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  1. Other than refreshing the official server page over and over again lol. Also, WHY IS THERE AN OPTION TO SEARCH FOR "PLAYSTATION ONLY ONLINE MULTIPLAYER SERVERS"? I didn't think this was going to be a thing, but would love it if it was. At least for a few hours to give new people a chance to join.
  2. Still would like to know where to look for an ETA on the new servers. Or simply just where to look to know when they open up. Thanks.
  3. Why is there a box to select "PlayStation-only online multiplayer"? Does that mean servers will be locked to Playstation for a time? Very curious as to what this means. Thanks.
  4. Joeblow, could you tell me where I might look to keep updated on the new server release for PlayStation?
  5. Title. I'm dumb. I don't know where I should be looking to know when the new servers are open. Ark Twitter? Just don't want to miss the memo when they open up. Thanks.
  6. Is this true GP? Will they be locked for PS users? I thought cross play was day one. Would LOVE to know before the new servers launch.
  7. Lol. Gotcha. Thats what I figured. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a spot on an already existing cross play server? Lol
  8. How long after launch did it take for the new servers to come up? How many new servers? Were you able to join an official server? Was it difficult to find an unclaimed base location? Did you experience the log on bug? If so, what happened? Any other information youd like to share would be appreciated. Just trying to see what to expect. Thanks.
  9. This...this is what I was afraid of.... ^^^ I would also like to know how many new servers.
  10. Can anyone explain the login or join server bug that hasn't been fixed for PlayStation launch? How does it affect login? Is there a chance people will NOT run into this problem? The big question: If the new servers are cross play and PlayStation users cannot log on, will there be any space left on the new server when they can? How is this supposed to work? Is it just another middle finger to Playstation/console? They said they want everyone to have a fair chance to play ASA. New servers will not go online until a couple hours after launch to insure all players have a fair chance. If PLAYSTATION users can't log on, and everyone else can, how is that a fair chance? Would love to know how "bad" this logon bug is or was. Would be absolutely devastating if you bought the game and couldn't find space on an official server because of a bug. Any info would be awesome. Thanks.
  11. So am I understanding correct in saying that it will ONLY be Xbox players able to join the new servers at launch? NOT PC? Already bad competing with people who already got a shot at claiming land and getting a server spot, but with the cheating from PC idk if it's a good idea to even attempt to play. Never felt so disappointed in a game. I've loved Ark ever since it first came out and my cousin talked me into trying this new dino game that we had never heard of. It was something I had never experienced. The taming, the building, crafting, and, most of all, the people on my server. Trading for color combos and higher stats for breeding pairs. The feeling of accomplishment after raising a giga for 2 weeks in real life on basic troughs. We all just wanted to experience that again. With better graphics and smoother gameplay. Really rough deciding whether or not it is worth buying this game now because of how it has been handled, managed. Nobody would be saying sht if wildcard had followed through with what they had been saying. I just don't know if I want to spend 45$ if I won't be able to get on an official server or claim any land. There will be so many more people trying to join than PC or Xbox now. It is just not right or fair. Life is not fair, but when you have control over whether or not you can make it fair, then it should be. Dropped the ball big time. Everyone was sooo hyped and excited and because of poor execution, that has come and gone. Idk. Can complain until we are blue in the face and it won't matter. Good luck survivors. Farewell.
  12. I really hope the new servers being launched aren't cross play. Would be terrible to have to compete with Xbox/PC for server spot/land. Especially after everything that has happened. I do not want to have to compete with the Xbox/PC community on top of the PlayStation community. It will be a battle royal to get into a server and then a rush to land grab whatever you can. Its going to be hard enough with just the PlayStation community trying to log on.
  13. I was under the impression that "console specific servers" meant exactly what it sounds like. PlayStation only/Xbox only servers. I keep seeing comments again saying that this is not true. That the new servers for the PlayStation launch will be available to all or Xbox as well? Could anyone clarify, please? Probably already been answered, so sorry in advance. Thanks.
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