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  1. The current official servers are coming up to 2 years old now, about as long as legacy servers had been transferable. From a "MegaTribe" perspective a lot of tribes have lost momentum and are losing players. Basically official is losing its player base. The main problem with an official is that it's very hard to balance dinos in PvP when "MegaTribes" are hatching level 450 dinos with 120+ points sometimes in a single stat and smaller tribes are hatching dinos with maybe 60 if they're lucky. The difference in dinosaur stats is insane and therefore very hard to balance. I would suggest changing the mutation system to, first of all, make it so both parents should be under the mutation cap. Meaning that there is a hard cap on the number of mutations a dinosaur can have therefore taming higher stats will end up with higher stats even after mutations, this will take out the constant grind a tribe has to do to keep their dino stats competitive for one and take out the problem of insanely overpowered dinos. Alternatively, keep the system as it allows constant work for breeders to work on, keeping the breeding side of PvP competitive but if this is the case then official servers and dinosaur inbalance would need to be looked at. Possibly a yearly/bi-yearly wipe? Furthermore on the problems with official, Duped items, although not as bad as legacy duping still exists and certain tribes and certain items have been duping/ been duped a lot by everyone. I can't think of any way to fix this problem of being able to dupe, most tribes don't fortunately but as the servers go on and rollbacks happen more and more duped items accumulate in the official community and its already affecting the meta of raiding etc and if let to continue will get out of hand eventually. Cave building is yet another problem in ark, with the introduction of cryopods it means that tribes aren't forced into caves anymore but yet they still stay in them. Why ? because caves are completely unraidable, in a PvP game if you can make yourself immune to attacks it makes the PvP stale, boring and unbalanced. I would suggest disabling cave building for some caves and allowing some form of cave raiding mechanic, possibly with a future DLC(Not like climbing picks with abberation) Making the caves unbuildable also allows all tribes on a server to farm blueprints and makes farming blueprints more of a challenge and a bit funner than just spawning on a bed and opening up a box every 45 mins. With this, the drops would need to drop better loot though to compensate. If you, however, wanted to keep cave building, as many people do in the community as it allows tribes to store dinosaurs away in a cave, decreasing server lag at the least. To allow cave building would mean that certain mechanics would need changed, parasaurs for one, they shouldn't be able to detect enemies if not ridden, this allows for lazy base sitters to wait for a magic dino to tell them when they are being raided, Ok for small tribes but for bigger tribes it gives too much of an advantage to an already extremely advantaged defence. Other possble ways that could work would be disabling some areas of a cave to be built in, for example the crouch point of abberation shadow cave. meaning that tribes would need to come up with more creative ways to defend their cave other than placing tek turrets at a crouch point and never looking at it again. Disabling the ability to place tek turrets in caves as well might be a good suggestion or having a cave turret limit. Basically there is many ways to allow caves to be viable in the meta; something just needs changed. Turret Limit. Although I sense that the turret limit is something that wildcard is happy with, it restricts a lot of base locations, it would be nice to see it raised just a little bit or maybe have it so you can have 100 of each type of turret in the area instead. to conclude wiping official servers I think should be a yearly or bi-yearly thing that wildcard does, it keeps the game fresh and allows new tribes to have their go. fixing the current meta is very hard without a wipe and I think the meta does need to be changed if ark is to keep on running for years to come.
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