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  1. Vinhasa left Positive feedback   

    Easy trade, was patient with my server being retarded AF during the process :)

    hudi1 was The Seller

  2. Rustyo left Positive feedback   

    ++ easy and smooth deal, great trader! ++

    hudi1 was The Seller

  3. KingKronos left Positive feedback   

    Great fast communication, fast reactions, (reasonable request (I know its irrelevant but who cares),) nothing negative to find.

    hudi1 was The Seller

  4. axle19 left Positive feedback   

    Great seller, very legit.

    hudi1 was The Seller

  5. Risings left Positive feedback   

    A++ Greater seller guy is legit

    hudi1 was The Seller

  6. BottledBurps left Positive feedback   

    Quick and easy, would trade again :) First egg didn't hatch with the weight stat, so they got me a replacement right away

    hudi1 was Trading

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