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  1. Trope's will not mate

    I have a mated pair of Tropes, last night I bred the female twice and got two eggs today I turned them on and the fem got to 35.7% and then it stalled. No little red hearts. Have pidded and un podded, set to wander, set to enable mating, no luck on getting them to mate any more. PVE Center 101.

  2. Pros:

    Chibis, I managed to get 44 individual chibis, plus several hundred duplicates on an official pve server.

    Dino Candies, I literally filled a vault with dino candies


    Present drop system, maybe make it that the first person to land on the present will be the one to get it, this will force people to use Pterranodons, Argents, and Snow Owls, cannot be opened until it hit the ground. In PVP you could kill the person riding the present down to claim it for yourself, but in PVE you would have to move on to the next present. One person could get multiple if they hadn't been claimed by others.

    Dino Candies: They disappeared after the next major update, there was barely any time to use many of them.

    Gear, while most of the gear was great, I would have liked to see ascendant hatchets and picks as well as flak and harder to find dino saddles like rex, mosasaurus, giga, and quetzal. I got a ton of lances, sickles, and terror bird saddles.

  3. This is ridiculous, EVERYTIME you release a patch for the next 6hrs to 4days I can't get on to the game and there is NO OFFICIAL response to the hundreds of complaints that they get. It's like we don't matter. Btw, letting us know 15 minutes before a patch is released is bull, they know many hours in advance that they are going to pull the servers down, they should let us know on the main menu screen and in game when they know they are going to do this.  This is the 3rd time now that I have been taming a creature, only to have lost it because of a server update, had I known 2-3hrs beforehand I would have never started the tame. FIX YOUR GAME WILD CARD, fire people, clean house, and hire new people if you need to (network techs, programmers, customer service people, etc). 

  4. Fix the game already!!!!

    The new update is super laggy and it is not on my end (750+Mps dl and ul speeds with very low latency). I periodically get the connection to host lost error and now the game has started freezing up. I am on an Xbox One X and my TV can handle the 4k UHD display. I have been playing this game off and on since the Beta Xbox version and it just keeps getting worse. Current server is NA Xbox Official TheCenter 101

  5. I just tried to do the "solution" to the problem posted here, but when I went to log in to a new server, I was booted before I could even create a new character (was just going over and selecting a spawn site near an obelisk, wasn't changing appearance or anything). This is Bullpoop. They had this problem a few years back after another update and they fixed it in a day and were all over it with customer service. This time, not a word, not even we're sorry that you are experiencing this.

  6. Was able to login yesterday early morning, my character was killed by the update, somehow, causing me to lose all my stuff. Tried signing in a dozen times this morning and was able to get on after 45minutes, had to powercycle my modem 3 times before I could though. Went to get lunch and came back and hooked up my second xbox so a friend could play and he was able to get on but I couldn't (same network). I keep getting on for 30 seconds with my base mostly missing, trees, rocks and plants respawned, then kicked out with Host Connection timeout...Lost/timedout connection to host. Issue is not on my end I have a hardwired xbox one x with a dl speed of 750 Mps. The servers suck, they can't keep up and I have constant lag issues.



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  7. @SallyAnn  I have tried the work around that they suggested, to no avail.  Last night after the patch was playing fine until 4am est. This morning tired to get on the server that me and my friends are on and get the errors "Host pending connection lost/timeout pending connection" "connection failure: server full" (its not it has 58ppl, it had 49 when I started trying to get on).  I'm on PVE - EU server 495. What ever was done last night to "fix this issue " seems to have given it to some new players.

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