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  1. OHH is this why stats are decreased i didnt know man im just looking so dumb on the forums. Didnt know that was a side effect. Thank you.
  2. Hello im playing on singleplayer and my stats just got decreased and now almost every stat (when level 1) is at 80 and goes up by 8 instead of 10. I never installed a mod that should do that. Anyone else has the same issue and does anyone know how to fix it? ( also like 1/4 of my unlocked engrams got locked again.)
  3. Oh thank you man! I really didnt know that!. Happy new year to you too!
  4. Hey ive got an issue! My winter wonderland items get removed from my inventory as soon as I put them out of the smithy or out the raptor claus gifts! Every event related item gets removed such as chibis and all the skins, but this doesnt include coal and misletoe. Does anyone know how to fix that/what to do?
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