in place that makes one of these creatures OP and the rest irrelevant. it makes the game different, it allows for diversity and SKILL. the ability to pick someone using your flyer is so OP and has no counter, making it the only Meta people use. The ability to stun people with a bola should only be effective against wild dinosaurs, the same with Whips. furthermore, whips should not be able to steal items out a player’s inventory. i understand many people will hate this, but this is for the greater good Proposed change number 2: Armor/weapon nerfs as I mentioned before, players with high tier flak/riot Armor (master craft, ascendant, ect ect) are nearly unkillable. the same goes with dino saddles. i like the idea of finding better gear in supply drops, but 1000+ protection riot Armor are you raptoring serious??????? again, I want Armor to be nerfed, but to keep it fair I suggest we reduce the base amount of protection on flak and riot by 25% (flak has 75 per piece, riot would have 95-ish). Also, I believe a limit should be placed on how much you can level up crafting effectiveness (it should be capped at around 120%). This would make it so that you can now actually kill people without having to unload enough bullets to make up the world’s population. again, many people will object to this, but have a long think about it. Proposed change 3: limit on player speed/removal of swamp fever speed bonus This is simple enough. Players shouldn’t be able to run around at 100mph and players should avoid becoming sick with swamp fever. Yet for some reason they are rewarded for it by getting a speed boost. Add a cap on movement speed so that it cannot be increased above 125% and remove the speed buff from swamp fever. Simple enough. Proposed change 4: turret limit I know what you’re thinking, “first he wants to nerf the flyers again and NOW HE WANTS TO NERF THE TURRETS? WHAT DREAMS OF CRUELTY AND PAIN CAN SOMEBODY LIKE THAT SUSTAIN?!?!” Put the pitch forks and torches down for a second, let me explain. I do not agree with the 100 turret limit the devs suggested a while back simply because 100 turrets is not enough to defend a large base. However, 300 is. Raiding a base with hundreds upon thousands of turrets isn’t fun, after all it is what’s causing the official servers to have 200+ ping. A limit needs to be added of course. 300 turrets is enough to defend a large base without having the enemy being forced to use a giant armada of Stegosaurs to drain the ammo. That’s it. With these features in place, the meta of ark will change for the better. The gameplay will become less repetitive and broken, instead show diversity and SKILL. I would appreciate if this poll could get some traction, it might save this game’s dying player base. Also a side note, the ark devs need to wipe all the official servers and remove cross transfer, with the exception of a handle full of servers (this is explained is BAM’S poll) BAMS POLL BELOW INCASE YOU HAVENT SIGNED https://www.change.org/p/studio-wildcard-ark-survival-evolved-official-servers-w-small-tribes-smaller-alliances?recruiter=877183516&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial.pacific_abi_share_button_ordering_1.abi_featured_fb
  9. Frogspoison

    Charge pets - Capacity vs Regen vs Range

    Hey all. While Charge pets are of undeniable importance in Aberration, the question I am pondering atm is which of the 3 stats are the best to invest in? Charge Capacity is pretty straightforward, as it's the amount of time a Charge Pet can emit it's light before it needs to regen. Of course, this has me wondering, do the 4 different pets consume Charge Capacity at a different rate, or do all pets have the same Charge consumption? Charge Regen seems to be how much Charge the pet regenerates every minute - I.E at 600 Charge regen, the light pet regens 10 charge per second, near as I can tell. Charge Emission Range is, of course, how far the range goes. This makes me wonder though, what does the %age increase? The radius, diameter, circumference, area? As for my current thoughts... #1 - Charge Capacity. You want enough Capacity to last you through a fight with a reaper, with the best indicator being a Alpha Reaper Surface King, since it can get ugly without one. This, of course, depends on your weaponry/mount of choice, so can vary. #2 - Charge Range. You want enough range so that your weaponry/mount of choice hits charge-affected nameless/reaper - If you are using, say, a Direbear, the charge range can be much smaller then if you are using, say, a Spino, who's large hit distance means that you need a larger range. Of course, you may need to take into account the aggro radius of burrowed nameless, since if the charge light is covering the nameless, then it won't hop out of the ground, and with a large enough radius, you could potentially not have to deal with Nameless in an area. #3 - Charge Regen. You want enough Capacity to last through a tough fight, but you likely will want enough Regen so that you can fight more often with the Charge up. For instance, if you are hunting Alpha Reapers for XP on the surface, and 6k capacity is enough to get you through the fight, but you only have 600 regen, that means you can only afford to fight an alpha once every 10 minutes, and this DOESN'T include the constant pestering of the regular kings and nameless. Also, on secondary note, how do you keybind the light emote? So, thoughts? Am I misunderstanding how the Charge mechanics work?
  10. Should Drakes do the same damage as Wyverns with their bite? My Drake Exodus has fifteen percent more melee damage percentage than my wyvern but does around one hundred fifty less damage. Does anyone find that a little unfair, seeing as how Drakes need their Tek saddle to have a projectile and can't fly? Or is it balanced because they have a saddle and can go invisible?
  11. Zinogresword

    Megalania Balance Idea

    Hello people of survivetheark, this is my first post so bear with me here :). I've been thinking about it lately after I tamed a lvl 130 Megalania, I absolutely love the look of these guys and prefer their size to Rock Drakes as well as their model. I understand that Rock Drakes are meant to be the Aberration equivalent to Wyverns but weaker, so I'm not saying the Megalania has to be nearly that strong or have a special ability on the "C" key like Wyverns Grab/Wingflap. The megalania as it currently stands cannot inflict MegaRabies to non-player/dodo creatures so their main "debuff" isn't' valuable at all in PvE, the megalania has two attacks one being a bite and one being a slash.The Megalania's bite does 10 dmg and slash does 18 dmg the bite is faster than the slash probably being able to get 2 bites to 1 slash. The Megalania is considered a "small" category dino along with creatures like Terror Birds,Direwolves and Raptors, The Raptor being arguably the weakest out of the nimble small class mounts does 15 dmg per bite and attacks rather quickly, compared to the Megalania I would estimate the Raptor could get in 1-2 more attacks on a target. The Raptor and Megalania seemingly have similar speed with the Raptor being faster but the Megalania can climb walls and ceilings. The Megalania has far better weight and health than the Raptor which is a huge plus and almost equals out. The main issue lies in the damage, the megalania can't hold its own to many different creatures. A 229% melee damage Megalania has trouble killing mate boosted jerboas it takes 3+ hits on each, the place you tame these guys, the difficulty of the tame (amount of narcotics) and the lvl (73) you learn the engram + the fact that its' saddles are in red drops really shows that they were meant to be strong. Megalania are tamed in caves (exlcluding Ragnarok) where many other swarms of dangerous creatures lie, on the island they are most abundant in the Swamp cave which is arguably the 3rd hardest cave on the map meaning this isn't just a Raptor you tame at lvl 20 and move on. I really love the TLC updates coming out so far and hope to see many more, my main hope is that they can keep the model as it is and just adjust stats to be more fitting to the creature. TL;DR Megalanis are meant to be strong, which they are but they lack the damage. -Zinogresword/Teostraclaws
  12. I have a concern about the Reaper King. And that is of the lack of apparent counter play vs flying dinos. While the Kings stats and kibble needs for imprinting are lack luster, its pvp utility right click move is just insanely OP. 1-2 of these guys can literally shut down a massive airspace around them with little to no counter play. A single hit of its fast moving projectile (which has no drop thus easy to aim) drops a flier. There is no counter pay that I know of. Once hit they can chain snare you so you can never take off again. So its one and done. You are dead. Now I agree fliers are over the top in pvp right now, but solutions should be added that have some degree of counter play. Wouldn't it have been better if it was a stacking debuff? Each hit give a 15 second debuff. After three stacks, then you are dropped? Am I wrong here? What am I missing?
  13. Mainly interested in a few notes but to summarize what I thought was good or interesting change was these. - Server option which makes the Silencer hide the name of the player who has killed you from the kill message and tribe log (enabled by default on Console, disabled on PC Official PvP servers) (should make pvp more fun with sniping?) - Demo Timers are now hidden behind the Extended Info option (H) (Can non-tribe members still see this info even in extended info option) - Tribes can now see the demo timers of their own structures. - Rex, Its roar should receive a CD and make non-allies (under a certain dragweight) poop to act as a small stun/interrupt. There will be a cooldown on victims so that they cannot be pooplocked continuously.- The roar will not be able to scare anything above its level EDITED: (will we get something similar for the Yuty roar?)- Roar will cause players to poop but not stun them- Rex's ability to climb over small rocks and steeper slopes have been improved. - Fortitude now provides some resistance versus the effects of the Rex Roar, and this resistance carries onto player-ridden dinos too. Enough fortitude can prevent player-ridden dinos from being poopstunned. - Reduced Dunky resistance to bullets to 40% (considering they need to be on the surface to shoot them with bullets? lol?) - Increased the Phoenix's health, stamina and weight. Creative Mode building (an admin command which you can trigger on yourself/another player which removes weight restrictions, crafting requirements, and unlocks all the engrams. (Can this be abused or will it on unofficial?) - General AI Option for Dinos to only attack conscious targets (Can I get a Yahoo from the crowd?) - Add messages to tribe logs with information about uploading and downloading creatures - You can now scroll the chatbox using a game controller by holding down the BACK Action Wheel, and selecting the Scroll Chat Box option. This will highlight the chatbox. To exit this mode, just press back button on your controller (B/Circle)
  14. Wazzamaniac

    Tek rebalance suggestions

    Hello everyone, since the arrival of tek items, I and others have thought most of these items underpowered or falling short of much lower tier items, making them obsolete/gimmicky. Here are a few suggestions, I feel, which would make it worth our time to do bosses. Tek saddles Make tek saddles an armor attachment, like saddle torches, zipline motor or wingsuit. It would then take on the armor of that saddle but have the functionality of the tek version. That way, it would be a much better saddle (45 armor is really weak for the cost) but not be a cheaper alternative to the arguably more costly really high end armors such as for the mosa. I often found myself swimming around on my mosa in the tek saddle, only to switch to ascendant once any threat shows up. Upcoming wyvern tek saddle could stay a standalone item as there is no alternative. Tek armor Currently, a set of apprentice flak armor can beat tek in terms of armor. These items can be found in your standard airdrops, and do not require hundreds of hours of rex breeding. Furthermore, 300 durability lasts ok but requires a replicator to repair, and much more than just ingots. Suggestion: At least double both the armor and durability. Then it would be in line with much more reasonable high tier armors. Tek helmet should act as a gas mask and a scuba mask, and a whole set should give radiation immunity at the same time as the insulation buff. Tek rifle Increase the durability, or make it not losing loads of it when hitting rocks. Currently one burst aimed at the wrong direction breaks it in a few seconds. The recoil needs to be massively reduced, and the shot travel speed increased as well. Damage can remain the same as it is powerful. Tek railgun This new gun from the aberration dlc sounds awesome... But the range is dreadful, I suppose for pvp balance. Suggestion: the range could be tied with the xray. You would be able to toggle "overcharge", which limits the range, turns xray on and enables shooting through walls. When turned off, range should be useable as a sniper rifle and shooting through walls disabled. Tek cloning chamber This structure is often overlooked for the sheer cost of running it, which has been reduced by 40% in the upcoming update. However, most creatures can be bred: this gives them imprinting, costs nothing, and is overall much, much cheaper. unbreedable creatures, like reapers, wyverns and drakes, do not benefit from this because you cannot imprint. The only things I can see that are worth this is an amazing crab, golem of basilisk. My suggestion: when relevant, allow imprint on dinos being cloned. And please, make the phoenix clonable, currently as it doesnt land the cloner does not detect it. Tek vacuum chamber While these seem cool, you need a really high generator range to power the whole thing, making it not that cost efficient. Suggestion: make them act as power conduits, meaning only one vacuum chamber needs to be powered to activate the whole thing, up until a reasonable rangefrom the generator. (Equivalent to a 4-5x generator at the cost of powering a 1x genny? Tek teleporter I really think this should be enabled on aberration. The map is already easy to traverse, it doesnt make it more challening, just inconvenient, and the teleporter would allow for creatively placed bases. Tek shield I personally am never going to use this thing. The durability is minuscule, the 2k or so you get does not compare to the 10+k you get from a strong riot shield. I think it should also activate a mini forcefield that offers some protection from multiple angles, an active ability that could have a cooldown. Or more simply, just buff the durability. Tek transmitter A toggleable "enable bossfights" option. Tek grenade I dont pvp so I dont have experience there, but the tek grenade currently can be outdamaged and outranged by 3 shots with a tek rifle. The grenade costs way more to make than those 3 shots.
  15. REMOVE C4 from the Game... here is why.... Ok, they are trying to balance this game and they will never be able too. here is why, the main issue is C4, you needed to turret spam to stop C4, if they remove C4 from the game, they can balance the game. the 100 turret limit can defend a base without C4. with C4 you need a bigger and bigger tribe to defend itself because you can't stop a tribe with C4, so to live with C4 you need a bigger tribe which needs more room which means you lag the server with walls and dinos. (bigger means more players more of chance to have someone on when attacked, we all know dino AI cannot defend itself ) Make raiding all dino based not C4. then turrets are great at stopping dino's (they will need to up the amount a turret can hold for ammo) but you can balance this. having a dino to attack a wall vers shielding 1 person with C4 can balance the game easier then C4 spamming. C4 means you need to have a bigger tribe to have a bigger base and more dino's too out live C4 spam. so remove 1 item for a more balanced game. we have dino's now that can damage stone, and 1 the does a little to metal. well, build on this. make tek saddles able to attack tek walls. as I see it remove 1 item from the game to save the game and give PVP a balance change it so needs. #makearkpvpgreatagain....
  16. Ello guys i'm lokidoki. I've played ark for about two years now and i love this game. I love dinos xD. I'm making this suggestion thread for the Reaper on abberation. I feel the reaper is vastly weaker than other alpha dinos like spinos and megalos. Theyre Dmg growth and lack of saddles and mate boost just makes them so sub par compared to those dinos on the map turning them into hollow vanity tame. I know that you guys didnt wan't release a "new giga" like before but I feel the reaper should have better DMG and the same damage reduction or higher if there are no mate boosted mechanics added. An alternative you could add to the reaper is give it a 100 dmg base and give it a static 70% dmg reduction with no light along with a buff that doesn't allow nameless to spawn around. Making it truly feel like you've tamed a "Alpha" predator. The second suggestion is allowing reapers to climb walls like drakes. Wild reapers and queens are able to dig in the ground, why can't tamed ones just "dig their claws" on the walls and climb like that? This would give the reaper much better mobility but still weaker than rock drakes in the mobility side of the spectrum and play off the "xenomorph" concept that they're based off from.
  17. m0t0r

    Feedback on Aberration

    after 35h on aberration want to give a slight feedback from my side: Things you need to know: My rig is enough to play this in 30 fps with no drops on ultra or 45+ on high (it never gets above 35% CPU and 45% GPU usage) i play only SINGLEPLAYER i play modded with custom serversettings, none of those impact the issues i'm about to point out issues: rock drake and glider stall in mid air for no apparent reason rock drake refuses to jump or climb for no reason (no overweight, enough stamina, free line-of-sight) basilisk hitbox is in his middle, which causes camera issues and attack issues (enemies jump behind my character and dont knock me off) a lot of resources dont respawn a lot of areas with "metal buildings/ruins" have no ground structure (foundation sink into ground) in those areas dinos can glitch through the ruin structures... a couple of areas have floating ground structures or resources (or sunken into ground) the boss as well as enemies in the caves have broken AI (invis rock drake = ez boss fight) the mushroom fields are sometimes broken hitting you on top of your mount with and without cloud sometimes you get the effects without visible mushrooms (those are below the ground) same with the fire/radiation fields (flames/sparkles) sometimes those are invisible imbalance of the effects of mushrooms/radiation/flames. it seems those take a fixed amount of max-HP (for example: 10% = 10 dmg ticks = dead, no matter if you have 100hp or 10.000) invisible environment and resources (esp on the outside) vanilla creatures nearly useless / super nerfed without edited statgains e.g. anky and doedi have 300 weight on lvl 120, while the reaver 800+ / drake 1500 / basilisk 3000 have much more... same goes for most other stats spawn weights seem off for singleplayer, at least for me, i nearly get no beehives nor basilisks, while rockdrakes are overflowing.. something funky is going on with the nameless, they seem to have lost their dmg resistance in the darkness. i do full damage with or without light pet. (reaperqueen/kings work normal) also neither the tek-tier nor the skins are unlocked when starting a new character (on the other maps, spawning a new character = all skins/haircuts; defeating the bosses = unlocking tek tier) and probably some more issues, thankfully i did not encounter a single crash and the frames are better than on the island. the gamma seems nicely balanced (you can see most things, even in the night) and overall it is a nice DLC. i wish there would be more aberrant creatures (like a rex or a thyla), but those might be added by a mod or later by WC. (hopefully). from all those bugs, the resource-respawn bug is the only one i consider gamebreaking, since this prevents you from getting resources and progress.
  18. ForzaProiettile

    Griffin Balance

    I've been engaged in a lot of combat over the last 2 months both big and small and what I've noticed as foot soldier in these raids is that when it comes to air supremacy and taking out ground targets swiftly the Griffin is the go to dino. It seems to have no real weakness. It has a large health pool, its fast, you can shoot from it, you can't be whipped off it and it's attacks are very powerful especially its dive attack. In short it seems to be almost like a pre nerf flyer in many respect. A lot of advantages with few disadvantages. There is no hard counter to this dino like there is for many other dinos. It is a jack of all trades and a master of most. Which brings me up to my final point - is it balanced? I have to say from what I've seen it doesn't seem to be. The fact that you rarely see other flyers in battles these days, (even the mighty wyren is a rare sight) seems to be a good indicator that it definitely needs some tweaking in the balance department. If 90% of players are using one dino over the others then its a pretty good indicator that its not balanced properly.
  19. ForzaProiettile

    Wingsuit Too OP/Unbalanced

    From looking at all the videos showcasing the Wing Suit it is pretty clear this thing is less like a glider and more like a plane/flyer. It hardly loses any altitude as its going forward which means there will be really very little functional difference between using that and a flyer from regular ARK. I sincerely hope the amount of altitude you drop from using it is much higher then shown in the videos, otherwise you will end up with the same problem you have in ARK where everyone moves on flyers unless they are farming. Aberration seems to be an attempt by the ARK devs to end the flyer domination mode that ARK has sadly become but in order to succeed you need to give ground dinos/players viable options not to travel around in a wingsuit and so far I've seen none. There will be little point to the grapple hook and zipline if this thing stays the way it is.
  20. ForzaProiettile

    Weapon Balance Vs Dinos

    I have been playing this game since 2015 and since then you could say the game has evolved with respect to dinos. When it first launched the maximum dino level was 30. Then a couple months later it went to 60, then 90, then 120 and then finally it reached 150. Breeding was also introduced which raised the potential level and stats even far higher. While these increases in dino levels in each step resulted in increased health and more damage for tamed dinos the same could not be said for the players weapons whose damage has remained the same as 2015 levels. This results today in a massive unbalance. There are dinos out there with upwards 70,000 health combined with high armor saddles. These dinos can literally absorb thousands of arrows and bullets without dieing. The player on foot has virtually no chance against most tamed dinos in 2017. Many will kill him in one hit and if he has the best armor he might survive 2 or 3 hits but in return he would need to shoot off hundreds of bullets/arrows in that time in order to kill it. If you ask me the balance was right back when the max dino level was 30. Players had a decent chance to fight players on mounts, while still giving the mounted rider the advantage. I'd like to see some the damage of players updated to reflect the 2017 breeding/dino levels.
  21. ForzaProiettile

    Whips And PVP

    I understand the farming PVE aspects of the whip and the counter it provides to being picked up by flyers but I have to say ever since its introduction through SE, the whip has kind of broken the melee game in a lot of ways. It acts as non lethal melee weapon that basically lets you steal their weapon from outside the range in which they even can hurt you. Until recently the meta for melee was to run around naked with a club and one hit players. Clubs were widely considered broken because they rendered other melee weapons totally pointless and were nerfed thankfully. Ever since then though I've noticed in a lot of large tribes raids I've helped out in that a new meta seems to have developed and it involves whips in much the same way it previously involved clubs. Take a broken mechanic and abuse it. If you watch a lot of the raid videos on youtube, you will see players just running around often stark naked whipping each other. Not only does it look retarded it makes melee weapons completely redundant since you can hardly use them before they are wiped from you. In my opinion the whip should not be able to disarm players, its a feature that is too strong and really doesn't add anything of value to gameplay. It's a dumb feature that was poorly thoughtout right from the beginning. If it must remain a feature at least disable it's ability to disarm melee players which would perfect makes sense since if you think about it a soldier holding a sword or pike is going to be holding that weapon pretty damn firm in his grasp.