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  1. 1 minute ago, Khronnox1 said:


    you mean soooo many People are retareded and block karkinos spot and cant read patchnotes ? yes you are right sir


    dont know What you guys als think...maybe try to turn on your brains?...how can you really think they remove a whole mission there because you build in a cave...90% of all caves are non buildable....and now you think oh no wow pls no, how can this be...pls use your brains... 

    maybe if you used your brain you would know there isnt even a mission terminal anywhere near the big lunar cave, doli just posted saying its a bugg that the mission icon is showing. the cave was intended for to build in, so stop being salty 

  2. 2 hours ago, IWhite said:

    It's honestly not fair to the people that found the caves and we were able to build in them without a restriction, i believe that you should just remove the mission. They should allow the people that were already built to stay, because we all worked hard and most have a fat amount of things already built and you want us to just pack up and restart. When we first scouted the cave it wasn't even a mission zone and now it is. im sure everyone thats also built here understands that this isnt fair and the amount of work we put in shouldn't be taken away.

    Agreed no one in my tribe wants to grind now and add to the base cause it may get demoed, now they all said if it does they are quitting gen

  3. 1 hour ago, iL4X said:

    Hey, messaged on Twitter but I’m unsure it will ever get seen. The community crunch mentions caves in the lunar biome are supposed to have action taken on them because of a glitch. But this is very unspecific. We have spent the last weeks grinding a building up a cave on the east side of the lunar biome. When we started construction it was not a “mission zone” and if using HLNA showing boundaries there is no boundaries to be seen. Also, there is no mission kiosk anywhere close to the cave. Is this a safe cave to be built in? If not, why did this cave suddenly become a mission zone out of the blue? Are you guys going to give some more specific information before you take action? Again to make a point the crunch says that a patch last week made previous mission zones  Buildable. This cave was not a mission zone to begin with, so is it safe. It will be very disheartening if we and I’m sure many other tribes wasted their past few weeks to lose all the time and effort they put in. 

    im built in this cave and i need answers as well man complete unfair for us to move locations if we have to 

  4. Just now, zealVIPER21 said:

    BRO I agree if your read it it says (Last week we encountered a bug that rendered some caves build-able. ) its been buildable since day one and did not have the mission symbol and like u said no mission near that cave at all!!

    exactly SOOOOOO MANY tribes are built in this cave its legit the only good spot on this map, for pvp you cant just tell somone to move like that. cause all the other decent spots will be gone so its just a rip for your whole progress 

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