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  1. This is either a Crystal Isles bug or something on our server. I can download the Stryders to other maps like The Island. I also can't download various other dinos to Crystal Island. I wonder if my tribe hit the max dino limit.
  2. Just a few days ago I was able to transfer Tek Stryders from Gen2 over to my Crystal Isles servers.. I got 2 over there right now. Today I uploaded a new one and can't download it on Crystal Isles. This is a private server and I don't believe anything was changed. Are there settings to not allow the Stryder to be transferred?
  3. 2 months later this is still happening. I just killed gamma boss, got in an exo mech and was jumping around and it kicked me out. I put 1000 element in it and nothing. It's broken already, just like this game.
  4. The biomes on ext are proto-arks, not the same as those on genesis. Their dome shields are only to provide a holographic image of the outside and protect the inside from the meteors. I realize that. I think it was a much better way of doing it. They could have expanded on it some.
  5. I can live with the hard content, I can live with the no flying. What I hate though is how they did the biomes. The teleporting between them is just dumb. As others have said, sometimes your tamed dinos don't go with you, other times they just vanish. I've resorted to using the Awesome Teleporter mod to move between biomes and make sure I keep dino trackers on all my dinos incase they up and vanish. Sure teleport to and from the moon but the others you should be able to walk from one to another. The biomes worked well in Extinction, repeat that method.
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