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  1. Hey, hey, fellow survivors! Get ready to ascend to new heights with us! We're a sharp, savvy crew, enjoying some epic PvP and PvE action in the world of ASA! With our daily active admins and moderators, new players can count on friendly assistance whenever needed. Our servers are open to everyone and are cross-platform compatible! Discord: Step into our digital campground, where the fire's always crackling, and the stories are as wild as the dinos we tame! Whether you're a seasoned survivor or you're just setting foot on the island for the first time, you'll find a warm welcome waiting for you here in our Discord server! So pull up a log, grab your s'mores, toss your worries into the bonfire! Join our Discord > Click here to join! Maps: ➤ The Island PvP - Wiped: 02/13/24 ➤ The Island PvE ➤ Scorched Earth PvP - Wiped: 04/01/24 ➤ Scorched Earth PvE ➤ [Coming Soon] The Center - (on the day it's released) [PvP & PvE] ➤ More to come when released! How to join: ➤ From the JOIN GAME screen, make sure you're on the UNOFFICIAL tab ➤ Check the SHOW PLAYER SERVERS checkbox ➤ Search for: ArkGartha PvP Sever Name: ➤ ArkGartha - PvP - TheIsland - 3XP / 5H / 6T / 8B - (Wiped: 02/13/24) ➤ ArkGartha - PvP - Scorched Earth - 3XP / 5H / 6T / 8B - (Wiped: 04/01/24) PvE Server Name: ➤ ArkGartha - PvE - TheIsland - 3XP / 3H / 8T / 30B ➤ ArkGartha - PvE - Scorched Earth - 3XP / 3H / 8T / 30B Mods: PvP PvE Super Spyglass Plus Custom Dino Levels TG Stacking Mod 1000-50 Automated Ark PvP Scoreboard Utilities Plus Custom Dino Levels Classic Glider Ascended QoL+ Pelayori's Cryo Storage Solo Farm Mod Death Recovery Mod Snow Owls TG Stacking Mod 1000-50 Cliff Platforms Upgrade Station Flame Arrows Super Spyglass Plus MarniiMods Hairstyles Auto Doors Klinger Additional Rustic Building Chainsaw Net Projectile Arkitect Structures Remastered Dino Mindwipe Improved Egg Incubator (CrossPlay) Shiny! Dinos Ascended Foundation Ceilings MarniiMods Hairstyles
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