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  1. Map: Ragnarok Server IP: Server Size: 60 slot Server Type: PVP https://arkservers.net/server/ Server Host: New York (good pings in both US & EU) Introduction This server offers the complete default gameplay/rate settings of that of an official small tribes server with no added modifications. The difference here is simple, we are looking for people to enjoy the game as they would on any official small tribes server. But we also want to incorporate some diplomacy and trading etc between players/tribes, on top of the usual raiding bases and PVP. I'm sure most of you are aware of greifing and while we understand that is part of the game on official servers these days, simply doing it here to annoy people is something we do not want. We want to keep the thrill of all out survival without the hinderance of bases being smashed up for no reason or people being killed just because someone is stronger and they can. If you want to raid or kill someone, you need to be doing so for resources or some other valid reasons. Griefers will be banned from playing on this server. We are looking to build a mature and respectable environment between everyone where even the lowest levels can thoroughly enjoy the experience. There will be no age limit here but we expect players to follow those simple rules to keep things enjoyable for everyone. Features As stated above the features you will find here replicate that of any of the official small tribes servers. The only differences in features you will notice are that the wild dinosaur levels go up to 150 (up from 130) and we have added damage counters/numbers when attacking other dinos/players to indicate your damage output. Note: There will be no wipes on this server. Discord Contact Details Until we get our servers Discord going, any questions, concerns or complaints, feel free to contact us by adding us on Discord. We will always be around. Trav#0542 & MReefer#1525 Enjoy!
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