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  1. So since I deleted all the dupes, it should be fine?
  2. So I was switching maps on my own personal dedicated, and i got a massive crash that crashed both servers and my game. All of my stuff was uploaded except my character, but when I came back, it was rolled back to before i uploaded anything. This means my dinos and items were duped, but not my character. I uploaded my character, downloaded my items and dinos on the other server, then went back as a new char and used "Destroymytarget" on my dinos and dropped the duped items on the ground. Is everything fine now or am I going to face problems with Ark's weird dupe fixing system? It sometimes auto-deleted stuff when this happened so I'm unsure if I go back to that map, will it delete my stuff?
  3. Oh it does? I was told it only keeps in memory how low the HP was so your tame might be beta even at full health.
  4. This is on my own ASM run dedicated unofficial server btw, so if some setting is causing this let me know
  5. I went to try to tame the forest titan today, and it took me 2 and a half hours of shooting one node with a 700% wep dmg fabricated sniper before i just said screw it. Is this normal or was I stuck in some kind of titan no-node damage purgatory? I know I was hitting them because it would show 1 damage. I did it on the back of a Griffin since you can shoot from their back.
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