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  1. On 4/19/2019 at 8:10 PM, NnjaChicken said:

    Sitharius with another amazing build on another note

    Aberration should get the Megalania! After all the file for an Aberrant one already exists and it looks super cool, so don’t let that work go to waste! Before you said that you did not want it to steal the limelight from the Rock Drake(which I still don’t think it would do as it is much slower and can’t glide/go invisible) but you have since added the Managarmr to Aberration (which you should undo). The Managarmr of course being OP has been the only thing used on Ab since, I have literally only seen a total of 4 rock drakes used since the launch of Extinction. I found myself fleeing to classic because it lacked Manas and I think Aberration should be that haven, free of Mana spam PVP(although the past nerfs have been a step in the right direction). The Megalania, like the rock drake now, is not used…..I have NEVER seen one tamed in PVP since they are so useless. Aberration would be the Megalania’s time to shine, perfect for solo players who do not have the resources to acquire Rock Drakes and still allowing them the ability to transverse walls. The addition of the Megalania would be like the addition of the rideable moschops, nothing game breaking but just something neat and convenient. Aberration has always been my favorite map due to its extremely hard beginning like Scorched Earth but the allowance of Manas to it has broken that rush of survival the game is all about and the map’s prized Rock Drakes. Add the Megalania to Aberration for a fun twist and remove the Managarmr from Aberration! (PS maybe remove Manas from Scorched Earth too so Wyverns too have a time to shine. Also add trio, duo, or solo pvp servers!)

    I definitely agree with this entirely.

  2. honestly wildcard if you expect this game to last (and your name as a great company that created ark) then why did you hand the ballgame over to snail games your name is already besmirched do you expect this to be any better TEA needs to be dev wiped and you need to control conquest snail games has failed Pix Ark do not let it destroy Ark Survival Evolved

  3. This thread is interesting guys keep it up

    y'all should look at THICKFREEDOM

    on YouTube has has some cool theories about some stuff


    don't you think y'all are over thinking this a tad bit?


    However those do not look like wyverns look at the end of their tails...

    also i was thinking of wyrms more as reptiles like basilisks not a flying creature


    That Element infused Reptile looks like an Ovirapter!

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