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    Official Server small tribe currently looking for members. We focus on building and breeding, but we PvP when anyone of the tribe wants to or when we need to. Feel free to join, server details will be provided once you join the tribe.

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    Hey, i'm part of a rag-tag tribe consisting of mainly 5 active players. I have thousands of hours on ark since the day it came out, lots of PVP experience and I used to be in countless mega tribes and controlled many official servers. I took a long break from ark and came back to play a bit more chill with some mates but its tricky to hold a base with so few active players so we need more tribe members to help us fortify. We are at the point of mass producing materials to expand on a rag server but there's no point with so few players. We have quetzals, anks, argys etc ready to farm up a storm if anyone is interested in joining us. Once we have a good enough base on ragnarok we will start breeding (again) and go from there. Hit me up if anyone is keen. P.s we are mostly aussie but all nationalities welcome

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