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  1. hi there hello im 30+ yrs old and i have a 1700+ hrs mainly on solo pvp smalltribes. This period i played a few arkpocalypse seasons and now i would like to join a tribe to do big stuff. I mainly do pvp and raids and really know how to hide. I have never been fully wiped. ofc i can do anything that is needed for the tribe. Let me know a few things about you as well. cheers
  2. hi there Hi im 30+ yrs old from Greece. I play ark for 1800hrs mainly ragnarok /extinction solo smalltribes. I like to do everything. I have never been fully wiped. (but i have wipe many). I would like to join the tribe and do some bosses and do the big stuff. As i work on my own job i have plenty of free time for ARK. Let me know how many ppl you are , your ages and your expectations. Thanks.
  3. Hello, after being wiped by the alphas on both of the servers that i built in, i need to start over again. So is there any servers out there that have more friendly alphas? i need to build a small outpost for crafting stuff and mainly i will raid in other servers. If the big guys are willing to trade then its even better
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