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  1. 50 minutes ago, LastSurvivor said:

    It's really such a shame. WC has been building their brand and reputation with the creativity and skills of everyone on the team working at the company for the past 7 years. As well as inspiring others in the community to contribute. I have been one of them. A diehard supporter since the beginning. In all those 7 years, Ark / WC has been a good place. A neutral place and there was harmony, never having to get politics involved. Not once. With the beginning of June this year, it's becoming more and more clear that there is either new management at WC, or the old bosses just don't care about community anymore since they've milked profits from Ark 1 as much as possible. So now they've decided to throw their reputation in the trash by becoming political and voicing opinions when they shouldn't have one. Individually, that's fine. People are allowed to have opinions. But publicly, as a company, no. If someone new is in charge and making their voice the companies, then I hope they get removed, before it's too late. I know I've lost a ton of respect for WC recently which is a real shame considering I believed a job there was a true dream job, just a short time ago. 


    All this political talk, and not even a single bit of news regarding the summer bash event. It's really a shame what things are coming to. 

    agreed to me it doesnt matter what there view is but just focusing on the game and make  it better instead of milking it

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  2. second post i will not say what my view on this matter of abortion or gay rights  nor saying pro or no but i feel that as a company that it is not your right to put your views in a post and should just stick to the game news and related. this is also bothering me that u hve continued to done this as their are some who may find this offensive or they are to little to hear about this yet so if u could please dont put ur  views into this. i love ur game though. ty


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  3. Yes gigas kill wyerverns. Shadowmane is a creature from genisis Part 2 and is a fake animal. If not that tame a couple stegos or such and use them. They are awesome soakers but make sure to  tame a higher lvl one. Or if one is after you just run to a bronto or other large animal.

    sorry you have to deal with this it sounds like a pain in the butt~ hancho.chanco

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