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  1. Still not working and wildcard is staying silent as always. i just told my friends to refund
  2. im glad you figured out what is up with yours but my friends cant even get to the title screen...
  3. well the crappy part is i convinced 2 other friends to buy it right before the dlc came out, they loved it and now they cant play at all.
  4. This issue has been ongoing since the recent update and i know its happened in the past. Game will not load past title screen and immediately force closes. Ive tried uninstalling and all the typical troubleshooting from other forums. I know its probably something wrong on the windows store side of things because it works fine on steam and on my Xbox. Do we have an ETA on a fix for this???
  5. As reported in the title, the Team Downriver Run theres invisible walls on both sides of the first waterfall so cant even make it off and the other dumb canoe mission even though my canoe hp is full green it fails the mission due to not enough time even though ive got 4min plus still avalible. controls on the team mission are ok just because its in first person so it feels much better but jesus that single player canoe handles like hot garbage. and the dolphin star mission my god WC. normally it wouldnt bother me but seeing that i actually need the missions to tame and to get to the boss its B
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