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  1. New server type:story mode

    This is an idea I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a while for a new game mode/server type:story mode 


    So how does this mode work and how is it different to what we have already and what would it bring to the table as far as game play?


    Well to start off you can only start off on the island and the only way to get off the island would be to ascend at alpha difficulty which then spawns you on scorched earth (side note scorched earth needs an ascension or at least a way off it for this) then aberration, then extinction and then to any maps released after that.How is this different than normal servers.It differs in two ways 1) it’s like a server cluster but you can only go to arks you’ve unlocked(you can go back to previous arks using Obelisks or supply drops freely) 2)the creatures get higher levels and the items get better quality as you go up the arks.


     dinos in increasing arks are going to be stronger like difficulty 1.5x the previous map in the sequence and loot and BP would follow similar rules. 


    In PvP this would create an arms race to reach the higher arks for not only the better creatures in general but also for the better level tames and gear.This should (at least in theory) curb the problem of alpha tribes dominating the whole map as they would probably stick to the highest expansion released.


     In PvE while there is no arms race It would still provide a challenge for those who desire it and supper high level utility tames would be cool to see.    


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