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  1. Hi guys!! I prepared 19 Rexes 70k HP and 2600% melee..but i have got only green saddle! Is the saddle ok for at least beta bosses?
  2. Thanks to all of you guys!! I received 3 mutated rex eggs..now they have 70k HP and 1700% melee!! I'll do some eggs from them!
  3. It's mean that you breeded high level rhino until have good stats? I think this could take really hard and long time..what level are we talking about? 300/350? (ps we are only 2 players..)
  4. Oh! Interesting..so i farm stuff for people, then people give me mutate dino (or better eggs). Is that correct?
  5. Hello guys. It is the first time that I write in the forum. I've been playing as an ark for not too many months, I know the basic mechanics, but I would like to defeat at least one boss. Can you advise me something? Mutations are really tough for two to do without multipliers, and we can't play for hours and hours. Is 19 rex and one yuti enough to beat at least one of the island's three bosses? I have all the dlc's except genesis. Thanks!
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