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  1. Yes and I think it can not be that there is a function in a game such as the transfer of characters 
    and when an error message such as error 007 or so emerges that it is at the expense of the customer (player)!
    If it was a problem of one's self then nobody would say something 
    but it's just a problem of the game and then not even everything is restored is just really not in order

  2. Event = problems Patches = problems
    To the dear Wildcard Team and to everyone here in the forum! 
    HOW can that be the WILDCARD not even an event gets normal running? 
    You collect days for the emotes and now they are gone? Does Wildcard think we all have too much time to farm again? 
    It can not be that there are more and more patches that have several gigabytes in size and then even more in the game is broken! 
    So slowly I find it really ridiculous what Wildcard does and how to deal with us players! 
    EVERY other game would at least apologize for the stuff or else! The same when losing a character! 
    It's the fault of WIldcard when the characters disappear, 
    but the players have to suffer and WEEKLY wait until they are really helped! This is really anything but customer friendly! 
    Think about it!

  3. Error 007
    Hey dear Ark player, my Tribe friend has the following problem, 
    he transferred from Aberration to Extinction and when he selected the bed the following error occurred:
    007 failed while downloading transferred Character with code: 200 Msg: RefCode: 1-0
    Can we give a hint please? We are running out of time because of the 24 hours during the transfer

  4. 1 hour ago, CJW said:

    So whatever you guys did in the big patch yesterday fixed most the lag. mostly...

    hahahahahaha^^ and now server crashed again^^ no words for this.....

  5. 14 hours ago, caleb68 said:

    Its hard to fix a problem when part of the problem is those playing the game.

    So I have to contradict you unfortunately, because the problem is not the game but the servers. 
    If you just better performance on it will make it work :) 
    on private servers where such crashes are immediately after a ticket offered that you can move to another server 
    and already the problems were gone. That should be feasible for wildcard yet :) other games get this, too.

  6. 3 hours ago, caleb68 said:

    last time i played was just before the server wipe for the big changes that were coming, and they had made some serious improvements to the game at that point, though it did still have problems.  One of my friends still plays it, he seems to enjoy it alot, i may hop back on and check it out to see what all has changed.  the biggest issue that I ran across on there was it was even harder to find a piece of land to build on then in ark, and here you had all these land masses everywhere, but a few mega tribes running around blocking building all over made it difficult for alot of people just to get started.  Same issues as ark, but what does one expect when its the same crowd of people on the same game base? After all, atlas is just a ark mod made into the game using ark and modifying the coding to change things, one should expect issues with it.

    surely you should expect problems but should this also be somehow fixed

  7. 35 minutes ago, caleb68 said:

    I really hate to say it, but i've seen this same comment sooo many times on other game companies and their games its not even funny.

    I'm concerned that the wildcard could comment on this issue at least but it comes to nothing 
    and you just ignored that is not as nice as a customer if you are treated like this. 
    Fact is that it can not be so hard to fix this problem, see Atlas, who is still playing it? 
    Hardly anyone because it has as many problems as I've heard.
    But I can not judge because I do not play it myself. 
    But it just has to happen something on the part of Wildcard.

  8. 7 minutes ago, caleb68 said:

    i still think part of the problem is antiquated hardware for the servers.  Game keeps getting updates and demanding better hardware to run it, but I don't think the servers have been upgraded sense their initial setup.  The valguero servers are just repurposed servers that were most likely some of the legacy servers that were taken down, keeping that in mind many of them have been running sense 2015.  Now with what they've posted in the forums,  I read it as more legacy servers will be taken down and repurposed for Genesis as well, so I'm fully expecting lag issues right from the start of that even with hardly anyone on a server.

    Yes, this may well be the problem with the servers, 
    but then Wildcard should change it as soon as possible, 
    the way it is at the moment, you just lose the desire for the game. 
    And it just can not be that nothing comes from Wildcard, 
    any other game would at least have sent a message and apologized, 
    but no Wildcard just does not react at all and that's just not alright.

  9. 15 hours ago, caleb68 said:

    actually it does, being it was the servers that are hosting valguero that were having alot of issues at the same time with multiple high crash rates, its either valguero itself, or the servers that the valguero instances are hosted on, one of the two.  If it were more widespread then yeah I would agree with you, but it wasn't sure there are other servers that were having issues but the majority of them were valguero.

    Thats right but for 2-4 Month the same problem was on the Island^^ mybe we have luck and Wildcard give us a answer :S

  10. And @caleb68

    Sorry but that has nothing to do with Valguero, 
    the same problem was on The Island 347 I think that was where lags and crashes were. 
    In my opinion, only more extensions will be taken care of than fixing the current problems. 
    For example, how did I make a ticket over 3 months ago, 
    do you think I've received an answer to date that was not a standard response from the system? Hardly likely. 
    So customer service should be worked here again really.

  11. Wildcard wraps up as always in silent, 
    as it was to be expected otherwise if they did not even get the simplest things, 
    sorry but it is so! It can not be so hard to fix this problem right? 
    Any hobby programmer could solve this problem, 
    why not wildcard? But always demand more money for DLC's and not even get the old maps to work. 
    If that's the way you treat your customers by simply ignoring them and just avoiding the problems 
    then we'll all know what to expect from Genesis :)

  12. PC Valguero 525 Crashes!

    Dear Wildcard Team, On the server Valguero 525 PVE it comes weeks to server failures 
    and now daily up to 6 times with a rollback. Can you maybe look at this problem and fix it? 
    The gaming pleasure is thereby extremely limited on this server at the moment. 
    Several players lost their dinos because of that. :S
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