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  1. 5 hours ago, wildbill said:

    Maybe this would be better off posted as a suggestion or feedback for a change to the game.

    They made a design decision to spawn Alpha Blood Crystal Wyverns in the map in four locations. Three of those locations could be near where someone builds a base. These are aggressive spawns, and worse yet, they fly. They can fly right into someone's base. So they need to be very rare, otherwise those areas would not be safe places to build a base.

    With the current spawn rate, you could build in White Shoals and have a base in a location for months and never have an alpha fly into your base.

    For them to increase the spawn rate, they would need to remove all spawn locations except "the scar".

    For me, either option would be fine. Leave them as is or increase the spawn rate and only spawn in "the scar".


    I can agree with that reasoning completely. It's just the fact we need to kill 1, 3, or 5, of them in order to do the boss fights just makes it annoying. Maybe they'll adjust it in the future.

  2. 2 hours ago, wildbill said:

    What is the player population on your server? There could be a high level of competition for these. I might be the only person doing the bosses on my server. Typically it is just me or one or two other players logged in.

    These are a rare resource. Would be good if the game would increase the spawn based on the number of players logged in, but I doubt it does that.

    It's just me and 1 other guy, and the 2 of us are on the same page about the spawns :/

  3. 19 minutes ago, wildbill said:

    I have

    I'm on a private server, but that should make no difference. Yesterday I killed like 10 Blood Crystal Wyvern in 1/2 hour at Blood Hallow. Where are you looking for them? There are lots of hiding spots in this location, but they are there and are not rare.

    So first I did the gamma arena on Crystal Isles. Had no idea where to find the Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern or how to kill it. Seemed nearly impossible. I built a trap, got it in there, killed it with a primitive pump shotgun. Before the arena, I went to Ragnarok and found a good pump shotgun BP. 

    I then tamed some high level blood wyverns and breed them and raised a few from stolen eggs. Killing the next few Alpha Blood Crystal Wyverns with a blood or in a trap was much easier. Especially using the ascendant pump shotgun I now had. I learned that the alphas spawn in one of four locations. Blood Hallows, White Shoals, the volcano, or "the scar". Now I knew where to look. Got my three talons and did the beta.

    I have the SS mod, so made the SS Transmitter which does dino scan. Scanned this morning, saw that there were three alphas. Killed all three in less than 1/2 hour. They were in 3 of the 4 locations I mention above.

    So really, this is just a matter of learning how to find them and where they are located. Plus having the right tames and equipment to kill them.

    I too thought they were too rare and that this was a bug, but it is a thing called random. Many times there are none present at all. You can kill 20 or 30 wyverns, or maybe a 100 and you can force an Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern to spawn, but then of course you need to find it. You should be able to find it if you look everywhere in the four areas they spawn.

    Keep in mind, when you find it, once it agros, you need to kill it then. I've seen that every time I wait, it is not there when I come back.

    It is certainly a huge challenge. Many things on Crystal Isles are very easy, but this is not one of those things. ?

    I've looked in those areas and used the tek transmitter, maybe it's just a issue for some servers I guess.

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