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  1. So when breeding large amounts of dinos or breeding in relatively small bases. The ability to park these dinos neatly would be widely welcomed I'm sure.
  2. While riding a dino, R1 or RB will switch between 1st and 3rd person points of view. What if holding the button down entered free look and releasing it exited. Similarly, when on foot, there are 2 melee buttons, R1 R2 or RB RT. I would suggest holding R1/RB enters free look.
  3. Some events from the tribe log do not appear as a notification in the HUD, others will but only when the player is in a proximity. I suggest implementing options to customize
  4. The manipulation of stacks, capable within a players inventory, should also be implemented in storage boxes and crafting assets. ie. If I can split a stack in my inventory, why cant I do the same in a smithy or a replicator
  5. This would help alot with fights on servers over obelisk access
  6. This will allow people to forge new alliances without risking their entire operation to so called blue on blue 'insides'.
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