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  1. I submitted a ticket as well, all that work for tek rockdrake armor and restarting all my progress on that map for nothing.
  2. tried to fight Rockwell, was dropped into the Grave of the Lost as well. Tried reinstalling, new map data, and new character but nothing worked. It was the same for my friend.
  3. I was just trying to get the Tek rock drake saddle so i just used the summon command and fought him that way, would have loved to fight him legitimately but didn't know what else to do. Reinstalling Ark didn't work either.
  4. Every time I go to use the Rockwell terminal and do the tribute, it throws me over The Grave of the Lost and I fall to my death. Does anyone know how to make it teleport me to the boss fight or am I missing something. I have tried restarting the map and making a new character and nothing has worked. I am an Xbox player if that helps solve the problem at all.
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