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  1. OMG! I saw those sneakers too and I want a pair tooooo. I don't know why the developers on the Genesis Trailer didnt mention the sneakers , lol ,a bit of a tease , I guess. I bet a lot of people were wondering the same thing , where can you buy them
  2. Thank you , and no, I don't want to skip anything yet , lol, I'm loving the game so far and I am getting the Genesis season pass as well soon. There is sooooo much in the game, as I am finding out
  3. Oh ty, and do you NEED to find/and read ALL the notes to progress?
  4. ark end Hi , I was just wondering if I need to play through all the expansions to get to the ending? I'm just new and right now just exploring the Island and the Center. I do have all the expansions, but haven't got there yet, just starting to look for the notes, haven't found any yet.
  5. yes I am the admin, but I saw nothing in the settings that tells me I can destroy his building, admin gun??
  6. building destruction help Hi, I'm playing on an xbox one, , pve, hosting non-dedicated multiplayer, and I have a problem with someone just coming in-game and building a structure on my land. Seems I cant build near his house and I cant destroy his house either. Is there a setting I can enable to be able to just destroy his house? That person just plopped down his house, never comes on and has over taken a big chunk of land that I cant otherwise use. Any help , please
  7. Auto crafting Hi, can anyone tell me how the hell you stop the auto crafting? Every time I craft something , it starts to auto craft and it will keep crafting item until I manually stop it , but by that time it has already crafted 3, 4 items, and it would keep crafting until the resources run out , I'm playing on an xbox one. this is driving me nuts , at this point any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. nope , nothing in its inventory , or do you mean me? I think I might be, does that make a difference?
  9. Helppp cant ride Hi, can anyone help me? I tamed my second dino, a Parasaur. first one was a Moschops and same thing with it as well. All saddled up, but the damn thing wont move! I'm playing on an xbox one and I tried every button but all he does is lean down like he's biting the ground but will not walk. DILO am I doing wrong?
  10. oh, ok thanks, I'm playing on the xbox one
  11. strangers? HI, I'm new to Ark, loving it so far, but, I am finding strangers dropping in when I am on a non-dedicated multiplayer server, how is that possible or can anyone join in? Am I missing something or am I enabling/not enabling something I should? Thanks in advance
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