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  1. I think we can all agree that Ragnarok has completely killed scorhced earth. Aside from the pheonix players experience content that was made for a paid dlc for absolutely free and Wildcard seems okay with this. We all know scorched needs asecnsion and ragnarok meets the best of both the islandand scorched. However I think we can all agree that a more unique ragnarok is much better. Keep in mind everything here is made to improve Ragnarok Keep Island creature spawns Boss fight (yes including manticore ) Ice Wyvern(not other wyverns) and Griffin Sand and cactus sap Iceworms and Ice Queen Lava Golem Remove Scorched Dinos, engrams, items excluding resoruces mentioned(sand and catcus sap) Water Veins and Oil Rigs New Resoruces Gold (replaces Sulfur) Keratin(replaces salt(like aberration)) mud(replaces clay) Brick (smelt mud smelts faster than wood) Drill mine(replaces oil veins) New Engrams Brick tier building structure set (between metal and stone tiers) Gold Tools (better durablilty and damage, harvest more than metal has bps) Gold Armor ( between flak and riot, has bps ) Weapon attachments (extended clips, muzzles, different scopes etc) Hatchery (Like S plus hatchery without incubation feature) Collector (Collects fert, oil and achatina paste, basically passively produced resources(except gacha)) Drill (mines oil,crystal obsidian and metal though slower, uses solar power(similar to dino leash) and can be powered by generator or batteries for night) Gold tier building structure set (between metal and tek tiers) Gold Chains (Similar to grappling creatrures except they place on ground, however dinos can struggle out, more chains on a creature the harder the struggle) Dino Alarm (sets dinos to attack target, settings are implemented so only certain dinos attack depending on which tripwire is triggered, this occurs regardless of groups so setetings are made to ensure that for example if I make a dimorph named gary into whistle group 1, after the dino alarm goes off only gary will attack not group 1) New Creatures (tamable) Peguses (engram: peguses saddle, must tame unicorn) Sand Sharks (engram: sand shark leash, replace thorny dragon and morellatops desert spawns) Panther (engram: Panther Saddle, weaker thyla but higher range on ponce and can pounce up aswell) Dragons(replace wyverns aside from ice, new elements, maybe ghost, light, water, wood dragons or earth dragons not all but here are some (not lightning, poison or fire again) unsaddled and slightly stronger than normal wyverns but not tek wyverns, assuming that they tek wyverns)ddle Two Tailed Cat (engram: two tailed cat saddle) Nine-tailed Fox (agressive creature, stronger than tamed giga and at level with between bred and wild giga, spawns only in the ragnarok wind, requires a lot of goldchains to pin it, 1 at each tail and more to stabilise it, a player must mount it like horse taming, however the thing wacks you off so you press different buttons (e.g. press x, player dodges then press b, player dodges etc) until it knocks itself out, afterwards extraordinary kibble feed, windstroms are when it spawns and only 1 spawns but it doesn't despawn until killed or tamed to which new one spawns next windstorm ) Vrock (Vulture Spawns). New Tek Tek binoculars/ tek stats calculator, (when used on wild or tamed dino, shows how many points are in it, similar to mod and ark smart breeder program) Reinforced tek structures (Slightly higher health tek structures, that take reduced damage from tek tier, 5 x costs of regular tek) Tek crop plot ( when powered, crops grow 75% faster than in a normal crop plot, only large) This seems rather stupid but it really lets scorched return as a playable dlc. However unlike extinction, it would remove the charm for ragnarok to have these dinos gone which is why this content still keeps Ragnarok popular. I basically just made the map we all love different and playable on its own without using content from official dlc. Ragnarok was a great map but it ruined scorched. This will at least allow players to enjoy both maps uniquely and allow a flow of new content to exists. Also take out scorched dinos from extinction. Keep corrupted but otherwise get rid of them, they are useless because of how engrams work and adding scorched engrams to extinction which is stupid when you would not add aberration engrams, so the scorched dinos on extinction can go.
  2. I agree we all want this. Honestly the reason people on official stopped playing was cause of genny decay. That was a disadvantage that could be avoided on other maps. People still played but had main bases elsewhere because of easier maintenance. However when ragnarok came out that created another reason not to visit scorched. With or without scorched rag would have been fine but it killed scorhced. An ascension may give incentives but maybe implement the flame turret and 3 new creatures, a winged snake, a thunerbird and cockatres(and saddle). Tek Wyvern Saddle, Tek forge(also smelts organic polymer to poly 5-1) and Tek Water Reservoir(when powerd generates water). Done just made scorched worth it.
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