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  1. We would like to welcome new players to our Aurora RP servers! We have a cluster of every map and every map has a theme. Join our discord to get the full experience. The main server, Ragnarok, is a Kingdom Roleplay server in which you can join a kingdom and contribute in many ways. You can even work your way up the ranks to even become a kingdom leader. Our center server is a pirate lifestyle themed map Our aberration server is an underground/black market type map And our extinction server is fairly new so the theme hasn’t yet be established. Multipliers ------------------------------- Dino Damage Multiplier - 1.0 Player Damage Multiplier - 1.0 Structure Damage Multiplier - 1.0 Xp Multiplier - 7 Taming Speed Multiplier - 15 Harvesting Multiplier - 7 Draining Multiplier - .25x Starvation Multiplier - .25x Dino-hunger Multiplier - .10x Stamina Multiplier - .25x Regeneration Multiplier - 5 Dino-Regeneration Multiplier - 10 Xp Multiplier - 3 Per Level Stats ------------------------------- Health - 5x Weight 2.5x Fortitude - 5x Crafting Speed - 2x Stamina - 5x Oxygen - 10x Food - 2.5x Water - 2.5x Melee Damage - 2.5x Speed - 2.5x Server names are “Aurora RP” Join our discord to get the full Aurora experience or if you have any questions: https://discord.gg/RvUwugv
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