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Found 46 results

  1. Hi, Ive been playing this game for a week now. Ive tamed couple trex carnos spinos etc. However, ive seen videos of ppl finding dinos that are like lvl 80, 100 , 120+. The highest wild dino ive seen is a lvl 29 rex. I was wondering if the higher lvl dinos do spawn. I play on pve single player. Will they spawn in single player?
  2. Helo guys, im playing on Tripwire (Normal) Asia Server. (Mobile) and when me and my friend raid someone base. I found something that really wierd for me. I found a Achatina with lvl449 on it. Is that even possible ? on normal server ?
  3. raycpatterson

    No Dodo eggs

    I have a single player game which I have been using to try things out. I currently have 4 tamed dodos which I have had now for about 4 (real time) days and have not managed to lay a single egg? Was hoping to farm for kibble. Have also tried mating but nothing. Not having this issue with other dinos so are the Dodos bugged, or has the mechanics changed?
  4. so i have been playing ark mobile for about a month and a half and have not had any problems with anything until i found my pteradon sitting in the middle of a rock and its head and wings sticking out i tried to break the rock and that did not work and i tried to whistle follow and that did. i tried to walk into the rock and found that i could. its basically a texture without a physical body to adhere to its weird and there are other rocks and even trees that do the same thing does anyone else have this problem or is it just me? help would be much appreciated.
  5. ansayr2542

    Passive And Neutral

    So I was watching some ark Mobile & ark Not Mobile (I’m lazy so I’m not going to name all of of the other devices you can figure it out yourself ahggggggagaahhh ☺️) anyways, I’ve seen people say if you put your tames on passive nothing will attack it like in one sanaryo “iguana 🦎 gaming 🕹” was like “ I don’t want to leave my trike alone up there to long, buuuuuuut at least it’s on passive???????? Mabey—mabey I’m just stupid aaannyways “typical 🧔🏻 GAMER 🏉” be like (his girl friend—I-in girl voice) aaaa should we put her on passive or Neutral ... ahhh passive no Neutral. I know everybody has different things they want to keep there tame on (it was a T. rex harhhar) but the question I’m trying to solve is ❎passive is we’re nothing will attack it...🤔 and Neutral is if it sees anything it will attack it if it comes near the tame I read the wiki and I know it’s not this)🚫 but I just don’t want to take the chance for all my Dino’s to die so if you could help thanks I appreciate it 🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️💕
  6. RussianSpy

    Mobile servers

    How do we (the players) add our own servers to Ark Mobile
  7. RussianSpy

    Admin commands?

    Will you guys be adding admin commands into Ark Mobile?
  8. Insiders, we all know them and at one point in our life on ark your tribe will have a insider whether the intent is to destroy the tribe, steal and give to a rival tribe , taking over once gaining admin etc etc. these people are the worst we all know it and it sucks to have these happen to you In my experience I’ve already had 3 insiders that took all our stuff and gave it away to a rival tribe , 1 of them we caught and rightfully destroyed now all these incidents ruined the tribe whethe it be arguments over why they let the said member in the first place it can really ruing tribes especially once’s with hundreads of hours spent Now a suggestion on how to make this not happen as often would be to add a timer to when you leave a tribe you can’t join a new one instantly and make it so things like insiders don’t happen as often leaving a tribe is usually to either betray or to join another one. If there is a timer it would make potential insiders thing whether it’s worth waiting let’s say 2 days just to join another tribe for info and steal when they could spen 2 days helping their own tribe what do you guys think
  9. Hayde

    Argy question

    So I've read that argy in mobile are able to carry anky as in console but I am not able to pick up any dinos with my argy. Any help on this situation?
  10. ILikeSalt

    My concerns & ideas for PVX

    In pvx if your not in the pvp areas you have a 3x decreased farm / gather rate. The pvp areas have little to no snowy areas. The icebergs are not in any pvp area also. Won’t that make getting organic polymer a bigger pain then it is already since finding a penguin anywhere but the icebergs in near impossible , maybe you could make the drop rates for organic polymer higher in pvx servers. Another thing when you add pvx servers for everyone are there still going to be primal pass only pvx servers. Also maybe you could add a pvp to pve cool down where when you leave a pvp spot your still in pvp for 5-10 seconds so a person can’t run into pve when they are about to die and use medical brews. One last thing I had an idea for. In the shop you could add in “pve bubbles” where you can put them down only above ground and they make a small area where you could build that is in pve so you can set up a base. The bubbles will need to be recharged every week using ancient amber or they will stop working and put your base into pvp. They have multiple sizes the smallest being able to fit a 1x1x1 and the biggest being able to fit a 5x5x5 and the larger they are the more expensive to buy and recharge every week. If you want to fit a bigger base you can chain multiple bubbles together but it will be more costly to maintain.
  11. Kaiboyer

    ark mobile Some tips and tricks...

    Hey guys I thought I'd share my vid to help the community because for me it was very difficult to figure out how to do some of these things...
  12. The limitations on the Ark mobile version of rafts and boats are many compared to that of the PC version. These are the comparative limitations I have noticed with the mobile version. I will give the short list and then expound further down. Mobile limitations: Missing Easy Centered Snap Point Foundation extension behind rudder is short Foundation extension in front of rudder is long Using the raft gives limited view Extending foundation beyond raft uses more resources (raft extension) Before I get into everything I wanted to say that I recognize that rafts and boats are being used in a manner that the devs did not intend, regardless, the mobile version, rafts are limited compared to PC and that really sucks. 1. Missing Easy Centered Snap Point: You cannot center your build by grabbing the rudder with a pillar like in the PC version. Your view is limited (see further down) and it will not allow you to center the pillar on the raft, neither will it allow you to drop the pillar while holding the rudder. My Suggested Solution: use fence post foundations, you can attempt to center them as you wish. This obviously helps with a 4x4 build with the rudder having two foundations spaces instead of one. for a 3x3 build, you'll have to eyeball it with a pillar on top of the sail foundation, I have problems with angle, if you get that wrong, your 3x3 foundation will not be centered with the raft and it will look like someone was going to play a rubik's cube and didn't quite finish. 2. Foundation extension behind rudder is short Here is the biggest problem in my opinion. If you place the foundation just behind the rudder, you can only extend it by two rows. This means that any trapper builds you make, it will obstruct your view when you use your raft. This is a HUGE problem for most builds. Sure you can get away with an expedition build but tall structures that use dino gates will give you little to no vision because you can only mainly build in front of the raft. Solution: The devs should either fix how far you can extend your foundation behind the rudder, or fix the ability to zoom out your view point. 3. Foundation extension in from of the rudder is long This might not seem like a big deal, but it is, because you might be able to build alot of structures in front of the rudder, but with limited vision, you cant really build high and see where you are going. Solution: The devs should either fix how far you can extend your foundation behind the rudder, or fix the ability to zoom out your view point. 4. Using the raft gives limited view So I have gone over this twice already, but I'm going to beat the horse till its dead. Your view when using the raft doesn't allow for tall structures. This impedes your ability to see where you are going. It's already hard enough that you cant look around while moving (because that'll make your raft steer that direction), but they don't allow you to zoom out over your tall structures. Solution: you get the drill 5. Extending your foundation beyond the raft In the PC version you can simply use thatch ceiling/roofs to snap foundations next to the other. This required minimal resources. In the mobile version, foundations will not snap under thatch ceilings. This is a severe limitation. My Solution: I use a combination of wood pillars and thatch ceilings to snap foundations beyond the raft. I will place a pillar in the foundation on the raft, a thatch ceiling/roof on top of that pillar, then i connect that thatch roof with another one and then a pillar in that thatch roof and then i'm able to snap the foundation. I haven't been able to find another solution for this. Additional information: Sinking your foundations is about the same as the PC version. You can use pillars to do this, there are plenty of youtube descriptions for this. the amount of structures you can place on a raft is about the same for the PC version as far as I can tell. If there are any other suggestions or builds you want to add, please do so. I am in no wise an expert on this.
  13. Hi guys, I want to ask is there a way to transfer the screen of ark mobile to pc and play ark mobile on large screen and is there a way to play ark mobile with key board and mouse or controller. my pc is not compatible of playing ark so that's why i need a way to transfer androide screen and play it on pc. SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH ITS NOT MY COUNTRY LANGUAGE.
  14. Hello i have a suggestionis That the single player Should have like easy, medium and hard map like multiplayer servers That player can chose what kind of game they will play i Think many player Will like it
  15. Blackwolf47

    Ark mobile questions

    Stupid questions time: how do you turn on the night vision goggles in Ark mobile? And how do you add the scope attachment to the longneck rifle (without tranq darts, obviously)? Again, this is for Ark mobile.
  16. Ark needs to update the Angler fish so we can be able to do silica runs
  17. GrimmFox

    More tamed dinos

    As I’m unable to play on console I play on mobile and I am a fan of taming and breeding and it’s quite hard when you can only have 40 tamed Dino’s, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would appreciate it if we could hand more tamed Dino’s than 40. It’s quite hard to breed and get mutations with only 40 tamed Dino’s.
  18. Melestria

    Cross play between iPhone & iPad?

    Anyone know if we can cross play between iPhone & iPad? I kno can’t for MacBook thanks in advance!!!
  19. Hey guys, for anyone who hasn't played on mobile yet, or not much I wanted to warn you. After about 2 hours of playing, it gets crazy. Heres a video that is after about 2 hours of gameplay. Enjoy. Specs: Razer phone Snapdragon 835 8gb of ram
  20. Chihuahuaian

    Ark Mobile Theri

    Hello everyone! I have picked up ark mobile and am level 70. After recently taking a Theri, I was looking for the special leveling of their gathering. But I can’t find it. Is it even in mobile? Thanks.
  21. MorpleMinion

    Serious Problems and issues

    Hi, my name is Josh. I have given a five star rating because I love this game. However, I am experiencing serious problems and it has gotten dramatically worse since this last update. The game crashes only seconds after I load into the map, a lot of the time it crashes as soon as I open any inventory. Structures and objects in the world (mountains, trees, dinosaurs, etc...) flash in and out and come and go as I look around. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S6 with AT&T Prepaid. I have unlimited data on their 4G LTE network, however, I use a stable Wi-Fi that usually runs close to 800 mbps. Can you please contact me and help me work on this issue and get it fixed. I really want to get back to my Tribe, Drophammer. Thank you.
  22. tr4g3dyhd

    Bug Report

    I was playing on single player i was lvl 58 then i click to watch an ad for double xp and the game crashed, when i returned to the game and tap to "PLAY ARK" i appeared in lvl 38 and lost all the progress i have made. I play on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, 3gb ram, Snapdragon 625. Google play games name: MischeviousThief7631. Single Player Name: LordDani.
  23. I have 2 game breaking bugs to report. 1. Sometimes when you open an inventory the screen starts to replay the last seccond before opening the inventory over and over again. This wont change until you restart your game. 2. When you die the death screen where you can choose where to spawn goes black after one seccond so you cant respawn. You then have to restart and be realy fast to respawn.
  24. KaiIsCool

    Will the DLCs come to mobile?

    I was just wondering, does anyone know if Scorched earth, abberration, or extinction will come to mobile? Or even ragnarok and the center?
  25. So i was playing ark and tamed a t rex when i went to ride it the third person camera was a bit out of place too high up and that makes it unable to see the awesome rex you just tamed whilst riding would be nice if this was changed. Awesome game however and im loving it controls on point and everything keep up the work wardrum!