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  1. Hi. I'm playing official PvE on Xbox, I'm level 110, so I can raise 10 more levels, but doesn't matter what I do, I can't gain xp.
  2. Playing on Xbox, server 1707, same thing. Sometimes, the game works fine for three or four hours, but sometimes (the most), It is impossible to play. I report It everytime, but the server is still broken.
  3. EU pve 1707 server has no hostile tribes, but also has awful lag, crashes every five minutes and make t'he experience very annoying. This server worked fine at the beggining, too.
  4. I have tamed two of them before the server crashes every five minutes. But I have tried to tame this dino 5 or 6 times more and it not worked. The dino was bugged, flying over my head quickly forever.
  5. Lost Island server I amb playing is, by far, my worst experience with this game. It's common to play with lag un this game, but in this server (EU-PvE-1707) is awful. The game freezes every few minutes, crashing a lot of times, often during travels that make my equipment lost. And when I try to reconnect, is impossible. It makes that we play with fear, because we never know when we can lose all we have, our dinos. I don't know if It is happening in all Lost Island servers, but is very annoying. I have reported It a lot of times, but the problem continues. It's sad starting to hate the game I love.
  6. I love this map. It's huge, beautiful, full of details, caves, ruins. I like t'he New dinos. But some zones are empty of dinos and sometimes It us difficult to find what are you looking for.
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